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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 51

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51. You must return a favor immediately

『”One… three… five… seven… nine… eleven… thirteen… fifteen…”』

“What are you doing?”

『”Well, I was thinking of counting prime numbers to calm my mind …”』

“No, it’s not a prime number, it’s an odd number.”

『”Huh? Didn’t odd numbers and prime numbers mean the same thing?”』


Atsushi wanted to comment a lot, but he couldn’t afford it now.

Now, the two had come to the principal’s office since they got called again.

With that alone, it was obvious who called them.

” ―――I’m sorry. It seems that I made you wait.”

The one who entered the room was, Sawashiro, the principal of the school

After seeing the two bowing, Sawashiro immediately sat down at her work desk.

“Well, let’s get to the point, it seems that the rumors have disappeared. Could I assume that the information I brought was useful?”

“Yes, thank you very much for that.”

To be honest, it was no exaggeration to say that Sawashiro’s information was the catalyst for everything.

Without that information, Atsushi wouldn’t know that Sumi was the culprit and her motive.

“But, you’re a strange one. It was honestly unexpected for you to ask me not to give her any penalties. I thought, at least you would request for her to be transferred.”

“To be honest, I thought about it for a moment, but I didn’t think it would solve the problem at a fundamental level. I mean, just because Kirishima got transferred to another school, doesn’t mean she would stop doing it.”

To exile someone who had done something wrong… It was a long-standing solution that had been used so many times. However, Atsushi never thought that Sumi, who had done all of it for her revenge, would stop just because she got transferred to another school.

Well, the most unexpected thing was that she was so prepared for anything, but Yuri’s singing in her brain. Just once, was enough to make her throw everything away.

“I see. Certainly, now that I think about it, it’s better to keep her nearby. Well, Hiiragi-kun is the one taking care of Kirishima-kun, so there should be no problem… Anyway, with the information I provided, you led the matter to an end. Is that correct? “

“Hmm, well, yes.”

“Then, could you help me this time?”

Does that mean, ‘Can you repay the debt?’

In the first place, Atsushi thought it was strange. And as Hiiragi said, it wasn’t normal for the principal to help one student. There was an expectation that there might be something behind it, but… Atsushi didn’t think the principal would make a request.

『”She gave the information herself, and now she asks us to repay the debt?… Is it only me who thinks that her way is like a Ya〇〇za?”』

『”Stop it. After all, it helped me.”』

Sawashiro took out a large envelope from his desk while the two were having a ‘telepathy meeting’.

“You see, a transfer student will come to our school.”

“A transfer student, at this time?”

『”It’s rare…”』

Now, it was the end of June. Summer vacation would begin in less than a month.

Atsushi thought that it was a little strange to transfer to another school at that time.

“There was a bit of a problem. That’s why the transfer was a bit late. But, you see, the transfer student refused to go to school. Moreover, the person wasn’t staying at home, but always going out somewhere every day from daytime. The parents are worried, but there is no sign that the child is listening to them, at all. Moreover, they don’t even know where their child is going. It seems that the mother tried to follow several times, but she always lost sight.”

Perhaps you could call it, ‘School skipper’.

But this time, the student didn’t become a shut-in, but instead, always going out somewhere every day. Still, going somewhere silently, without telling your parents, Perhaps, the destination could be considered as a ‘bad place’

However, Atsushi and Yuri didn’t have any problem with that.

The problem was that the principal told them that directly.

I have a bad feeling…

“So, I want you guys to find out where the transfer student is going. If possible, I want you to convince that child to come to school.”


Just now, words that girls shouldn’t make, had flowed in Atsushi’s brain by telepathy.

However, this time, Atsushi had no choice but made a similar reaction.

Well, for now, it was just a bad premonition.

Still, they couldn’t just accept it. So,

“Principal, sorry. Why us? No, how can we find the person in the first place? We are not professionals in searching for people or following them…”

“No. If it’s you… especially Yamagami-kun. You should be able to find her.”

Why did Sawashiro say so? The reason was,

“Because she is the same as both of you, she has supernatural powers.”

That simple word.

It made Atsushi and Yuri surprised at the same time, because Sawashiro said it as if it was natural for her to know that.


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