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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 48

48. Comedy often ruined serious moments

“Ki, Kirishima. Are you okay?”

“……………………..I want to be a slug”

“Huh? Why? What does that mean?”

For that reason, Sumi was sitting holding her knees with her eyes completely dead. She was no longer the girl who looked like the “Mastermind” or someone who liked to plot something. It seemed that her S○N value had been reduced so much. [TN: Sanity]

“… What did you sing, Shirasawa?”

『”You know it, it’s, “GuOOOge”, which is a hot topic in the world…”』 [TN: One of demon slayer songs, “Red Lotus”]

“Oi, you, bad fairy. It’s not good in many ways.”

Sure, it might be a great blockbuster song, but it would be dangerous in every sense, such as a horrible singer singing the song, not in tune.

『”Mmmmm… Then, as expected, was it better to sing the classic “Zan〇〇ku na T〇〇shi no Te〇〇”?”』 [TN: Evangelion song, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”]

“That’s not what I mean.”

And once again, she pushed herself to the boundaries.

It was seriously dangerous if she didn’t stop. Not only for Sumi, but also in the copyright sense.

When Atsushi was thinking about it, Sumi who still had a blank face opened her mouth.

“………ha,haha. That was ‘singing’? Don’t joke with me. It’s too horrifying to be called that, it’s something blasphemous that crawls up at you. The pitch is different, the volume is too loud, no, it’s not that simple, it’s on a different dimension level. Just by listening, it seems that some sticky liquid is eroded the core part in the back of the body, yet it seems that the whole body is always licked. You can feel it endlessly. Moreover, even if you close your ears, it is sent directly into your brain, so you can’t prevent it. You have to continue to experience despair as if someone were pouring magma into your head. “

“What’s that? It’s too scary.”

What kind of torture is it?

I mean, it’s not singing anymore, it’s a weapon, it’s a kind of special move.

Yuri sent telepathy to Atsushi as if she was proud of herself.

『”Fufufu. Of course. After all, my singing was once said to be “Female Gi〇〇t”. When it comes to the devastating badness of singing, I’m second to none.”』[TN: Doraemon character]

“Like I always say, don’t say such a thing so proudly. This is why you’re disappointing fairy”

Yuri was aware of her horrible singing, but she wasn’t ashamed of it in the slightest… rather, she was proud of it.

At least, Atsushi didn’t want to learn much about that aspect of the beautiful girl in front of him.

“……… So, what do you want to do with me? Are you going to ask me to take off my clothes and take a naked photo? And will start forcing me to do something with that as blackmail?”

“No, why do you think that way?”

Sumi was… well, she made a blunt remark in her own way.

No, in her case, it might be because of the aftereffects of the previous bad childhood.

Atsushi answered Sumi’s question while sighing.

“If you stop revenge, like what you have just said, we won’t do anything.”

“……… Really? I, I plan to explain myself tough?”

“Yeah, on top of that. Anyway, if you’re not going to do anything like this more, I’m not going to say anything about this. I’ll try to convince the teachers too.”

Sumi frowned at Atsushi’s words.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing much. As you said. I can’t make public about this in any way. Plus, there’s no physical evidence of what you did. And even if I search for it, I’m sure I won’t find any. So, “

Yes. After all, Atsushi didn’t think about arresting Sumi or making her drop out of school. Or rather, he didn’t have the power to do that.

Of course, Atsushi was angry and frustrated. But the top priority was that she promised to not do anything more. If you could end it with a peaceful solution, then you should choose it.

And most of all, if Atsushi wanted revenge, he felt already seen enough on her. To the point, he felt a little sympathetic.

“… So, you forgave me for what I’ve done so far?”

“It’s your freedom to think so. But I’m not a Buddha, nor a God either. I won’t forgive you the next time you do something. Try to reach out to the people around me. At that time…”

“At that time?”

“I’ll force you to have Shirasawa’s brain karaoke three-hour course”

“I’m really sorry, I’ll never do it again, so please forgive me.”

Atsushi could tell her how serious she was because she said it in “dogeza” [TN: kneeling on the ground, and bowing to prostrate oneself]

It seemed that Yuri’s recital in the brain worked so well. For sure she would never take revenge on Atsushi and his friends again.

…… To be honest, Atsushi wanted to comment a lot about the solution, such as, ‘Is this really alright?’, ‘Is this enough?’, but he chose to not think much.

『”Well, anyway, this means this case is closed, right!?”』

“Yeah… that’s right.”

In this way, the rumors of Atsushi were brought to an end for the time being.


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