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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 63

63. When someone says don’t worry, it usually makes you more curious

A few days later.

After school.

“―――Well, let me say thank you. Thanks to you guys, Kaede Hirose came to school. I don’t think it will be solved in a few days.”

Sawashiro said such words to Atsushi and Yuri, who were called to the principal’s office.

Then Atsushi asked her what he had been curious about for a long time.

“Excuse me, could I ask one question? Are the principal and Hirose a relative or something?”

“Yeah, it’s about that huh. That girl, she is my sister’s daughter… in other words, my niece.”

It was a kind of predictable answer.

It was known from Kaede’s remarks that Sawashiro and Kaede knew each other. And Atsushi thought she might be a relative of the principal. The chance for it was high,


『”Aaaa, no wonder. Her eyes are scary like the principal, right?”』

Yes. Sawashiro and Kaede. In that regard, was somewhat similar. Of course, it wasn’t exactly the same, but there was something that made someone else feel something when they saw it.

And, then Atsushi asked another question.

“Maybe it was the principal who put Hirose in our class?”

“Right. Apparently, she seemed to trust you. And it seems she told the truth. Are you still interacting with her? Personally, I want you to continue it.”

Was it a worry as an aunt? Or was she worried as a principal?

In any case, there was no doubt that Sawashiro was concerned about Kaede.

And to prove that,

“So… I would like to ask you one thing. Lately, has anything strange happened around her?”

Atsushi heard such a strange question.

“Anything strange? Nothing, especially.”

“… Is that so? Ah, then, forget my question. Don’t worry. I’m sorry to hear something strange and to have taken your time.”

The words of the principal cut off the conversation on the spot.

Despite doubts about her words, Atsushi and Yuri left the principal’s office without asking anything.


『”I’m curious”』


On the way to school.

The two were expressing suspicions from Sawashiro’s words to each other.

『”The way she said it, you’ll definitely be conscious of it. I didn’t feel like listening to it, but I’m still curious. I thought that you would ask her more.”』

“Well, I strongly agree with that but… but, perhaps, it’s related to the school in front of Hirose.”

Perhaps what Atsushi said was true.

Transferring at a strange time. The complicated circumstances that Sawashiro was talking about. Perhaps Kaede was in some trouble at her previous school, or had trouble, and it was clear that she didn’t want to talk too much…

However, neither Atsushi nor Yuri knew exactly about it.

No, at this stage they didn’t want to know that.

At least Atsushi didn’t want to.

『”Don’t you want to ask, Atsushi-san?”』

“I’m not. At least until I feel it is necessary.”

『”Well, perhaps, this was a flag for a kind of development where you’ll say, “I should have heard it earlier”, later, don’t you think so?”』

“You’re so noisy… You see, whether you’re a classmate or friend, there are one or two things you don’t want other people to hear. Plus, it’s not so urgent that I have to ask her to know about it. Also, I’m supposed to go to a maid cafe again next weekend. In such a situation, I won’t bother her to talk about something unpleasant and get myself into a strange situation. “

『”What? You are going to a maid cafe with Kaede?”』

“Yeah. To commemorate her first part-time job… was what I said to her, but to be honest, she had a face saying she really wanted to go, so it can’t be helped. If I leave it alone, perhaps she will use her ability to go there again.”

Kaede was a good person at heart. But at the same time, her passion for her hobbies was also extraordinary. If she was left in that condition, she could have done something wrong since she couldn’t go to the maid cafe.

Then, Yuri muttered in telepathy.

『”Atsushi-san… Isn’t it, a date?”』

Against Yuri who muttered such a thing while tilting her head, Atsushi frowned.

“What are you saying huh?”

『”Well, I mean, man and woman go out somewhere on weekend, isn’t it what they called a date?”』

It was an argument Atsushi had heard somewhere.

However, Atsushi asserted that this time too, definitely not.

“Even if the place we’ll go is a maid cafe? I mean, if you think so, I’ve been going to various places with you, you know? Is that also, a date?”

『”Ugh… If you say that, I have no words to say back.”』

“And you know that? Her purpose is to be with the maid. As soon as we reach there, she’ll forget my existence and be in her own world.”

『”Is it Mei-san? But, well~, Kaede has a good eye. Certainly, that girl is the most popular there. She’s beautiful, has a good attitude, and has a cute smile.”』

“Hoo? You know it too well. So, you’ve been to that store, right? Perhaps, you’re a regular.”

『”No comment. If you really want me to tell you, I’ll tell you if you win three times against me on that game later at Atsushi-san’s house.”』

Yuri with a small and fearless smile.


『”Daaaaaaammn it, why can’t I win? Whyyyyyyyyy!!?”』

Needless to say, it ended like that.


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