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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 49

49. Chairman, who exactly you are

“So? In the end, you won’t blame Kirishima… is that it?”

A few days after the event with Sumi.

Atsushi was having lunch with Hiiragi, not with Yuri.

“It sounds as if you have some complaints.”

“Is that so? Certainly, as you say, we can’t do anything about Kirishima on our own. Even if you told the teachers, they wouldn’t believe it without any solid evidence. Something like hypnosis and mind control, there is no way to prove that.”

Saito-sensei and Hiiragi were informed that the problem with Sumi had been settled. From now on, she wouldn’t spread more rumors, she wouldn’t do anything. And so, no penalties needed to be imposed on Kirishima.

Atsushi told so, but Hiiragi still seemed unconvinced.

“But, yet, given what has been done so far, it’s humans to want to have some revenge…”

“Well, you see… She got it enough. Honestly, I feel sorry…”

Most things were certainly told to Hiiragi and others. However, there was still a part Atsushi didn’t talk about.

Such as the persuasive method using Yuri’s supernatural powers to pollute Sumi’s mind.

Hiiragi squinted at Atsushi, who had still obscured some info because he couldn’t talk about it.

“Hmm… the last resort that Shirasawa mentioned. I didn’t know it since I wasn’t there, but what did she do?”

“That’s… Sorry. I can’t say it from my mouth …”

“I see. If I want to listen to it, I must ask the person, is it?… But, to be honest, I often lose sight of Shirasawa. It seems troublesome to ask her directly.”

Atsushi thought that Yuri’s stealth skill (pseudonym) was honestly a monster level. With that her looks of her, he thought she would have a hard time not standing out. However, she somehow had the ability to disappear somewhere without anyone noticing her.

To say that it’s not impossible to find her, Hiiragi may be beyond the boundaries of human…

“Anyway, it’s nice to hear you have finally settled this matter with Kirishima. And, the air in the class seems to be back normal.”

“That’s right. The air in the class has changed again recently. I mean, the gaze on me has become looser…”

“Oh, actually. Sayama’s guy is telling the class, “Yamagami wasn’t as bad as I thought”. Sayama, who was poking at you the most, said that. That’s why other people naturally believe in the story, well, partly because Kirishima hasn’t spread any more rumors against it.”

If it were the same as before, no matter what Sayama said, Sumi would just give a rumor to counteract it. Because she didn’t do that, bad rumors about Atsushi also started to disappear.

However, it would keep like this only if Sumi really wouldn’t do anything in the future. If she did, perhaps she suddenly changed her mind, then it would be a different story.

“Relax. As long as I live, I won’t let Kirishima do whatever she wants. I mean, I’m going to move the other disciplinary committee members as much as I can.”

That said, Atsushi remembered something.

“By the way, Kirishima became a member of the disciplinary committee.”

“Yeah. I want to keep an eye on her as close to me as possible. In addition, the disciplinary committee is always understaffed. You said you wouldn’t impose penalties this time, but this much is fine, right?”

“Well, I don’t care, but…”

“What? Don’t worry. I already know her behavior pattern. I can tell where she is now. And even if she escapes to the other side of the globe, I’m confident in chasing after her. So, just relax.”

“Hmm… Your remarks made me worried in a way. But more than that, Hiiragi, are you perhaps a reincarnated person? Specifically, perhaps you were a demon king in a different world in your previous life? Or perhaps you’re re-doing life more than 100 times?”

“What stupid things you just said. I’m just, an ordinary high school boy.”

“Does a high school boy like you fall into the ‘ordinary’ category?”

However, Atsushi understood one thing.

His nose didn’t react to Hiiragi. In other words, he wasn’t a psychic person, but just a human being. That was why Atsushi thought that the boy in front of him, might be the highest peak of human beings.

“But I have two things to worry about this matter… one is the principal.”

“The principal?”

“Yeah. I couldn’t get the information about Kirishima, because she seems to have kept hiding it. But the principal found it in just a few days… what kind of method did she use? I’m really interested. But more than that, I’m wondering why the school principal needs to make a move just to solve the rumor of one student. However, even if you ask her, I’m sure she will never answer honestly.”

Certainly, Hiiragi’s argument was plausible.

Information that he couldn’t grasp was found in just a few days. He was grateful for it. But it raised a question in him, “where did it come from?”.

So, he was certain that the principal, Sawashiro, wasn’t just an ordinary person.

“And the other is about you and Shirasawa.”

“W-What is it?”

“You guys… is there anything you’re hiding from me?”

Hearing it, Atsushi shook his body for a moment.

For sure Hiiragi was convinced by the current reaction. That Atsushi and Yuri had some secrets.

However, Atsushi played innocent.

“… Nah, Nothing.”

To be honest, Atsushi thought it might be okay to talk it to Hiiragi.

Since Atsushi thought that he was a credible person. There was no doubt about it after what he did for this matter. As for whether he would believe it or not, Yuri’s telepathy would surely solve his doubt.

But, there might be a problem. Knowing the existence of supernatural powers would definitely change the way you see the world. It wasn’t an exaggeration, it was a grim fact.

And so, the answer Atsushi had in mind was he would talk it to Hiiragi if he really needed to, but for sure it wasn’t now.

“Is that so… well, hmm, Let’s stop there now.”


“I’m a man who thoroughly investigates what I’m curious about. Someday, I’ll reveal your “secrets”.”

And, Hiiragi left the place.

He shouldn’t know anything, but it seemed he was just one step away.

Then, while looking at his back.

“Really, chairman, who exactly you are…”

Atsushi muttered such a thing.


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