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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 52

52. When you know about the hidden information of your school

To the two stunned students, Sawashiro said,

“Do you need to be that surprised? I knew, that both of you were someone with supernatural powers.”

“Ah, well, that’s…”

Of course, it was surprising for Atsushi and Yuri.

They had never talked about their abilities to other than their families. Therefore, it should have never leaked to the outside.

So, perhaps Sawashiro was also someone with supernatural powers, and that was why she knew that both of them were someone with supernatural powers.

However, Atsushi decided that it was unlikely.

Because, even now, Sawashiro didn’t smell like someone with supernatural powers. In other words, Atsushi concluded that she must be just an ordinary person.

But, that was why Atsushi was even more skeptical.

『”Why is the principal know that we have supernatural powers… AAA!?? Perhaps, this school was actually a facility for gathering and researching supernatural powers? And we will be used for human experimentation…”』

『”Oi, what’s with the sudden full of delusion telepathy. Let’s say it’s correct, then why are there only three people including us? No matter how you think, it’s too little, isn’t it? “』

Atsushi couldn’t help but commented at Yuri’s delusion.

However, Yuri’s delusion was plausible.

Then, as if Sawashiro knew what they were talking about in the telepathy meeting, she said.

“What? It’s not that strange. You see, it’s just that there is a person with supernatural power that is close to me. The ability of that person can determine whether someone is a psychic or not after seeing their face. Moreover, that person doesn’t have to look directly at your face, just with a photo, enough to determine your abilities.”

『”Eh, that means …”』

『”It’s completely the next level of my ability…”』

Atsushi could determine whether someone was a psychic or not by smell. But, that was all. He couldn’t determine what kind of ability the opponent has. However, the person mentioned by Sawashiro was superior to Atsushi because not only the person could detect whether someone was a psychic or not but also the ability of that psychic just by looking at a photo.

“Every year, I always ask that person to investigate if there are any psychics amongst my students and teachers.”

『”… Excuseー meー, that’s a breach of personal information… Should I say it for real…”』

『”Oi, Stop it. It’s NG.”』

Atsushi immediately stopped Yuri’s proposal.

He had a lot to say since he just heard something that you could say as “hidden information” of the school. However, there was nothing he could do about it here, and he had no courage to give an opinion to Sawashiro in the first place.

It wasn’t as if he couldn’t guess the reason for determining psychics. For those who had the knowledge that “Psychic exists”, and had a way to determine them on top of that, of course, you would want to know. Moreover, there might be some people who might try to do bad things by using their abilities. In order to prevent it, it was natural to know about it in advance.

But, Atsushi didn’t say much and just said,

“That’s why the principal knew that we were supernatural powers.”

“Yeah. Also, I know that Shirasawa-kun has telepathy ability and Yamagami-kun has the ability to distinguish psychic people by smell.”

Hearing that. Atsushi reaffirmed that Sawashiro’s story wasn’t just a hoax.

“…I understand that it sounds unreasonable to ask students to do this, but if the other person is a psychic, the story is different. The worries of a psychic are easier to understand by other psychics. And, so, there are three psychics in our school. Among them, you have the ability to be useful in this case, Yamagami-kun.”

Once again, the words that sound as if saying, “Atsushi is needed.”, were said.

However, the word wasn’t quite right in Atsushi.

“That… You said earlier that a person you know can identify a psychic by face, right? Moreover, that person can grasp the ability too… Honestly, my ability is like the lower level of it, so… “

Atsushi could only determine whether the other party was a psychic or not by the smell. On the other hand, Sawashiro’s acquaintances could determine the abilities too. 

Anyone could see which one was better.

However, Sawashiro shook her head in the words of Atsushi.

“No. That’s not true. Sure, my acquaintance’s abilities are similar to yours, but there’s a crucial difference, you can accurately track a psychic in a wide range.”

『”Tracking… Oh right, now that she mentioned it, when Atsushi-san first met me, you found the exact location.”』

Yes, Atsushi could smell a psychic in a wide range. And, of course, it was possible to follow the scent. Moreover, accurately.

And that was why, in theory, it was possible to track a psychic.

“This time, your ability to pinpoint the exact location of a psychic is essential. Because…”

Sawashiro took out a photo from the envelope.

“She, Kaede Hirose, her ability is… “Invisibility”.”

Such words came out from Sawashiro’s mouth.


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