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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 58

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58. Transfer students usually attract everyone’s attention

A few days after Kaede’s transfer.

Looking at her so far, Atsushi asked Yuri a question in the club room.

“Hey, Shirasawa. You, what do you think?”

『”Hmm?… Personally, as a person who came from the anime, I think it’s too early to buy manga right after the end of the anime. After all, as a person who entered the series from anime, it should be natural to wait for the sequel of the anime. Since it’s the first time you see it, you may be impressed, and excited. And it’ll get you irresistible of knowing the continuation. Yeah, if the manga doesn’t sell, perhaps they won’t be trying to make another season… it’s really the ultimate hard choice you need to choose.”』

“No, it’s not about that. It’s Hirose, I’m asking about Hirose.”

Yuri was too free as usual.

No, perhaps, Atsushi who didn’t say the subject was the bad one, but still, the topic went too far away.

『”Her? What is it about her? Haaah, no way, is she using the ability of invisibility to peep into the women’s changing room…!??”』

“Of course not. In the first place, Hirose is a woman. Can you even call it peeking?… What I mean is, isn’t she in the center of attention right now?”

『”Eh? Isn’t it decided that she’s out of place? What are you talking about, Atsushi-san?”』

“Oi, why you said it as a matter of course.”

『”Well, Atsushi-san. I mean, she is a transfer student. Moreover, she has a scary face comparable to Atsushi-san. And, also like me in regards of the attitude of not being used to interacting with people very much. If all these conditions are met, there is no reason not to be out of place in the class.  She’s really what you call “the ultimate loner”.”』

“Hirose wouldn’t want to be told that, especially by you …”

Yuri’s words were not all wrong.

Transfer student… Originally, such a person would be the subject of rumors and the focus of attention. Everyone would care about that person. Moreover, if the person was a beautiful girl, there must be someone who wanted to talk to her.

But the reality she wasn’t in such a situation.

The reason for that…One would be her face. She always had a sour look and her eyes were sharp. Honestly, her face was as scary as Atsushi’s. And a bad aura was created from it. Although she might be a beautiful girl, her scary aura pushed people away.

And one more. The most important reason,

“That girl, she often uses her abilities to disappear before anyone notices her.”

Perhaps she didn’t want to interact with people too much, she disappeared almost every break time. Of course, she didn’t do that openly in the classroom, but it was true that she had no contact with anyone because she used her ability to be invisible.

“Well, there is a certain someone who can erase their presence without using any supernatural powers, so…”

『”Fufufu. Even if you praise me, nothing will come out.”』

“The moment you decide that words are praise, you’ve reaffirmed your position as a disappointing fairy.”

Atsushi replied to Yuri as usual and sighed.


A few days later.

“You can’t find any part-time job, so you want me to find it with you?” 

Atsushi was suddenly summoned to the back of an unpopular gymnasium.

For him, Kaede’s words were a little surprising.

“That, umm… I just did as you said. I was about to start a part-time job… And, umm, it’s not been that long since I came to this city, I don’t know much about this city…”

Kaede moved to this town about a month ago.

That was why she didn’t know anything about this city. Therefore, she said to Atsushi that she didn’t know where to get a part-time job.

“Despite that, you went to the next city all the time.”

“Ugh… w-well, hmm, anyway, did you happen to know a good place… but, you see, I don’t know anything about that city either except around that place…”

In other words, she didn’t know anything in either city.

But that wasn’t strange. 

Atsushi had been living in this city since he was born, but still, he didn’t know which part-time job could be said as good or bad.

And that was why he couldn’t give much advice either.

“Pert-time… part-time job huh? Well, since I was the one who suggested it, I guess I should help you search for it?… By the way, what kind of part-time job do you want?”

“That… something not too bothersome. Something like a staff in a Izakaya or karaoke place, is just too much…” [TN: Izakaya = Japanese bar]

Sure it might be a place where a girl who looked like Kaede would most likely work as a part-timer, but she didn’t like it.

……In terms of preference, Atsushi was the same, so he didn’t say anything about that.

What to do huh?

When Atsushi was thinking…

『”―――I heard the problem.”』

Words suddenly came to Atsushi’s mind.

At the same time, Atsushi looked back and found Yuri, who was sticking her head out of the corner of the gymnasium.

“Wooooah!? Shirasawa. When did you get here?”

『”Of course, from the beginning. I was wondering where Atsushi-san was going since you went somewhere instead of going to the club room during the lunch break. So, I followed you.”

“I didn’t notice it at all… I mean, you’re really too good at easing your presence huh. Really, what are you? The sixth phantom player?” [TN: Kuroko no basket ref]

『”Well, let’s put that aside for now. So, you were looking for Kaede-san’s part-time job, right?…”』

While shifting the line of sight to Kaede for a moment, Yuri paused her words…


『” ―――How about working part-time at my place?” 』

Yuri quickly said so.

Atsushi was surprised to hear such a proposal from Yuri.


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