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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 55

55. Every Otaku has a different “Passion”

And two hours later.

Atsushi suddenly opened his mouth as he waited in the park, which was dark and empty.

“―――Show yourself. I already know you are here.”

A few seconds after Atsushi finished saying it.

Suddenly, the space in front of Atsushi and Yuri was distorted.

No, to be precise, there was suddenly a blonde girl in a red jersey standing, even though there shouldn’t have been anyone there before.

“―――Tch. What the hell are you guys. How do you catch me?”

The girl’s glaring eyes were sharp, perhaps as scary as Atsushi. In addition to her poorly groomed blonde hair, she was wearing a jersey. Just once glance and you know that she had no fashion sense.

However, to be honest, the girl herself could be said as ‘first-class’.

In a nutshell, a slender girl, even though her face and eyes might be scary, overall, she had pretty good looks. Moreover, right now, she probably didn’t even wear make-up. In other words, she was already a beautiful girl in her natural state.

Looking at her, Yuri said.

『”No way… she’s, really, wearing clothes…”』

『”Like I said, what the hell are you fighting with?”』

Such a side of Yuri was something that Atsushi still couldn’t understand well.

Kaede asked a question in a disgusted tone.

“You guys, What the hell are you?”

“What. It’s not a big deal. We’re students at the school you’re planning to transfer to. The principal asked us to find out about you, who are going somewhere every day. I’m being told to persuade you to come to school. “

“Tch, that woman, doing something unnecessary …”

Atsushi understood with that one word.

Apparently, Kaede and Sawashiro were acquainted with each other.

However, He guessed that perhaps the relationship wasn’t very good.

“…leave me alone. I can’t go to school.”

“And? You’ll keep going to that maid cafe instead?”

Kaede shook her body for a moment and then replied to Atsushi’s words.

“I-is it that bad huh…”

“Well, of course, that’s bad. Huft, it’s not that girls going to a maid café, is bad. What is bad? It’s the fact that you go to a store without permission using supernatural powers.”

Whoever wanted to go to the maid cafe, it should be your personal freedom.

However, using supernatural powers to enter the store without paying money should be a no-no.

And it seemed that the person herself was aware of it.

“… That, I think what I’m doing is wrong. I, I really want to pay for it, but that’s, hmm, how to say…”


“……………..I have no money”


Atsushi looked as if he was convinced somewhere.

He got the impression that the maid cafe he just went to was expensive in terms of menus and other things. Atsushi didn’t know what the basic charge for a maid cafe should be. However, he knew for sure that if high school students went there every day, it would be natural for them to run out of money.

“Well, I understand that …”

“No way you understand it!!! You’re definitely not interested in maids!!! I’ve noticed it since you entered the store. I thought, “This guy, he doesn’t care about maids or anything like that”. And, such a guy, Such A Guy… “

Kaede holding a fist. It was as if she was angry.

No, in fact, she was enduring the flames of wrath that started to overflow within her.

But every person must have their limit,

And for Kaede, it was her limit.

Then, that flame of wrath burst.

“Such A Guy Should Never Be Allowed To Eat Mei-chan’s OMELET RIIIIIIICE!!” 

Atsushi was surprised at Kaede’s shout.

“Um, excuse me, Hirose-san …?”

“Mei-chan is, Mei-chan iiissss! An Angel! A Goddess! A Savior! My Best Girl! My Fave! That girl’s smile saves the world! The food that she made will make everyone happy!! Even though You received such a service, You just replied to her without any care!! I was super envious! DAMN IT!”

“I-is that so… It seems, I did something bad. Sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry to me!! In the first place, is there a guy who comes to a maid cafe with a beautiful high school girl!! Mei-chan, I’m sure she was really troubled!! When a normie came into such a place, the maids, everyone will feel troubled! It’s common sense! Do you hear me!?! What? Did you perhaps want to ridicule us? Is that it!? You wanted to show off, “How is it? We’re Normie, understand? You ignorant fools”, is that it? You BAAAAASSSSTTAAAARRDDD!!!!”

Kaede kept screaming while changing to a tone that seemed to be sad for some reason.

Atsushi was overwhelmed by her attitude and couldn’t say anything.

And as you might guess, the one who could compete with her now would be someone who had the same amount of “Passion”.


“―――Is that all you want to say?”

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there was a girl here with a different vector of interest, but with the same or greater “Passion”.

“Seriously… Even though you have that much “Passion”, you can’t afford to pay to go see the maid, really?… Even as an Otaku, you’re a disgrace. Stop it, or I’ll kill the shit out of you, you know?”

At that moment, Atsushi thought.

I’ve seen this development before.


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