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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 53

53. Someone with invisibility ability usually needs to be nak〇〇

『”Invisible human… Finally, someone with an ability that’s really “supernatural”, the real deal.”』

It was evening. 

Atsushi and Yuri were on the way home from school.

They were immediately asked by the principal to come to the neighboring town.

The reason for the neighboring town was that the mother lost sight of the transfer student ―――Kaede, many times it was at the neighboring town.

And it was Bingo!

Correct, Atsushi now finally could smell her and certain she was in the city.

Meanwhile, Atsushi replied to Yuri’s telepathy.

“I don’t think it’s the line that I want to hear from someone who uses telepathy.”

A beautiful girl who is always silent, but on the inside, really talkative. Moreover, regarding her telepathy ability, the recipient has no right to refuse.

That alone is already unusual, but she has a powerful last resort.

“Singing”, that could make someone, who had planned various things for revenge, threw away everything and asked for forgiveness, just by listening to it once.

…..Yeah. She’s not normal. Dangerous.

When Atsushi was thinking about it, Yuri asked a certain question.

『”But what kind of ability is that “invisibility”?”』

“? Well, just as the word means.”

『”No, it’s not that, I mean, what kind of mechanism is it? Is it something that makes someone lose sight of your existence, or is it the ability to literally make your body transparent… especially if it’s the latter, I’m interested”』


『”Well, it’s impossible to make your body transparent if you wear extra things, isn’t it? So, when she’s completely transparent, she’s all nak…”』

“Stop!! I won’t let you say it! Anyway, why do you say so!? It’s not a remark that a girl should say…..”

‘Invisible Humans need to be naked when they become transparent’… a pattern often seen in movies. However, it wasn’t good for girls to say it. Even Atsushi was trying his hard not to think about it, but now it became nothing.

But… well, for sure you should think about it. If the one with such an ability was a girl, if she used the ability in the city, it meant, she was walking around the city completely undressed, and that, could be bad.

However, Atsushi didn’t worry about it. 

“The principal said that the mother lost sight of her in an instant. So, maybe the former? I mean, if it’s the latter, she needs to take off her clothes and luggage at the moment her mother is following her, and it’s impossible to do without her noticing it. Or perhaps, she can make what she is wearing be transparent too.”

『”Yeah, right… Tch.”』

“I’d like to listen in detail to what that clicking sound means.”

What on earth is this disappointing fairy has in her mind…

『”But in terms of ability, I think Atsushi-san is also a real deal.”』


『”Well… Isn’t it too amazing to be able to identify odors at a radius of one kilometer?”』

Within a kilometer.

That was the range where Atsushi could smell the odor.

However, it was only the smell of supernatural powers. No, perhaps because it had such limitation that the range was limited.

『”And you can tell the smell from the handkerchief that the person used… really, what are you? Are you a shark?”』

Atsushi and Yuri came to the city because of the advice from the principal.

He could identify Kaede’s scent because he was given a handkerchief that the principal borrowed from Kaede’s parents. He was smelling the scent to find her.

“Well, even if you say that… Anyway, sure sharks have a good nose, but it’s a lie that they can sniff up to a kilometer away.”

『”Well, that means Atsushi-san is better than a shark?…… You’re dangerous.”』

Atsushi wanted to say, “In terms of dangerous, you’re the same”, but he stopped at the last minute, changed his words, and opened his mouth.

“It’s just an estimate. Just an estimate of which direction you’re in. Well, if I rely on it, I’ll know the exact position.”

『”I see, I see… then, even if I get lost, you’ll find me right away. Is that it?”』

“Yeah. In your case, you may do it for real, so it doesn’t sound like a joke to me…”

Atsushi knew well how disappointing the beautiful girl in front of him was. Therefore, if she lost her cell phone at a department store and got lost, she might not even be able to go to the lost child center. [TN: It’s usually the information center that’s used as a lost child center in Japan’s department store or tourist spot.]

“Well, we’re he…re…?”

Looking at the store in front of him, Atsushi suddenly became questionable.

And it wasn’t just Atsushi who had doubts about the store.

『”Um, Atsushi-san? Is it… is it really here?”』

“I want to say no… but, the smell certainly comes from here. No doubt.”

The truth, when Atsushi heard that the girl’s ability was, “Invisibility”, he thought that she might be in a place that wasn’t so good.

You could disappear yourself. Of course, pickpocketing and stealing were easy. Free rides on buses and trains were also easy. Not only that, you could even go inside the movie theater for free.

The ability to disappear was a nasty and vicious ability, and it might lead people to be a criminal.

Therefore, it would be natural to make various predictions, and Atsushi and Yuri had come to this point with reasonable preparedness.


Even though they were so prepared for the worst…

“……………Why, why is it a maid cafe?”

Atsushi said that while looking at the sign with a heart symbol and a maid outfit.


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