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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 56

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56. Even as a hobby, you should keep the rules

“―――That’s why your act is a disgrace to the Otaku. Originally, a maid cafe is a place where you pay to meet a maid. Sitting inside to see a maid without paying, it’s outrageous. It shouldn’t be forgiven, especially if you call yourself an Otaku.”

What Kaede was doing, frankly, was a criminal act.

Certainly, if she used her power, no one would be able to find out. Therefore, no one would be able to catch her.

However, crime would still be a crime. And doing it within the scope of an otaku hobby pushed Yuri’s buttons. 

“You don’t have money? So, what? In the first place, any hobby of an otaku costs money. DVDs or Blu-rays for anime otaku, photo books and live tickets for idol otaku, cameras and train fare for train otaku. And many more. Anyway, the deeper you are in the rabbit holes, the more money you will need. It may even be a ridiculous amount of money. Then, those people, how can they still keep doing it? It’s easy. They make their own money. Make money from work or part-time jobs and use it for what you like. If you are a student who can’t work part-time, you can do something with pocket money from your parents. That’s Otaku.”

Occasionally, some people might say this to an Otaku, “Otaku’s hobbies aren’t practical, they’re just a waste of money.”

That might be true. But that was just what you called “hobbies”. It was something that individuals would do as they wanted to get a sense of happiness and sense of accomplishment, no one wanted practicality from the beginning.

“Do they regret spending a lot of money? The answer is no. No. They spend all their hard-earned money. They manage to spend their monthly pocket money, their savings. And instead of pain, they will feel joy. It’s proof that they’re immersed in what they like. Of course, it’s not good to overdo it. I won’t say, “Do it even if you need to be in debt”, or anything like that, but still, you have to pay an equivalent value. Even if it’s a personal hobby, it doesn’t change. “

Money might not be everything in the world, but often, you couldn’t do anything without it. Even a hobby, sometimes you wouldn’t start it without money.

Still, you put in your sweat, your passion, and immerse yourself with all might into something. That was a creature called an otaku.

“Your act is an insult to all the Otakus. Is it okay to shoplift anime DVDs and Blu-rays that I like? Is it okay to steal concert tickets of the idol that I like? Just because I like trains, is it okay to ride the train without following the manners? No. Such a person is not an Otaku. They’re just Bugs. Insects. Trash. No, they’re shit below trash. And you do the same thing as those guys. In other words, you’re a shit that’s less than garbage.”

In the world, there was a saying, “jump on the bandwagon”.

There was no clear line for that. From where you should be called as a real fan and from where it might be just jumping on the bandwagon.

However, one thing you could say, if the person did something as please and caused trouble to others, no matter how much knowledge that person had about that thing or how much money he spent on that thing, wasn’t an Otaku, nor a fake fan who just jumping on the bandwagon either.

Such a person… no more than an annoying guy.

“I don’t know all otaku hobbies out there. I’m sure there are many and they don’t mesh well with each other. Sometimes they conflict. But I can say for sure, if it’s about “Passion” for what they like. I’m sure everyone is no less inferior, and I can say that to you too. I can understand well from your words about a maid, your strong feelings for them, no, Mei-san. But, you should more about that action of yours, it may have reduced the value of Mei’s existence to the ground.”

Because it was your hobby, you didn’t mind bothering others. In other words, it might also damage the status and honor of one’s hobby itself.

This time, the one who noticed Kaede’s action was only Yuri and Atsushi. Therefore, it was almost impossible for them to prove her criminal activity.

But… no, perhaps that was the reason Yuri said,

“I’ll say it again and again. If you want to go to a maid cafe, pay for it. Otherwise, you won’t even be qualified to meet Mei-san, let alone call yourself an Otaku.”

Therefore, Yuri’s machine-gun talk was finally stopped.

Yuri looked so refreshed, probably because she was able to say everything she wanted to say.

On the other hand, Kaede, who had just been told so much, was shaking her shoulders and looking down.

Oh, is she angry even more…?

If a stranger told you that much, everyone would normally get angry. That might even lead to violence.

At that time, Atsushi broke in between.

… He intended to, but



“Uuuueeeeeee. I’m sowwyyyyy……”

Kaede sat down and began to cry, as if the cup holding the tears had suddenly broken. Her appearance was like a child who was being scolded by their parents.

Therefore, Atsushi was convinced of the suspicions he had felt.

… Yeah. This girl, for the time being, she’s also disappointing.

Atsushi thought so while comparing her with the beautiful girl next to him.


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