Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 218

218. Hibiya’s raging attacks

Vice-President Hibiya looked at me and took a stance. Once again, I was reminded of the exchange event with Seimei High. The boys there were unlike the ones in Kenran High, their ability seemed very high overall. That was why the boys of Seimei would make a fool of the boys of Kenran. 

At first, I was laughed at on the train. But now, for some reason, when I looked back at them, they often took a distance from me. Anyway, they tend to look down on Kenran’s boys… no, boys other than the ones from Seimei.

However, Vice-President Hibiya, who was the top class there, didn’t have it. I couldn’t see anything called ‘I’ll take it easy’ in his eyes, and he was full of energy. 

…It’s kind of emotional to see a boy who wasn’t so polite when first met me grow up so much.

“Well… Let me say this first, I’m learning martial arts. If you don’t want to have a painful experience, give up now.”

“Hoo… I’m learning martial arts too, from my housemaid, so don’t look down on me.”

“… Maid? Well, perhaps that’s the case…”

Vice-President muttered so as if he was convinced of something when he glanced at his members.

“Then, prepare yourself…”

What a gentle person to bother saying it. I thought he would silently attack. Perhaps, he’s very confident in his ability.

As the word said, Vice-President launched an attack.

From sharp stepping to driving by palm hitting, the aim was one of the key points of human beings, solar plexus… It was a sharp blow, but I wasn’t easy to hit. I gripped my hand to match the attack and parried his attack. However, Vice-President Hibiya turned his body and shot an upper kick as he knew that his attack would be parried. I avoided it by leaning back slightly, but then, a palm strike flew as if he were chasing me.


Raging attack… A series of attacks that should be described as such. Daikuji, who was watching them nearby, thought so. He took a breath and stared at it. 

Seimei High School…  Daikuji thought, if he went to that Prestigious high school, he should have taken the top easily. However, when he saw Hibiya, he realized that it might be not that easy. Hibiya had released an attack of that high level of skill. However…..

“It doesn’t hit …”

Hibiya’s attack didn’t hit Kohaku at all. Daikuji was terrified by Kohaku who was avoiding the attacks as if he was dancing. The unusual attack of Hibiya made the movement of Kohaku even more surreal.

“His movement has changed …?”

Seeing the scene in front of him, Daikuji thought that Hibiya might have found that even if he continued to attack as it was, it wouldn’t hit. Unlike the raging attacks so far, it had changed to an ever-changing slow and fast attack with interweaving feints. However, instead of pushing in, he sometimes tried to pick up Kohaku’s arm, and the movement was suitable for being called illusionary.

“Go! Yeah, that’s it! Shit! Almost! Put one punch in that annoying face!”

Daikuji was cheering for Hibiya with all his might. Perhaps his cheering was effective, Kohaku who had avoided the attack with the minimum movement so far, avoided the attack with a bigger movement. It was a big chance for two people who were fighting like a Tsume Shogi. [TN: Tsume shogi is a term for where you need to checkmate the opponent’s King in shogi. It’s more like solving a puzzle.]

Also, for some reason, the girls who were fighting around stopped their hands and watched the battle between the two. 

“Good!? That’s it!! Punch him!!“


At that moment, Hibiya made a brilliant blow and land a hit Kohaku! The power of the blow was terrible, and Kohaku who was attacked was blown away. Ouza and some members who were nearby were involved and collapsed together with Kohaku.

“Yeah! As expected of Young Master!”


As a result, Saki cheered and Serina gave a sad voice. Daikuji also stood up and approached Hibiya. He struck his shoulder and congratulated him on the victory, as if Hibiya and himself had never been enemies.

“You did it! It was a wonderful blow.”


“With that much power, that shit-annoying Hadano is done!”

“…No, not yet”

“Hmm? He doesn’t stan…”

Daikuji wanted to say that Kohaku wouldn’t stand up. However, He saw him standing even though his movement was sloppy, and in fact, although Kohaku was standing up now, it seemed that he was able to stand up by clinging to the members of Ouza’s team.

“Ah, he’s standing up, but I think the match has been decided? No?”

Seeing Kohaku heading towards him and Hibiya, Daikuji said so while scratching his cheeks. However, Hibiya replied without looking at Daikuji.

“…Daikuji, let me tell you. He’s not that weak.”

Hibiya stood again waiting for Kohaku to come. When Daikuji saw it, he gave up his shoulder and went a little away.


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  1. ……………..Is either Kohaku received the attack on purpose or he was punched for real and now he is inwardly pissed………………..
    Oh, boy now the fight is on…..hmm??? it wasn’t one before???………………..

  2. Most likely Kohaku did that on purpose to rile up the crowd and behind scenes I think he has already told Yuzuka and Shina to stole the opponent’s jwels.

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