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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 216

216. Kohaku makes a move

Well, if these two defenseless men are defeated here, this battle is over. There will be tomorrow on the schedule, but, I think this is good for the climax, yeah, it’s okay to end it today. Anyway, I believe the editing team will do something for the broadcast, so there is no problem even if the time is shortened a little. But, the problem is that, the enemy is a man. If I ask Maizumi-san to attack them mercilessly, a complaint will come. In my previous life, this is like a high school boy throwing a punch straight into a girl’s face, right? It’s not good no matter what. If I use Maizumi-san, I have to ask her to not do it so hard as much as possible. 

…… But,

I took a glance at the the two who were crazy about the battle.

Now, if I really attack them, I’m sure those two are likely to rampage more than I think. I feel like, Vice-President Hibiya will do some martial arts, and Daikuji will take advantage of that huge body that he is proud of. If that happens, no matter how much Maizumi-san can easily handle them. As time goes by, their members will flood here, and I’ll be attacked.

But what if the one who attacks them, is only me? In this case, I guess the girls around them probably will not intervene. I mean, it’ll be a battle amongst men. And it’s literally a battle to decide the King of Boys. Even if their members try to intervene, a man with high pride will not allow that to happen. The height of the pride of the boys in this game, is also first-class. The problem is, it’s going to be a battle between me alone and Daikuji & Vice-President Hibiya. 

…… If I lose, ‘it’s coward to attack me together!’, yeah, let’s say that.

I picked up two cups of tea. It had been a long time since it was brewed, so it was very cold. After checking the temperature, I stood up and approached Vice-President Hibiya and Daikuji, who were watching the battle of the girls, with a smile.



When I approached them with a smile, they looked at me with suspicious faces. However, perhaps they didn’t think that I would approach them based on their reactions so far, I felt that the degree of caution was low.

“Nothing, I just thought you guys might be thirsty since you both were absorbed in the fight.”

I raised the cup in both hands while saying so.

“Hmmph. I’m not though?”

“Don’t say that, come on, I brought this for you.”

Then I presented the cup to them, and they tried to receive it. 


The cup never fell into the hands of the two.

“Oi.. what’s the meaning of this…?”

“… I’ll listen to your excuse before I punch you.”

Vice-President Hibiya and Daikuji were trembling with anger while waters were dropping.

“It’s because you both were so focused on their fight…”

I tried to say so in an atmosphere saying I was a little sorry.

“… Do you think it’s okay to drop drinks on us, just because we’re not paying you attention?”

“Is this some sort of manner that I’ve never heard…?”

“Of course not. What are you guys talking about?”

I said so while waving “Nah, no way, of course not” to them.

Blue veins popped on their face, and they shouted.

” “Don’t mock me――!!” “

The moment they raged and yelled, I hit the table and,

“I’m mocking you!? It’s you both who are mocking me! This is the battlefield! And yet, you’re so defenseless! This fight isn’t their fight! It’s our fight! Let me burn this fact into your head!”

I pointed my finger at them and declared so. The girls who had been fighting, stopped at the sudden loud voice and were paying attention to us.

…To be honest, I wanted to sleeper choke hold them from behind, but I stopped because it would leave a bad impression. After all, it was the final stage, so I thought it would be better to make it more exciting.

“Kuh… hahaha! You say something interesting! That’s true, this is our fight. I’m grateful for the reminders!”

Daikuji showed his muscles and swung his fist toward me. 

――But the fist was caught before it reached me.

“… What’s the meaning of this?”

“Nothing much. That guy is my prey. You should back down and be a spectator.”

“I’m okay with fighting you first if you want.”

“You’re not a match for me”

Oh? I thought that they would come together as a team, but it seems I made a mistake. As expected, ‘cooperation’ doesn’t exist in the head of the man of this world.


When I was impressed by myself, the girl screaming echoed around me. At the center of the voice was a girl kneeling with an anguished voice caused by an Iron Claw. [TN: Wrestling move]

“The boys are also motivated, we can’t lose to them.”

“Now let’s continue.”, said Minori-san, who was smiling while doing an Iron Claw.

“Hmm? It’s different from what I was thinking, but I guess, it’s okay?”

In contrast to that, Maizumi-san was muttering so while tilting her head.


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  1. ………..Well, i guess that leaves a “better impression” than what i was imagining. But well Kohaku’s ainz oaal gown antics are always nice to read.
    Now, how will Kohaku tackle this fight? Hibiya has a grudge for him but Daikuji can’t be ignored. I guess taking Hibiya first and the dealing with Daikuji might be the best course of action.
    Time to show the fruits of Kohaku’s trainning and Maria’s self defense lessons.

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