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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 54

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54. There are many reasons why a girl goes to a maid cafe

” ” Welcome back, master~ ” “

Atsushi and Yuri entered the store while being told such a thing by multiple beautiful women wearing maid clothes.

…..Honestly, from the perspective of Atsushi, who wasn’t good at socializing, there might be quite a few things that come to his mind when he was greeted by multiple people.

And it was probably not just Atsushi.

“Then, please go to the back seat, please~”

When Atsushi and Yuri sat down at the guided seat, a maid with slightly indigo black hair in twintails came.

And Atsushi thought.

Even though they called it ‘Maid Clothes’, still, isn’t it showing too much skin?

I mean, your thighs, legs, chest…

To Atsushi who was thinking about such things, the maid began to talk while looking into his face.

“You’ve finally come home, Master. Hm? It’s me. Mei. The maid, Mei. Today, for Masters who are returning home tired, let me give you a~ lot of service, okay? Ah, That’s right. Master, do you need any drinks? Are you hungry? Or, Would・you・pre・fer to play games with Mei?”

“Ah, uh, hmm…”

Atsushi was overwhelmed by Mei who was smiling and waiting for an order.

However, an unexpected savior appeared there.

“I’m sorry. Mei-san. This may seem a bit sudden, but we’re very hungry, so please bring two of this maid’s special love love kyun kyun delicious omelet rice as soon as possible. Of course, with Mei-chan’s love power injection.”

“It’s with love power injection, I understand~!”

After hearing Yuri’s order, Mei moved away.

At the same time as Mei disappeared, Atsushi asked Yuri a question.

『”… Hey Shirasawa. You, aren’t you too good at this?”』

『”No? Maybe you’re thinking too much.”』

『”… Let’s put it that way for now.”』

It was unusual for Yuri to respond to “speaking”, moreover, the tone and the ordering method, was as if she was accustomed to all of this. So of course, Atsushi was thinking about it.

Anyway, they didn’t forget the purpose of coming here.

『”So… which one?”』

Yuri sent telepathy while looking at the maids.

As you might guess, they expected Kaede to work as a maid here. Naturally. The reason why girls came here, was probably because they work as maids. Of course, it wasn’t that all women had that reason, but the ones who thought differently were a minority.


『”…Well, you see, I’ve been looking for her since a while ago, but she’s not among the maids.”』

『”Eh? Then, is she perhaps, coming as a customer?”』

『”Hmm, she may be a customer, look…”』

Atsushi, while saying, pointed to the counter seat with his index finger.

However, there were only vacant seats where no one was sitting. There were no cups, and there was no sign that someone was leaving the seat to go to the bathroom.

『”? What is it? There are only vacant seats…”』

『”That’s true. It looks like that to me too. But… the source of the smell is there.”』

The source of the smell. That means that Kaede Hirose, who they were looking for, was there.

And if it looked like an empty seat, there was only one answer.

『”…Are you serious?”』

『”Yeah. Super serious.”』

That, Kaede, was now transparent and sitting in an empty seat. Atsushi didn’t know what her purpose was… no, he didn’t want to know. But, for the time being, he was certain that the target was there.

『”No way, a naked high school girl is there, for real…”』

『”Hey, stop talking about that. I mean, you really want to make Hirose naked, huh?…… Anyway, what to do? I can’t talk to a transparent human…”』

What Atsushi meant was, the girl might escape when he went to sit down nearby approaching her to say hello. And, what left was, Atsushi alone, talking with nobody, like some sort of a pitiful man.

『”… Umm, Atsushi-san. You’re sure that Hirose-san is over there, right?”』

『”Yeah. no doubt.”

『”I understand. please wait for a while”』

After waiting for a while.

Suddenly, the chair that was supposed to be vacant collapsed.

『”―――Oooh, she was really there. Definitely there.”』

There was no doubt that Yuri did something. And she began to explain to Atsushi, as if she knew that he would definitely ask her what she had just done.

『”You see, my telepathy is like, hmm, how to say it… sending radio waves?… It’s like shooting words like arrows. And if it hits the opponent directly, I can feel the response. Just now, when I sent telepathy to that seat, I hit her magnificently.”』

『”Hit?… So, what kind of telepathy did you send?”』

『”For the time being, “The naked high school girl over there”, that’s all.』

『”You never give up about that huh…”』

If you suddenly heard such words in your head, you, no, everyone would be surprised. 

However, Kaede’s scent stayed there, perhaps because she was still surprised and stood still.

And you could say this as an opportunity for Atsushi and Yuri.

『”For the time being, I knew that I could send her telepathy. So what should we do?”』

『”Alright. Then, tell her to come to a nearby park in two hours.”』

『”I understand.”』

And, for a while, the silent state continued.

That said, it was only Atsushi.

Yuri? She probably was talking to Kaede.

However, it seemed that their talk had finally finished, and Yuri once again sent telepathy to Atsushi.

『”―――― Atsushi-san. For the time being, I got consent from her. Also, she was pretty surprised.”』

『”Of course, that’s the case… Anyway, do you think she’ll come later?”』

『”Perhaps. She was surprised for sure. But, I’m sure she understood that I am a psychic. I think, she may be thinking that she can’t just leave it as it is.”』

Perhaps that’s the case. After all, someone just told you that there is another psychic other than you. Of course, it wasn’t something that could be ignored. Moreover, she has never heard of the person. Then if she wants to confirm the person, she must go to the park as promised…

When Atsushi was thinking that.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting~”

At the same time as those words, two huge omelet rice were brought in.

“Today’s recommendation, Mei-chan’s special love love kyun kyun delicious omelet riceー! Ah, I’m going to give it a finishing touch now. Ready, Together, love love power, inject―ion―!”


Next to Atsushi, who was taken aback, Yuri made a heart mark by hand and muttered such words, and he was surprised more than ever.

“Thank youー, thank you very muchー, please call me immediately if there is anything, Master.”

After saying that, Mei disappeared to the back as it was.

It was a stormy event for Atsushi.

However, there was only one thing he wanted to say.

“Shirasawa… You, it’s definitely not your first in this store.”

『”No comment”』

Atsushi eats omelet rice while staring at Yuri who feigned ignorance.

By the way, he thought that the omelet rice itself was extremely delicious.


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