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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 220

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220. Broadcast of the battle

『”Well well, they were so enthusiastic that I couldn’t even say anything about it.”』

『”That’s right. All the boys who participated in the finals were wonderful.”』

『”How was it, Tanaka-san?”』

『”Hmm, yeah, so. As you would have expected, the last four boys left were very impressive. I was amazed at the wisdom of Ouza-kun, the power of Daikuji-kun, and the overall power of Hibiya-kun. And I’ve no words left for Hatano-kun who defeated all of them.”』

『”As you said, the topics of the four people were hot even on SNS.”』

『”Honestly, I couldn’t predict what would happen when four people got together and had a tea party.”』

『”But even after such fierce battle at the finals of the King of Boys, even though they were all tired, but, today, the champion is coming. Come in, the man among the men! He is Kohaku Hatano who has successfully won and now sits at the King’s seat!”』

The lights went down with the voice of the MC, the door was spotlighted, and even smoke was coming out. And as the door was opened, a beautiful boy could be seen. Beautiful white and clear skin with a beautiful face. Moreover, the boy gave a glamorous somewhat dreamlike impression. The moment the boy came out, the face of the entertainer’s performer, even though often in contact with boys, changed to a blank face for a moment. The boy’s nickname, “Angel” made sense when he saw the boy. The boy was…

Well, it was me,

Now, I was in the living room watching the broadcast with Maria and Mom.

“Even if I know that you will win, somehow I’m deeply moved when I see it with my own eyes.”

“I was so nervous you know. You understand my feelings, Kohaku-kun!?”

Maria was holding green tea and Mom was drinking beer with roasted dried squid as a side dish, giving their impressions while watching TV. The King of Boys had over, and today was the broadcast day. The show mainly played the battles that happened on that island. 

“Please edit it the best you can do.”… I said that, but it was almost no edit.

…..Damn you!

The program was now at the end of the show. This program was a four-hours long. The staff said that it was better to broadcast all at once than to divide it into two parts.

『”Hatano-kun had been moving a lot since the beginning, didn’t he?”』

『”Yeah, really. When I saw it, I thought, isn’t he moving too much from the first day!?”』

『”This girl, when she was looking at the video and she kept talking to herself, and I, was next to her. It was so noisy that I couldn’t concentrate!”』

On TV, the two MCs talked to me. The program was already at the end, but from here on, they wanted to listen to my impressions while looking back at the video. In other words, I would be asked what I think about taking Glasses-kun as a hostage and setting up a night attack on the first day. 

Damn You!!…  Isn’t the editor can use magic to make the video better??! No?

『”But I was really surprised. Because when I thought he had finally reached his base, he went to another group’s base by himself. I thought he was a little crazy.”』

『”Oi, Don’t be so rude!!”』

The studio was filled with laughter with jokes here and there. Before this was started, they asked my permission about the scripts, but even so, they came to the waiting room them bowing their head asking for permission. At that time, I thought working as an adult was hard after all.

『”How was it actually? If you made a mistake, you would be caught, right? Even in that discussion, you were in a dangerous situation.”』

On TV, I answered such a question with a little hesitation. The gesture was somewhat asylum-seeking, it was very wonderful when you wanted to self-proclaiming something.

『”That… we lacked one member, so I hope that I can help the other members as much as possible… It was dangerous, but I’m glad I won……. But I was scolded after that.”』

I answered with a bitter smile at the end.

My mom, who saw it hugged me.

“Kohaku-kun, soー cuteー!”

“… you reck of alcohol”

“Let me pull her away.”

『”Then, when you suddenly decided to attack at night, you did it thinking of your members?”』

The TV showed me rolling the boy inside the futon around. Seeing that, Maria muttered, “It’s a wonderful trick”.

But, when she saw me pushing down the girl to the bed after that, her face turned red. 

Editor-san!? Why didn’t you edit it? Oi, Editor-san!?

『”Yes. I didn’t want my friends to get hurt as much as possible.”』

『”Can you also push me down to the bed?”』

『”Stop it!”』

『”Ahaha, honestly, I was impatient and nervous at this time. It’s really embarrassing to watch the video now.”』

As the word, my face looked embarrassed. I didn’t lie.

『”But this action on the first day of Hatano-kun led to the intensification of the battle at once!”』

『”Yes. Anyone would have been surprised by the fact that Hatano-kun got two medals at once. So, it was natural all groups started to move the next day.”』

『”Let’s look back on the battle once again, this time, with the winner of King of Boys.”』

『”…Before that, it’s time for a CM.”』


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