Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 222

222. Look at the results

A girl working part-time at a coffee shop doubted her eyes because she just saw something unusual. About 20 high school boys were in the store. It was usually just a shop full of girls. The inside of the store, there were delicious tea, coffee, fruit juice, and stylish and hearty meals, but just today, the inside of the store was quiet, it was all because of them

The boys were all silent, with a serious expression.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. This is today’s recommended, tea and fruit parfait set.”

The girl with the other part-timer was in front of each person putting the order at the table. At that time, they skipped a heartbeat at the boy who had a serious expression. But it was a secret only to them.

“Please take your time”

When the girl left with such words, a boy began to speak quietly.

“Well… You all know the reason we gathered here today …”

The boy picked up the newspaper he had brought and raised it high so that everyone could see it. The facial expressions of the boys who saw it became even darker and more depressed. There,

『The “King of Boys” has been decided! His name is Kohaku Hatano!』

Such a headline was written.

“…What will happen to us?”

A boy murmured.

“Yeah, that’s right. I understand your worry, I understand that feeling! That’s why we’re here. We have to take measures here, now. Otherwise, we who have been suffering from Hatano’s oppression. Will suffer even more!”


“If you sit in here without doing anything, what’s waiting for us is more oppression!”

Furthermore, the boy continued his words.

“Even though I only put my foot on the desk, I was accused of being an eyesore!”

In truth, the boy put it on other girls’ desks,

“Even though I was just talking, I was accused of being noisy!”

In truth, the boy was talking during class

“Just because it’s the PE class, he beat us both physically and mentally!”

In truth, it was them who started it first. 

But, the boy’s enthusiastic speech continued.

“It is inevitable that we’ll be more oppressed! We cannot afford to succumb to such oppression! We cannot afford to lose to the arrogant and rude Hatano, who like to act as if he is the supreme king! Right!? “

The boy appealed with a powerful voice. Hearing that, the people suffering from oppression, their rebellious side was about to explode.

“T-That’s right! We won’t give in to his tyranny!”

“… If we appeal with this many people, Hatano may listen to us.”

“He must still have a human heart…”

“Now we need the courage to rebel against oppression!”

“Give us freedom and rights!”

The boys who gathered were moved by the words, and although the words were some contrasts in their words, it was true that they wanted to rebel against Kohaku. They really felt it in their hearts.


However, suddenly there was a voice that seemed to ridicule their determination.

“… Fukushima, do you have any opinions?”

“No? Not really?”

“If so, why are you laughing?”

Fukushima, who was pointed out so, laughed smugly and replied.

“Ah, I’m sorry if I offended you. But I feel sorry for you guys who are going to die in vain.”

The boys listened while feeling uneasy about Fukushima’s words.

“In the first place, Hatano has no heart, he’s heartless. It is useless to have hope that he will understand your feeling. And even if you want to use force, the gap in your ability and Hatano’s ability is just…”

Fukushima looked at the article about the birth of the “King of Boys”.

“Needless to say, if you try to rebel without a proper plan, he will crush you like trampling insects.”

In Fukushima’s words, the boys remembered the broadcast.

‘Deceiving others, raid attack, trample others like a toy, and make a fool of others.’… in short Kohaku might be a devil.

The boys trembled just by remembering it.

The boy who gathered the others boys, was sensitive to the situation. He had a bitter face, and clicked his tongue. In his scenario, after knocking down Kohaku, he would be the new king, and was supposed to be one to lead the boys. And such a plan of him was about to collapse before it started.

He thought was it would be bad if he left it alone, so he argued against Fukushima with a fearless smile,

“Fukushima, are you going to keep bowing to Hatano like before and live as his underling?”

In truth, they never bowed to Kohaku.

“Bow my head? Are you stupid?… I and Hatano are on an equal footing. No, I think Hatano cares about me.”

But Fukushima’s reply was unexpected.

“Good grief… since you can’t understand it, I’ll explain. Hatano was able to become the King because I applied him for it. In other words, without me, he wouldn’t have glory. Perhaps, right now, Hatano is grateful to me. Perhaps, he will call me ‘Fukushima-san’ from now on.”

“N-no way… maybe you… are you going to dominate Kenran with Hatano…?”

The boy’s face turned pale, but with a quivering voice, he managed to speak out his words. 

He thought that if that was the case, this secret meeting was out of the question, since Kohaku’s companion amongst them. Other boys who came up with the same thought were also pale.

Fukushima replied with a smile to them.

“Hahahahaha, nah, no way. But, in the end, it’ll be like that without me doing anything.”

Fukushima laughed loudly, other boys’ faces turned even paler. The part-time girl who was watching them thought, “Today, there are a lot of boys and the shop is lively.”

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