Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 217

217. Battle between men

When I was trying to pick a fight with the two, the two started fighting amongst themselves for some reason. In addition, the girls who had been brawling up to now began to rampage more than ever. 

Why did it become like this?

When I see Maizumi-san, she was watching the intensified conflict with the question mark on her head. 

Well, it’s truly an unexpected event. 

I was planning to fight with Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya all at once, and then win the battle with a splendid fighting technique trained by a maid, but…

“What do you mean by that? I’ll never win, is that it?”

“You can’t beat me or that guy with just raw strength. I’m telling you this, before you expose your hopeless appearance. So, you better say thank you.”


This time, Daikuji clearly aimed at Vice-President Hibiya and swung his fist, but the punch was avoided.

“No matter how much power you have, that you are so proud of, it’s useless if you don’t win.”

“I see… So, you want to say that if you take the power out of me, I’m just an idiot?”

“…I didn’t say that.”

Even though Vice-President Hibiya was speaking in a relaxed manner, to show off to the viewer, apparently it was different.

Is there really a difference? 

As the punch was avoided, Daikuji was trembling with his anger.

“… I understand. I think I need to show my real strength to you two.”

“Well, didn’t you try to show it from a while ago? But, failed…”


“I’m not saying that your real strength is nothing to worry about, but… You see, in fact, Vice-President Hibiya could easily avoid your punch… So, it’s better to get serious as soon as you can.”


“If you don’t, you’ll lose before you can show your real strength?”

“Y-Y-You Bastard…!”

Daikuji said, “I haven’t shown my real strength yet,” so I urged him to do his best as soon as possible. But it seemed that my words weren’t enough.

…Let’s add the oil to the fire a little more. 


I clapped my hands and continued my talk.

“Ah, maybe you have been preparing that reason in case you are losing? Then you’ll say to others, ‘I lost because I wasn’t doing my best’, is that it?”

What I said was all unfounded. 

When I looked at the Vice-President asking for his consent, he looked at me with a really bitter face. It was a face that blamed me. 

I should add a little more…

“I’m sure it’s what Ouza would like to say.”

“… Why’re you pushing it onto me?”

I heard Ouza’s voice, but I don’t care. Daikuji stood quietly while shaking his body.

But then, he went to hold the edge of the table, and smiled.

“Then I’ll show you. Don’t regret it!”

With that word, Daikuji turned the table over and threw it at us. A table, about five or sixty kilograms, was coming to us. 

…I see, no wonder he’s proud of his power, but, unfortunately, this attack will not hit me. 

I took myself off the line of sight of the table.


However, Daikuji was raising his fist as if he had predicted it. But the fist didn’t hit either. 

I avoided the fist by rotating myself so that my position would swap with Daikuji.


I was behind Daikuji.


I kicked up his crotch from behind. In instant, Daikuji collapsed with an indescribable voice. 

The man’s crotch, was a kind of something you must never touch, something untouchable. It could be said that it was one of the most cherished and valued things in this world. Even if there was a quarrel between men, no one would intentionally attack it. So, as you would expect, Vice-President Hibiya, Ouza, and the girls looked at me astonishingly. 


I cleared my throat and apologized to Daikuji in this awkward atmosphere.

“Daikuji, I’m sorry. I kicked your important place because of the momentum. It’s not intentional. As an apology, would you like me to massage your back?”

“Urgh!… hu,huf,huft. I-it’s okay! The fight is still… not over!”

Daikuji stood up, with face drenched in cold sweats. Daikuji seemed to have a lot of fighting spirit. 

What a wonderful thing, I can’t lose either. 

Well, the moment I wanted to add another attack, someone attacked me. 

I looked at the person who attacked me after I avoided the attack.

“Vice-President… it’s awful…”

“Daikuji, take a break. Oi, Hatano, you said that it was an accident, right? So, you should have no problem with this.”

“Of course, it was an accident.”

“I, I can still do it!”

“I know, but with your current state, it will be difficult to defeat this guy. It wasn’t a strong attack earlier, so you’ll recover after a short break.”

With a regrettable look, Daikuji sat down according to the words of Vice-President Hibiya. 

Vice-President Hibiya smiled a little as if he was relieved, but then he glared at me with a burning eye.

“…Well, it seems I’m next, you’ve no problem, right?”

“I’m okay with dealing two people at the same time though?”

“Hmmph, if you haven’t defeated me by then. I’ll think about it.”

……For some reason, I felt like I was the villain.


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