Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 221

221. Broadcast of the battle 2

『”Let’s look back on what happened on the second day! Takao-san, Who did you pay attention to on this second day?”』

『”Me? Hmm, as you expected, it was Hatano-kun who caused such a storm on the first day.”』

『”I see, you paying attention to him after all. Who was Hatano-kun paying attention to?”』

『”Hmm. I was paying attention to everyone else, but the one who I was paying particular attention to was Kaizuka-kun.”』

When I answered that, the studio clamored. The masked man who triggered the start of this King of Boys was as expected left a big impact.

『”Oh! As expected of Hatano-kun, you were paying attention to the masked man after all. Then, let’s see the battle between Kaizuka-kun, the masked man, and Daikuji-kun, who defeated him!”』

When I looked at the video that was played on the screen at the studio. At that time, I thought… “Why is this guy acting like a hero?”.

…..Wait, it’s actually not bad, it’s okay, but I think he should have done it a little better way. He was too serious. If only he understood the character a little more and played it better.

『”Unfortunately, Kaizuka-san lost to Daikuji-kun. So, Hatano-kun, what’s your opinion about this battle?”』

『”Hmm… The first thing that surprised me was that the masked man, Kaizuka-kun, was fighting openly, unlike the impression I saw on TV. The impression of the masked man I saw on TV was that someone who would do anything dirty to win…”』

『”I see, I actually thought there was a slight difference. What do you all think?”』

When the MC asked the other guests that question, most of them had the same opinion that the image of the masked man was slightly different.

『”Everyone thought so, as expected! Did perhaps that “true masked man” theory is correct?”』

『”No. I don’t think so”』

There, I denied it immediately.

『”Perhaps, Kaizuka-kun must have been forcing himself when he made his first appearance on the TV. And it caused him to make such a terrible statement on TV, all of it, in order to seek a strong man on an equal footing with himself…”』

I kept talking quietly.

『”Pigs… I was angry when he said that word. Of course, I’m sure not only me but other boys got angry too. However, I think that terrible attitude is also a factor in increasing the number of boys who participate in this battle. And his actual battle, he did it in a straightforward way. he was unfortunately defeated, but he must have been satisfied. Seeing this fierce battle, I was convinced that he was the true masked man. The masked man was for sure, Kaizuka-kun. I want to applaud him and his bravery.”』

I said so and applauded Kaizuka-kun, who was reflected on the screen alone. Then the other guests applauded with me, and the studio was surrounded by a good atmosphere. 

I spoke as if I had some questions but then I gave the answers, so I was sure no one would pursue the matter of the masked man anymore. 

Yeah, if I have the chance, I want to thank Kaizuka for helping me to the end.

『”I was impressed! But the battle is not over. The battle had begun in other places when the two were fighting. Please look!”』

Next was the scene where Ouza and Vice-President Hibiya overwhelmed their enemy. 

……The guests were looking with admiration, but it was an uninteresting battle for me. And when the battle was over and the scene was where Ouza and the Vice-President Hibiya met, the MC began to talk as this was a scene of interest.

『”I was so nervous about this scene. I wondered if the winning candidates would fight each other here.”』

『”I think the reason for their defeat to me was that they didn’t fight here.”』

『”Eh! Is that so!??”』

In the video, it was a scene where Ouza and Vice-President Hibiya were talking.

{“Hmmph, I don’t mind if you want to fight now… but you don’t want to give them any information, right?”}

{“Oooo! So, you did notice it too, huh? Well, we can just defeat those who are peeking here but… it’s not fun, right?… Let’s leave them alone for now… Well, I guess, this is it for today, I should go back now. I don’t think you’re that motivated too. Let’s hold it for tomorrow.”}

As if to point it out, there, I opened my mouth.

『”Alight. They’re saying something cool, but in the end, they’re running away from the fight. They don’t fight when they should fight… This is the way of thinking of a losing dog. It should be said that these two lost because they deserved it.”』

‘To be honest, it would have been easier if they had collapsed together here.’… Such a grudge of mine in which my expected development didn’t happen, came out a little.

『”Oops, it’s a very unpopular opinion. But this is the winner’s word. Maybe it’s right. Anyway, let’s move on to the third day of the battle.”』

And the scene showed was from the scene where Ouza declared his victory, then Where Daikuji fell on the ground, and then, where I was blown away by Vice-President Hibiya.

『”Here, the battle changed from a battle between girls to a battle between boys! Let me say clearly, you can’t see this kind of scene anywhere else!”』

The energy meter of the MC went up one level. And the pitch went higher.

『”And the winner is this boy here, Kohaku Hatano! Now, ‘King’, looking back at all the battles, how was it?”』

The ending of the broadcast flowed, on the TV, it was the scene when I was blown away then, standing up. 

Mom and Maria cheered when they saw it. 

Then, the video kept playing until I sat on Vice-President Hibiya and Daikuji after I tied them up.

After that, the screen returned to the studio and my face was in close-up.

『”Everyone was very strong and excellent. I think it was because of my team members who supported me that I was able to win. Everyone, thank you!”』

『”Thank you for your wonderful words. Then, see you again next week!”』

I was on the screen, waving my hand and the show was over.

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