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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 50

50. Still, Yuri Shirasawa is disappointing

『”… Atsushi-san. You know there is a word, “Don’t make excuses”, right? Certainly, when you do something wrong, I think it’s a good idea not to apologize and to insist on your innocent forever. But I think, “Excuse” is different from giving an explanation or reason. For example, if the train or bus you’re on suddenly stops or is delayed, I don’t think the person is guilty. Because it wasn’t the person’s fault that the train or bus stopped. Therefore, I think you should first ask for explanations and reasons, not to get angry right away.”』

Yuri talked for a long time.

Atsushi, who had heard all of it, asked a single question.

“Well, so why were you two hours late?”

『”I overslept, I’m soorryyyyyyyy!!”』

A ferocious apology was sent with telepathy, as if Yuri was doing a “Dogeza” on the spot.

Of course, in reality, she wasn’t, and she was as expressionless as usual.

Really, the gap between the inside and the outside was too big.

So, today, they came to see a movie that they couldn’t go to before, but as you might expect, Yuri was so late that the scheduled screening time had passed a long time ago.

『”I’m really sorry this time, I made sure to set my alarm, but it was useless and the promised time had passed when I woke up. Yes, of course, I will be punished. No, please punish me! If anything, I will wear Atsushi-san’s favorite clothes, so… please forgive me!!!』

“Huft, yeah yeah, it’s okay. You’ve fully conveyed your apology. We can watch the movie next time.”

『”Uhuhu… If you say so, Thank you …”

“Well, for the time being, do you want to kill time somewhere?… Oh, but karaoke place is NG.”

『”Atsushi-san. Let’s stop talking about it. or it’ll be the start of a war.”

The telepathic tone…? Suddenly changed.

Apparently, the topic of karaoke, or singing, was a no for her. She used to proudly say that she was deaf, but that was probably because of the heat of the moment. She must have remembered her remarks and fluttered after she returned home that day.

Atsushi suddenly said something else while anticipating that.

“But, I don’t think I’ll go see the movie with you again …”

『”? Atsushi-san? What is it? Do you hate going to the cinema with me?”』

“Nah, it’s the other way around. I, I didn’t say it before, but you could say it was the first time I went to see a movie with my friends. So, I’ve never thought that I would go for the second time not long after.”

『”Atsushi-san… Hmm, what to say… that’s it. Atsushi-san also seems to have had a long enough experience as a loner.”』

“I can’t deny it, it’s an unmistakable fact, but I don’t want to be told that, especially by you.”

A loner disappointing fairy… A beautiful girl who had self-proclaimed as an Introvert like Yuri definitely couldn’t be said as qualified to say such a word.


It was a fact that Atsushi had been saved many times by her.

“But… well, yeah. My high school life has changed because I met you. And you really helped me a lot. So, I’m really grateful for that.”

Atsushi was sure this case couldn’t have been solved without Yuri.

It wasn’t just with how to persuade Sumi. Atsushi would definitely fall into Sumi’s trap if Yuri wasn’t with him.

Even if it was only one person, a friend, who was next to him.

But that one friend was angry in front of many for him.

In addition, she helped him solve the problem, and now he was here today to watch a movie together with her.

Atsushi thought that it was really a ‘luxury situation’ for him.


“That’s it. That… From now on, if you can continue to do something like this with me… I-I’ll be happy…”

Atsushi said such a little embarrassing line.

Yuri responded.

『”Huh? What are you talking about, Atsushi-san? Isn’t it natural? “』

She answered immediately.

『”Atsushi-san is my important and rare, or rather, my only otaku friend. Even if you say that you don’t like it, I won’t listen. That’s why I will continue to ask for attention, so please keep that in mind. And let’s keep getting along from now on too.”』

The words came out as if it was something natural.

Perhaps, for Yuri, it was.

However, for Atsushi, the word was very warm and resonated with him.

“…Yeah, thank you.”

He muttered so with a small smile.

There might be no such thing as eternity.

There might be no such thing as absolute.

Whenever there was a meeting, a parting should follow.

Perhaps, one day there would be a time when they would say goodbye.


At this time, Atsushi certainly thought that if something like that must happen, would be a long way off.

Not long after,

『”A, Azzujizan~, Just one favor, please lend me some money~ please~. A little more, I can get that stuffed animal, I can get it~”』

“Really, you’re a disappointing fairy.”

Atsushi said such words while watching a beautiful girl who put all her fortune into a crane game and sent telepathy as if she had a runny nose and tears.

TN: This is the end of the LN also arc 1. Next ch will be the start of arc 2. and perhaps LN vol 2 if it’s going to come out (For now, there is no info about it).


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