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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 223

223. The influence of the King of Boys

It’s so peaceful… 

I thought that after the King of Boys, my daily life would be noisy, but there was no such thing, only a peaceful holiday. Probably because the law to prevent inconvenience to boys was so thorough. As if to prove it, my topic always appeared in TV wide shows and news, but nothing happened. And, even though it had been over not long ago, I was still in the spotlight.

“Kohaku-sama, I can see the gallant figure of Kohaku-sama in every newspaper.”

Maria, who had picked up a number of newspapers, told so to me who was watching TV. Certainly, as Maria said, in all of the headlines, I could see “King of Boys” was written. 

Why the result of a TV program is on the front page in a big letter? Isn’t there something more important than that? In this rapidly changing information society, how much impact does one man who won in one tournament in this world have? As a generation who will carry the world in the future, I have no choice but to show deep concern…

“…Why there are so many newspapers?”

Our house is subscribing to only one though?

“I bought them all at a convenience store nearby. I will clip and save them later.”

“I-I see …”

“But, as expected of Kohaku-sama.”


Maria emotionally complimented me.

…… Is it about my victory? But, she gave me a lot of compliments after the broadcast. She shouldn’t have anything more to say…

“This is probably because of the result. The stock price of the TV station to which Etou-sama belongs has reached a daily price limit. In addition, the stock of companies belonging to Toukain-sama and Seikagu-sama group, and Maizumi-sama’s company, as the daughters were in your team, are all rising. On the contrary, the stock prices of companies belonging to Kitakatagu-sama and Minakatain-sama, the other two ‘Four Great Aristocrats”, are falling. You can clearly see that the influence of the result is strong.”



“There’s more!?”

“It seems that the shoes and clothes that were used by the winner team are also selling like hotcakes. As expected of Kohaku-sama.”

The information-driven society is amazing! However, both are temporary. Still, if the impact is so great, I wonder if other TV stations will make similar programs…

“Somehow I can hear Etou-san’s laughter.”

“I was a little worried about her high spirit on the phone after the broadcast. I think she has been holding her anger to the drama team for too long. I’m sure she has a big smile on her face now.”

Isn’t that person overdoing it? But, even though the Internet has emerged, the influence of TV is still so big huh… 

While I was trembling in fear thinking the society, the chime of the house rang, telling me and Maria that a visitor had come. Maria immediately moved to respond.

“Kohaku-sama, Kikusui-sama has come.”

“Eh? I wonder what is it…”

It was my neighbor who came.

“It seems, she wrote a new novel, so she would like to hear opinions from Kohaku-sama…”

“New novel? Well, that’s fine.”

“Then I will guide her.”

Kikusui-san, who was brought in by Maria, still has dark circles under her eyes and seemed to be very unhealthy.

“Tha…Thank you for letting such a woman like me in, a-and giving your precious time t-to, be with a rude woman like me. T-thank you.”

While saying that, Kikusui-san sat down with rough breathing……Believe it or not, this person was a celebrity. She was a terrifyingly low-profile person. But now, it was lower than ever. 

It might be hard to notice because the expression hadn’t changed, but Maria standing next to me, seemed to be taken aback!

“I-I-I-I, I wrote a new novel, so p-please read it…”

“Why are you in dogeza …?”

“I-I’m afraid of the King …”

It also has an effect like this!?!

After that, I asked Kikusui-san to treat me as before. Therefore, three people including Maria were now talking around the table.

“A-after seeing the battle that happened in the King of Boys, I-I was so impressed, and t-this new novel is inspired by it.”

……Crazy…the broadcast was yesterday, but this is quite heavy.

“M-my pa-passion was overflowing, so m-my hand couldn’t stop.”

“Please let me read it too.”

Maria said so and began to read quietly. I also started reading to follow.

…..I raised my face. And when I checked the clock, about three hours had passed. It was certainly interesting. I read it without worrying about the time, and I felt that Kikusui-san was able to show her ability as a writer who had made a big hit novel before.

“Kikusui-san. It was a wonderful story. This I, Mariangeles Koujou, will definitely buy it when released.”

Maria went on to give critique as the reader, as a fan of Kikusui-san’s work, such as the good point and the bad point. 

But, the story of this novel…

「”A long time ago, it was said that a beautiful King who took the throne at a young age had a faint love for an excellent female servant. The female servant was also fascinated by the beautiful king, but there was a difference in status, so she didn’t dare to speak about it. However, as the exchanges increased, the two of them became closer with each other… But the King had a secret that couldn’t be told to the female servant. He was made to be a toy of the castrated male servants. Contrary to the heart that started to fall in love with the female servant, his body was developed to fulfill the needs of the castrated male servants.

The swaying heart, and the domestic situation which gradually becoming complicated. What would happen to the love between the King and the female servant?!”」

…… Did you really get impressed by the battle of King of Boys? The only common thing between them is, the word “King”! Like, Seriously?!


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  1. I want to buy Kikusui-san’s novel, and burn it with a Flame Launcher!
    Does the author-sam love things that devour the normal men’ SAN points such much!?

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