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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 61

61. There are some people who overreact

“―――So, this is, what kind of situation is this?”

What seen by Atsushi and Yuri who rushed to the source of the scream…

It was Makoto who was in agony while his knees were on the ground, and Kaede who was looking at him.

Looking at the situation, Atsushi had only one speculation.

“…Hirose, you, what did you do?”

“I-I didn’t do anything!! I-It’s true!!”

Kaede insisted on her innocence. She seemed quite confused too as she looked as if she was holding her tears.

Atsushi suddenly noticed that there was an omelet rice on the kitchen countertop. It wasn’t the usual home-style omelet rice, but the omelet rice with fluffy soft-looking eggs that usually served at restaurants.

“Did you make this?”

“Y-yeah, that’s right. After eating it, the manager, he became like this…”

If what Kaede said was true, there was one possible answer.

“In other words, is this the cause?”

After eating the omelet rice, Makoto fell on his knees in agony. And by that, one possible answer could be given.

In other words… Kaede’s omelet rice was bad.

But if that was the case, you might have another question.

『”Hmm, but it looks really good, doesn’t it?”』

“That’s right. I think so too.”

Yes. The omelet rice made by Kaede was at a level where it wouldn’t be strange if it was served at a restaurant by the look of it. If it looked like a ‘dark matter’, perhaps it was bad. But it was a perfect finish no matter how you look at the shape.

So, you might wonder what was wrong…

Then, Matoko slowly got up with a fearless smile.

“Fu, fufufu… I’ve never thought, I would be in such a situation in my life …”

Makoto still trembling.

Kaede, who looked uneasy, asked a question.

“Well… that, hmm, manager… was my cooking… that bad?”

Kaede said the words hesitantly. Why? Of course, her heart couldn’t be calm in the situation where she had just found a part-time job, but she messed up even before she started working.

But, the truth was,

“Bad…? Of course, that’s not true!! Rather, it’s the opposite, the opposite!!”

Makoto said so with a big smile.

Not only Kaede, but also Atsushi and Yuri were tilted to the unexpected words.

“The, opposite?”

“Kaede-chan’s cooking is so delicious that it can blow away your mind!! When I saw her cooking, the way she used the cooking utensils, I thought that she was at a pro-level. But, once I tasted it, it was far beyond my expectations. What’s amazing? Well, you see, it was my first experience eating food to the point where I lost consciousness for a moment.”

『”Eh, what is that development? It sounds like that manga about a boy trying to make the best Japanese bread.”』[TN: The manga she means is, Yakitate Japan]

“Shirasawa. That comparison, I’m sure no one knows.”

However, Atsushi agreed. 

For someone to lose their consciousness just because of food, what a ridiculous story.

Still, there is no doubt that the food, is at the level where the manager of a coffee shop that serves food even praised it highly.

With that in mind, Atsushi took a bite of the remaining omelet rice.

At that moment.

“!!!!!? This is, definitely delicious…!?”

Atsushi, who carried the omelet rice in his mouth, was about to lose consciousness for a moment. 

And he was convinced by Makoto’s words, though he was surprised when he first heard it.

And it seemed that Yuri was the same. She was nodding while sending telepathy.

『”Well, this is definitely delicious! I thought it was the “knocked out by the bad food” kind of development, but it was the exact opposite… Kaede-san, what a terrifying girl.”』

Yuri’s words were bad in a sense, but it was the reality, even Atsushi was thinking about the same thing and so couldn’t say anything to Yuri.

『”Rather, it’s that. All of this is caused by that person who overreacted and worried the people around him, so he is the bad one… Alright, I’ll settle this later.”』

“D-do it moderately okay…?”

The father, who was confirmed to have a grim future by his daughter, was holding both hands of the talented person.

“Kaede-chan, please work at my shop!! No, please let me hire you!!”

Makoto was appealing.

Kaede was a little overwhelmed by the over-the-top way of asking, but then she opened her mouth.

“Eh, ah, um… is it really okay? For someone like me…”

“No no no No, to be able to make such delicious food, you have tremendous talent, you know!? Be more confident in yourself!!”

“But, I, umm… I look scary and I can’t talk to people very well …”

“You have a scary face? What are you saying!? You don’t have to worry about it, you have such a cute face!! Also, you don’t have to speak well! My employees and regulars are used to that since they know my daughter!! Rather, Kaede-chan, who can speak even if it’s just a little, is 100 times better than her! As a person, you’re fine!!”

『”Hooo. You keep saying whatever you want huh, you damn Okama”』 [TN: Okama is a term for a man that is more of a woman. A little more detail explanation bellow.]

“Well, it’s all facts.”

『You should support me there, Atsushi-san!!!”』

However, since it was all facts, Atsushi didn’t make any corrections.

When they were talking in telepathy, it seemed that Kaede had made up her mind.

“W-well then… I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Yes, me too!”

Makoto had a joyful face like no other.

And Kaede also had a small smile as if she was influenced by his joyful face.

Such a scene, Atsushi didn’t overlook it.

TN : Okama is a term for a man that is more of a woman. It’s a kind of a general word for that people. But lately, it’s not being used since many said it’s a bit offensive, and as people want to be addressed in a term that suits better for them.


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