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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 57

TN: I did some edit to the prev chapter…. Not that the story changed, just as I tl-ed it with sleepy eyes, I missed to edit some line, and just tl-ed it too literally.

57. You should always bring a handkerchief and pocked tissue


After a while, the calm Kaede was completely sunk on the park bench.

Atsushi told Yuri while changing his gaze from Kaede.

“Oi, you overdid it. Making her cry like that, then what?”

『”Umm, well, I had suppressed myself quite a bit you know? I just told her about common sense as an Otaku.”』

“Still, there’s a better way to say it. I mean, your machine-gun talk is pretty effective even to tolerant guy.”

Even Kameshita, who seemed to have embodied that cheerfulness, lost his confidence in front of Yuri’s words. Well, that was a critique of his work, and although it wasn’t exactly the same this time, it still gave the same kind of damage to the heart.

“Here. A handkerchief, do you need it?”

“………Hick, Uhuu. Shank-kyu” [TN: Thank you]

Atsushi handed a handkerchief to Kaede, who was still crying.

『”Wow, Atsushi-san. Giving a handkerchief to a crying girl, how much preparation that you made? It’s a little bit too much….”』

“Oi, you, disappointing fairy. Too much? It’s probably the minimum common sense as a person to have a pocket tissue and a handkerchief.”

Atsushi wasn’t convinced that having a handkerchief prepared with him and handing it to someone was something too much.

But he didn’t pursue that matter right now, since there was something that he should do now.

“Well, Hmmm. I also said too much. Sorry.”

“… I don’t mind. I’m aware, that I’m wrong.”

Kaede showed the color of remorse for her actions.

Atsushi knew in this short time that she wasn’t rotten to the core. Perhaps, she might be not a bad guy, just someone who would get so passionate about her hobbies.

Well… Though, there might be some disappointing aspects in her.

“Well, so… I don’t know what happened at the previous school and I’m not going to ask. In addition, I won’t force you to come to school, after all, we’re not qualified to say that.”

Yes. Atsushi and Yuri came here to investigate where Kaede was going. He had no intention of questioning her and scolding her. Persuading her to come to school was just something extra.

“But from now on… if you need money to go to that maid cafe, you have to work part-time. But, it’s impossible to apply for a part-time without going to school, right?”

“Well… that’s…”

“Then, how about thinking like this? “I go to school to work part-time”. Our school allows the students to work part-time as long as you apply for it.”

Underage part-time jobs had various restrictions.

As a matter of course, parental and school approval would be needed. To be honest, few places would hire her as a part-time job even if she was still absent from school. Well, if she chose that way, she couldn’t help but drop out of school and get a real job, but that would be a high hurdle.

“… What’s with that persuasion. Going to school for a part-time job is absurd.”

“Well, but if you really don’t want to go to school, it doesn’t matter. I’m not forcing you.”

Yes, Atsushi didn’t intend to force Kaede to go to school. Even now, he just said it as one reason for going to school.

Then Kaede looked at Atsushi and diverted her gaze many times. Atsushi, who understood that she had something to say, asked her a question.

“? What happened?”

“No, that, umm… If you can, please keep this quiet…”

In other words, Kaede wanted Atsushi to not tell anyone that she went to a maid cafe without money.

In the first place, no one would believe it even if he were to say it. However, the principal knew about supernatural powers and Kaede’s abilities. And if the principal knew it, it would be heard by her parents.

Therefore, she probably didn’t want it to be known to others at all.

“…I understand. I will tell the principal that you just hanging around in the neighboring town.”

“Eh… R-really?”

“You don’t want this to be known, right? If you don’t do the same thing again, that’s fine. You’re okay with it right, Shirasawa?”

『”Yes. I don’t mind.”』

Nodding while muttering by telepathy.

Kaede was surprised to see their attitude.

Then, Atsushi continued his word,

“Of course, I won’t tell other people. That won’t benefit us at all. And if it doesn’t bother others, it’s personal freedom for everyone no matter what hobby it is.”

“…….. I-I see.”

『”Well, if she becomes invisible again and does the same thing, I’ll stuff her with my singing next time.”』

『”Stop it. And stuff with your singing? What kind of expression is that?”』

Atsushi commented as Yuri said something strange.


“Then, see ya.”

Atsushi, who had no business anymore, said so and left the place with Yuri.

He didn’t know what will happen to Kaede from now on. She might come to school, she might continue to be absent from school.

But if it was the former, he would occasionally see each other at school.

At that time, Atsushi thought that he should say hi again.

He was thinking so…

Three days later.

” ――― That’s why, a transfer~ student will come to this class. Come in. Please introduce yourself.”

“…Hirose, Kaede……. Nice, to meet you.”

Kaede, who introduced herself with a sour look, greeted the class with her hand still in the pocket.


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