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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 59

59. Why, did you do your best?

“Coffee shop?”

『”Yes. My father runs a coffee shop. The part-time worker who worked until recently got married and moved far away, so he was looking for a helper.”』


『”Our coffee shop gets crowded in the evening, but it’s not as bad as an Izakaya, and not as noisy as a karaoke place, I think it’s just right.”』[TN: Izakaya = Japanese bar]

“I see”

Atsushi was convinced that it might be just right as what Yuri said.

However, Kaede pulled the sleeve of Atsushi’s clothes and asked a question while tilting her head.

“? What are you saying?”

“Oh, right. You couldn’t hear it, right… Actually…”

Atsushi told Kaede the whole story.

“―――So, how is it?”

“Um… is it really okay?”

Yuri nodded a little to Kaede’s words.

After that, Kaede murmured, “I see.”

“Then… I’ll gladly, take your kind offer …”

Negotiations concluded.

And so, the three decided to go to the coffee shop, to be exact, Yuri’s house.


After school. 

On the way to Yuri’s coffee shop.

Atsushi suddenly noticed something.

“Ah by the way, Shirasawa. I thought about this since the lunch break… why, don’t you, just talk with your mouth already? If it’s one-on-one, it’s still okay. But, it’ll be annoying if there are many people.”

Until now, Atsushi had been most of the time on one-on-one telepathic exchanges with Yuri. However, it would be too inconvenient to do that when two or more people were there.

However, Yuri stubbornly refused it.

『”No, as I said before, I’m not good at speaking in public.”』

“When you talk about something you like or get angry, you can talk so much, like a machine-gun.”

『”That would only happen when the energy of the heart exploded. In other words, when I speak, I use that much energy. If I keep doing that, I won’t have any energy left.”』

“What kind of body structure do you have…”

Whether Yuri told the truth or false Atsushi didn’t know at this point, but one thing for sure Yuri didn’t want to talk with her mouth if possible.

Kaede was tilting her head again against Atsushi who was amazed at Yuri’s persistence.

“That… what did Shirasawa say?”

“Hmm? Ah, she doesn’t want to talk because it uses too much physical strength.”

“Is that so… if that’s the case, why doesn’t she just send telepathy?”

“You see, the ability of this girl, it can only be used to one person. So, it seems she can only talk one-on-one in this way.”

“Aaaa, so that’s the reason…”

“Yeah, by the way, I wanted to ask you… your ability is invisibility, right? I know you can make your body invisible, but how do you make your clothes and things that are with you invisible too?”

Atsushi also thought that an invisible human could make the body invisible. He thought it was an ability to affect human perception, but as far as he could see in the park, it wasn’t like that, it was actually an ability that could make the user’s body and clothing invisible for real.

“My ability is… Well. To be precise, it’s all about touching my body, so I can erase my clothes and others things too.”

『”Tch, what a convenient ability…”』

『”I agree that it’s convenient, but why are you so regretful?”』

Atsushi, who still didn’t understand the girl named Yuri, was a little confused.

Then, Kaede asked a question.

“What about you? If I’m not mistaken, it’s possible for you to identify a psychic by the smell?”

“Yeah, but I can only detect them, nothing else.”

“No, no, it’s amazing that you can reach me with that smell. Is it within a one-kilometer radius? Even the police dog will be surprised.”

“You too. You can make your clothes invisible. If you feel like it, you can go anywhere, without anyone noticing.”

“That’s because it’s now. In the past, it wasn’t that convenient, and I could only do it to my own body.”

『”What did you say?”』

Yuri reacted immediately.

It was like a dog that was suddenly given bones.

『”Let’s hear the details, Atsushi-san”』

Why don’t you ask herself

Atsushi who was thinking so, actually was interested in the topic too, so he asked.

“What does it mean?”

“Nothing much, I mean, at first, only erasing my body took a lot of energy, so I thought it would be useless, that’s why, I practiced. Then, the amount of things that can be made invisible is increasing. Now I can make clothes and things that are on me invisible too.”

“Because I practiced”… Atsushi was convinced by the obvious answer.

Human beings, if everyone kept practicing, everything would improve. Running, cooking, and many more. With that in mind, it would be natural for psychics to practice and expand the scope of their psychic powers.

Well, I tried to practice too, but it was meaningless because there were few people with supernatural powers around me…

The number of psychics was small. Even now, the fact three psychics walking together could be said as something miraculous.

Therefore, even if Atsushi wanted to practice his ability, it was meaningless.

“Hey, Shirasawa, you are…”

When Atsushi turned around, there was Yuri, who touched the ground while dropping her head. 

『”Why… why did you do your best, Kaede-san…”』

Yuri was depressed while sending words that didn’t make sense to Atsushi.

“Hey, Ooo-i. Why does Shirasawa look like she has been defeated?”

“Don’t ask me. And it’s better that you don’t know.”

Atsushi dared not answer Kaede’s question.

After such a stupid conversation continued many times, they arrived at the destination.

『”This is my home, my shop.”』

“Oooo… what to say…the atmosphere is nice.”

“It’s just like, this is “the real coffee shop”.”

Two people gave a mundane impression. But that didn’t mean bad. Rather, it could be said as a compliment.

A retro store in the city… three floors building, the two above were probably Yuri’s house.

『”Then, let’s go inside.”』

Then, at the moment when Yuri was in the lead, Atsushi saw someone…

A man polishing a cup at the counter. Perhaps he was in his early thirties? But, his appearance was so beautiful that he could be mistaken for a female at a glance. The word “androgynous”, was probably the most appropriate to describe him.

The brown hair was long enough to hide one eye, and its luster wasn’t that of a man, and it looked very well maintained.

Just an androgynous handsome guy.

He, such a handsome person, was…

“―――Oh, welcome home, Yuri-chan, Oh… Ara, ara ara, perhaps, the ones standing there, are your friend? Oh my, No way. Yuri-chan, you finally brought your friends home. Your dad is ve~ry happy!”

Hearing the words and tone that was so contrary to what he looked like, Atsushi and Kaede had no choice but stood with their mouth wide open.


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