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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 60

60. Parents usually get excited when their child’s friends come over

“Oh my, Yuri-chan. If you want to bring a friend, please contact me in advance. It’s good that today the shop is closed since I had something to do, but still, I can’t do proper hospitality, you know? Ah, You’re Atsushi-kun, right? I’ve heard from Yuri-chan. It seems that Yuri-chan is always in your care. Thank you.”

“N-no, me too.”

“And, that’s Kaede-chan? The transfer student Yuri-chan said recently? Oh my, isn’t she so cute?”

“A, e, um, thank you…”

“Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Makoto Shirasawa… Nice to meet you. “

After serving coffee and sweets, Makoto talked so much.

Was that because he felt very happy? Or was it just his nature? Either way, his words overwhelmed both Atsushi and Kaede.

However, that wasn’t enough.

“So today ―――um, ah? Yuri-chan? Hmm… You have told them about your telepathy, so it’s okay? Hmm? There’s something to say, so please calm down first? A-ara, is that so? I’m sorry. It looks like I was too much. “

Thankfully, it seemed that Yuri took care of it.

Atsushi, who found the chance, opened his mouth to Makoto.

“That, Makoto-san. Today, actually…”

Atsushi talked about the purpose for which they came here.

After listening to all of that, Makoto said, “I see,” and turned his gaze toward Kaede.

“―――So, Kaede-chan wants to work part-time here?”

“Y-Yes, that’s right.”

“Then, just a little question. Do you have any experience in serving customers?”

“N-no. It’s my first time applying for a part-time job…”

“I see… then, have you ever brewed coffee or cooked something?”

“C-coffee, I only ever made using the instant one, but I think I can do some cooking…”

“I see, then, can you show your cooking to me? There’re a lot of ingredients available in the kitchen. Ah, you can cook whatever you like. Please.”

“I-I-I understand.”

That said, Kaede’s tone showed that she was nervous. Naturally. It was her first part-time job. That fact alone would make anyone nervous. And when your potential employer, asked you to show your skill, you would even be more nervous.

When Makoto saw her, he smiled and gently put his hand on Kaede’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. It’s not like an exam. To be honest, I’m okay with hiring Kaede-chan since it’s true that I want some help. I just want to see how good is your cooking. That’s all. If you can’t cook that good, I’ll teach you from the beginning. Of course, how to brew a coffee too. So, relax, it’s okay to relax.”


“Then we’ll cook in the back, so both of you please wait here.”

With that said, Makoto took Kaede and headed for the kitchen in the back.

Atsushi suddenly murmured after he disappeared.

“…What a unique person.”

『”I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in advance…”』

Appearance, behavior, gestures, and attitudes were all unique in many ways. 

Well, Atsushi’s parents were also considerably unique too…


“But he seems like a good person.”

『”Well……… I won’t deny that.”』

Atsushi smiled at Yuri.

Hearing that she didn’t deny what he said, by the tone of how she said it, she didn’t seem to hate her father.

Then. Atsushi raised another question.

“Oh, by the way, what is your mother doing?”

Did she go shopping? Or doing household chores above? Or, another job? 

Atsushi thought what kind of answer he might hear.


『”I don’t have a mother. That person divorced Dad when I was little. That person went out chasing another man other than Dad. So, just like that, that person divorced Dad. Well, it’s something you can find in someone’s household out there.”』

At that moment.

Atsushi immediately regretted his words.

“… I’m sorry.”

『”Please do not worry. I wasn’t lonely. I had a father. And, as far as I can remember, that person was someone I couldn’t call a good mother. When that person was gone, I was glad honestly.”』

Atsushi didn’t feel any loneliness or sadness from Yuri’s telepathy. Perhaps it had already settled within her, and therefore she just plainly stating facts.

Still, Atsushi, who decided not to continue the story anymore, asked another question.

“What about your dad, he knows about your supernatural powers?”

『”Of course. I mean, I’m talking telepathically to my dad. Well, every time I did that, he complained about it. “Speak properly with your mouth, you’ll be in trouble when you go out into society” is what he usually said.”』

“Well, that’s true though.”

『”And, he also said, that if I keep like this, in the future, the person who I like won’t get such a development as, “Would you like dinner? Or a bath? Or…”. “』

“Wait, stop. Shirasawa-san’s Dad, why do you make it as if it’s something really important.”


Both of them continue to chat with each other.

But then.


Atsushi and Yuri heard a screaming voice from the kitchen.


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