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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 62

62. There are various ways to turn on the Otaku Mode of an Otaku

Although Kaede’s part-time job was decided, formal employment would be at a later date.

Now, Atsushi and Kaede were on their way home together.

“To be honest, I was so surprised. I didn’t think that you’re so good at cooking, Hirose.”

It might seem like prejudice, but in fact, Atsushi didn’t think Kaede’s food was that high-level.

“Well, I’m quite good at cooking, and I sometimes cook at home since a child.”

“No wait, just because you were doing it as housework, you could make something like that. Your level is like a pro, no, you’re already a professional.”

“D-don’t say that… even if you praise me that much, you won’t get anything.”

Kaede muttered while dyeing her cheeks red, and looking away.

…But, only for a short while, then she turned her gaze toward Atsushi again.


“Hmm? What is it?”

“That… You helped me a lot this time.”

Atsushi was dumbfounded by the sudden words, but immediately smiled a little.

“Say it to Shirasawa, not me. She was the one who introduced you to a part-time job.”

“Of course, I’ll tell Shirasawa tomorrow, but… If it’s not because of you, I think I wouldn’t have come to school, and I wouldn’t even try to apply for a part-time job. And, Shirasawa wouldn’t even introduce me to a part-time job. All of this wouldn’t happen without you. So, that, umm… thank you…..”

The last word was in a really low voice. For sure Kaede was too embarrassing and said it that way on purpose, but unfortunately, Atsushi heard it clearly.

“Well, no matter what, we’ve become classmates. And also, we’re fellow psychics. It’s natural to help each other like this.”

“I-Is that so……… Ah, but, the salary for a part-time job will come out in about a month, right?”

“Well, I wonder… But, at least it’s not right after you start working.”

“…Until then, that means, I can’t absorb Mei-chan’s energy… ugh”

To Kaede, who was about to enter the otaku mode, Atsushi opened his mouth while being amazed.

“Oi oi, is that a withdrawal symptom, anyway, don’t you use your ability to go there again, okay?”

“A-as I said, I won’t go!!……… Maybe…”

“Oi, you, don’t say ‘maybe’ at the end.”

“B-but, I mean, when I think that I can’t see Mei-chan for a month, I’m really depressed, it’s like I’ve no energy…”

Kaede looked like she was really feeling down.

Atsushi didn’t say that he couldn’t understand her feelings at all. She was currently in a state where she couldn’t get what she really wanted the most. If you were an anime otaku, it was like all DVDs and Blu-rays of your favorite anime had sold out. If you were an idol otaku, you couldn’t see your favorite idol for a month, and you couldn’t even talk about them. It would be hard for everyone to put up with what they like the most. Especially if you were an Otaku.

“You, really like that maid huh. Hmm? Wait a minute. You said you moved here not long ago? Then, did you meet that girl recently? Did you, become an Otaku just recently? “

When pointed out, Kaede shook her shoulders for a moment. It seemed that Atsushi hit the mark.

At the next moment, while making a fist, Kaede opened her eyes and her mouth as if something was about to erupt

“What? have a problem? that’s right, I’ve only been an Otaku for two months!! But, it’s love at first sight. Damn it!! When I left home and hung out in the neighboring town, I saw that girl who was handing out tissues. So, I thought she looked cute, and when I went to the cafe once, I got hooked! I heard that girl’s voice, held her warm hands, took a picture together, and finally she said, “Please come again.”. Anyone would go again if they were told that!! Yeah, I know, I’m disgusting!! I go to a maid cafe for seeing a cute girl, even though I’m a girl!! But I can’t help it. I’m entranced by her. What should I do? What can I do? Nothing!!”

Kaede who had completely switched to Otaku mode, threw out what was inside her heart.

Like Yuri, it seemed Otaku wanted to spit out everything in their hearts quickly when they got so passionate. Well, Atsushi couldn’t say anything since he might be like that too.

But. That was why even if he didn’t like it, he could understand her addiction to the maid cafe, no, to be exact, to the maid called Mei.

“… It can’t be helped. Then, I’ll take you there the next weekend, it’s my treat.”

“!!!!? Really!!?”

“Yeah. It’s a celebration of your first part-time job.”

“Yaaaay! Thank you Yamagami!! Are you a god!!?”

“Yeah yeah… oh, but don’t ask for something expensive. The pocket money for high school boys, is not that much.”

“I know! I won’t ask for Mei-chan’s special love love kyun kyun delicious omelet rice, it’ll be just, Mei-chan’s special heart doki doki zukkyun cappuccino!”

“In that regard, you are similar to Shirasawa.”

Atsushi’s comment didn’t reach Kaede who was ecstatic.

In this way, Atsushi decided to go to a maid cafe with Kaede the next weekend.


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