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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 7

The manga has started. 1st ch was released on 2/17. It’ll be out one ch per month.

7. Chapter 7 – Border Battle

“Somehow I managed to survive once again.”

As the sun went down, the Sarria and Liguria battalions, which had played a major role in the battle, entered one of the troop stations in the fort, and were about to spend the night.

The smoke from the kitchen rose into the sky. In one corner of the wall, gathered enemy prisoners of war (POW) whose armor had been seized.

In the past, POWs were often sold as slaves to earn foreign currency, but now they would be released if they promised to work for the Highserk Empire for a fixed number of years.

Those who had connections with slave traders and some soldiers might oppose this idea, but it become a better choice because the land would be annexed, so the number of surrenders increased and the damage was also suppressed.

Although Noor, who was taken care of by Walm in this battle, was injured, she was alive. Moreover, she killed one person in the turbulent battle and endured the baptism as a soldier brilliantly. Barito, who was taken care of by Jose, even though his cockscomb wilted, managed to stay alive too. [TN: As you can see in the Character Design, his hair is like a rooster(cock) ]

Now the two recruits bragged to Walm about the results and the loot they had gotten.

“Look, Walm-senpai!!! It’s a medium gold coin, you know?! Hehehe, unbelievable, it’s a real gold coin.”

“You, it’s from the soldier Walm-san slashed down, isn’t it? That’s not fair.”

Noor had only one medium gold coin, which would be enough for supporting one poor person for a year. For the rural people, that was a lot of money. Looking at Noor, who was making a strange face, Walm got put off.

As Jose quickly rummaged through the soldier’s body, he found a barrel of ale from the soldier’s station and managed to secure the platoon’s liquor and a bed. Walm praised Jose for his excellent skills.

In addition to the winning liquor, the Platoon Commander was rewarded. So the slightly fat Platoon Commander Kozul was in good spirits from start to finish. Although there were injuries, the mood was cheerful because there were no casualties in the squad.

Two full moons in the sky looked as if they were celebrating victory, but at the same time, Walm became clearly aware that he was in another world. In the corner of the room, Willart quietly carried liquor to his mouth.

“Willart, that fireball was amazing. You were a great help there.”

Walm was in a good mood and thanked Willart with a cup in his hand, and Willart modestly responded by raising the cup.

“You too… Walm, are you interested?”

Unusually, a question came from Willart. So Walm answered with a strong interest.

“Of course. I long for magic.”

No boy would dislike magic.

“I see.”

Willart averted his gaze from Walm and dove back into his own world.

Walm went back to his bed and drank alcohol again. Then his bladder screamed because he had drunk as much as he could.

Was I a little too excited?

Whether it was because the atmosphere excited him more than usual, in any case, Walm regretted it. Since he couldn’t just scatter it around the building, he walked away from the commotion and looked for a good spot.

When Walm gave in to his urge to urinate at the empty horn he finally found, he let out a little scream.

Even if I’m the one drinking now, I’m the invader of this land.

Then Walm looked at the longsword that was still hanging on his waist.

While he was thinking about it, he entered a room in the building. There he saw a woman whose limbs were pushed down and whose clothes were off. Next to the woman were soldiers from the Sarria Battalion.

“What are you doing?!”

When Walm asked angrily, the soldiers answered bluntly.

“You can tell just by looking. I’m gonna do it.”

“Do you want to join? Then, you can do it last.“

It was common for female soldiers to be harassed and even molested, but no matter how, the woman looked like a regular citizen. Probably the family of the soldier stationed at the fort.

Well, on the battlefield, this was a common story. Still, it was unacceptable to Walm.

“The people in this fort conditionally surrendered quietly, so this time we weren’t allowed to plunder or insult the citizens. It’s a violation of military law. If I tell the commander about this, you’ll be whipped for sure.”

Even the three idiots of Duwei’s Squad drew a line in front of the military law.

“Are you a saint? A knight? Bastard!”

“Don’t underestimate me. I’ve killed many people on the front lines.”

Two soldiers rushed to Walm’s side. Their bodies, illuminated by the moonlight, were well-trained. They were both clearly good soldiers on the battlefield.

“…You’ve killed a few people? So what.”

In his previous life, Walm might have been afraid, but now that he had killed countless people, such a thing couldn’t even be called a threat. The battle in the ramparts he had not so long ago was much more dangerous.

When Walm answered without any emphasis, the soldier stopped. It seemed that they had seen Walm. On the body with the removed armor were engraved countless wounds as proof of surviving many battles.

“…tch, my mood is ruined. Let’s drink again.”

The glaring continued, and the man who acted as the leader said so and left. Following behind was the other soldier.

After seeing the two soldiers leave the room, Walm turned to the woman.

From the citizen’s point of view, he might’ve looked the same as the soldiers who were leaving. That’s why Walm didn’t want to pursue the matter any more than necessary.

“Go home and lock the entrance tightly. If you’re about to be pushed down or taken away, scream with all your might. Okay?… Do you understand?”


The woman, hurriedly wearing clothes, ran away after nodding several times.

This is useless. Everywhere it’s like this.

Such a thought came to Walm’s mind.

What had changed about him?―― Sure, he had killed many people, but he couldn’t remember ever throwing his moral standards.

When Walm returned to the room, a squad member was singing a song. It was a song of an honest hero, made up by the commoners. It would be ridiculous to compare himself with such a hero, but for sure it was very different from what he looked like now.

Although the color hadn’t changed, Walm felt that his eyes became muddy after killing many people on the battlefield and seeing them raped.

In a “violent and crazy” era, drunk soldiers enjoyed their lives as if killing each other during the day was a lie. Perhaps, they would go crazy if there was no alcohol and no partying.

Walm, who had grown accustomed to it, mentally shifted down a gear and went to the party.

There seemed to be no end to the winding road that led into the forest. The logistic corps of the army of the Highserk Empire moved forward ceaselessly.

The transportation of goods in magic bags revolutionized the maintenance of logistics. Combined with a group of fully armed cavalry, it was possible to move large quantities of supplies at high speed to the soldiers on the front lines.

Nevertheless, the logistic corps never disappeared. The reason for this was that the rare magic bags, along with the magic tools, were only used for transportation to the area designated for storage of supplies, and supplies that did not fit into the magic bags could only be transported by wagons or people. One of these logistic officers, Hody, pulled a cart with a beast of burden.

Soldiers fighting on the front lines were sometimes derided as cattle, but Hody himself was proud to be a logistics officer, and he had seven years of military experience as a logistics officer.

Only once was Hody approached by Commander Gerard Berger, the war god of the Highserk Empire.

It happened on a day when it was raining cold and he was hauling supplies all night while pulling a cart. After checking the load, Hody was suddenly hit on the shoulder while unloading the supplies. When he turned around, thinking the guards had come to berate or curse him, it was Commander Berger standing there.

Said Commander Berger with a serious face, while holding the hand of Hody, who had forgotten to greet him.

『”Thank you for your hard work…… Logistic officers are an important pillar for our army. We can keep fighting because there are people like you. You’re the pride of the Empire.”』

Since then, Hody believed that his work had to be the best. Even if he wasn’t recognized by many, the War God recognized himself. That alone was enough.

“You seem tired.”

Shouted Hody to another logistic officer who had just arrived in the squad. A man whose one eye was crushed in combat and who couldn’t develop a sense of distance then became a logistic officer.

“Of course, I’ve been pulling such a heavy object…”

At these words, the one-eyed ex-soldier exhaled.

“Put some on my cart. It’s so light, that I’m not even sweating.”

The one-eyed ex-soldier thought it was a joke and laughed, but Hody stopped the cart and started moving some of the one-eyed ex-soldier’s load.

“Hey, are you serious?”

“I have been a specialist in transporting supplies for seven years. I have been risking my life for a long time. Liberitoa, the former territory of the Kanoa Kingdom, Myard, and every place under Highserk. I’ve rushed to every place they asked me to. From siege towers to battering rams, I’ve carried it all. Just this much is easy.”

As Hody beat his chest, the one-eyed ex-soldier burst out laughing.

“What’s wrong with you…… Thank you. Next time I’ll give you my drink. To be honest, I’m not young anymore. After I got one of my eyes crushed, I thought they transferred me to the logistics squad just to get rid of me, but I was wrong. It’s a tougher job than being a regular soldier.”

The two carried on in silence without talking further.

As they approached the slope and the pace naturally slowed. As Hody focused his gaze to see far down the road, the wind blew through the gaps in the trees.

The head of a guard soldier walking in front of Hody flew into the sky. Starting with that, arrows and magic attacked the soldiers all at once.

“It’s an enemy attack!!!! They’re coming!!”

When one of the soldiers shouted, Myard soldiers ― and adventurers – attacked from left and right. One adventurer with a large shield literally smashed the soldier’s head with a horizontal shield bash.

The Highserk soldiers who were engaged in combat with the enemy were shot in the throat by an arrow and fell to the ground. The merchants and civilians who had been temporarily hired were all attacked without distinction.

Hody hid in a cart and pulled out a short sword. He had some combat experience. He had wielded a sword before against some monsters and stupid bandits.


It was the Myard soldier, screaming to attack. Hody thrust a short sword into the ground and rolled the cart.

As it was sudden, the cart couldn’t be avoided, and the Myard soldier was crushed beneath. Hody escaped the difficulties, but made a fatal mistake. Not only was he big, but his strength was considered dangerous.

A blue-haired adventurer approached Hody. Before drawing the short sword from the ground, the long sword approached Hody’s throat. He widened his eyes in the conviction that he would surely be dead.

However, without the longsword ever reaching Hody’s throat, he instead heard the roar of metal rubbing against another metal and the voice of someone he knew.

“Run away, Hody!!! Tell them about this.”

The swords crossed at a speed that was undetectable to the eyes.

Hody didn’t want to think about abandoning his friends and running away.


“Goooo! Faaast!”

Once again, the swords crossed at a speed that couldn’t be seen by the eyes, and the whole body of the one-eyed soldier was stained red.

Hody looked around, the escort soldiers were killed one by one, and the merchants and the other logistics officers who tried to escape were all killed as well.

“I promise. I’ll carry and pass on this information. In the name of the logistic officer!!!”

Hody kicked the ground without turning around. A spear protruding from a Myard soldier wounded his shoulder, and a sword wounded his cheek.

On the path, a young adventurer stood in the way.


The roar that shook the eardrums slowed the girl’s movements. Hody didn’t feel the pain of a short sword stuck in his arm and kept running. The girl rolled on the ground several times due to the difference between her height and strength.


The other adventurer called her name to make sure that their companion was safe.

“If she’s so important, keep her in the box!! The remnants of a defeated army, and a bunch of adventurers like you, it’s just what I want. If you can keep up with his good legs, try. The legs that have been supporting Highserk for a long time, aren’t weeeaAAAKK!!!”

The ex-soldier’s shout also reached Hody’s ear. The arrow flew in inexorably, and even though tears were flowing, Hody didn’t stop and kept running.

TN: Here, the full image of Duwei’s character design

Duwei (Character Design 3)

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