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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 6 part 2

6-2. Chapter 6 (Part 2)

“Give the traitors the taste of your blade!!… The first spear squad will be rewarded by Commander Berger.”

As if responding to the voice of the Commander of the Sarria battalion, the soldiers of the Sarria battalion attacked like a demon. The first spear squad skewered a lot of guards on the ramparts and threw them down from the top of the walls. Of course, this didn’t go without sacrifices. More than half of the first spear squad was defeated, but the subsequent inflows didn’t stop.

A messenger soldier ran to Walm and the others who were still working on the bottom side.

“It’s a command from Battalion Commander Liguria. Don’t lag behind the Sarria battalion. Make a total attack and break through the walls.”

Walm agreed that now would be a great opportunity, since many guards had been killed on the rampart.

“All forces, attack!!”

When the voice of the battalion commander of Liguria Battalion roared on the battlefield, the signal was given for a mass assault

Many grabbed the ladder, hid it in the shadows of the other soldiers, and together they rushed to the wall at once. The enemy’s counterattack began without hesitation, but the line of fire was scarce.

“Noor, stay behind me.”

Walm also ran in with the round shield on his back. A shock ran on the shield with a high-pitched sound. In addition to the arrow and the stone, something hard hit the shin guard, but he couldn’t assess anything. 

The soldiers climbed the suspended ladder, but as more spears were thrown from the ramparts, some ladders were removed from the wall and the climbing soldiers fell.

While keeping his eyes on the safe-looking ladder, Walm began to climb. A soldier who stepped onto the ladder in front of him was pierced in the flank by an arrow shot from the side and fell to the ground

An enemy archer tried to drop an arrow on his next prey, Walm, but an ice lance pierced his face and he began to flap in the ramparts.


Walm knew the identity of the support.

While thanking his silent and hairless companion Willart, Walm climbed on. Perhaps distracted by the magic, he was able to scale the rampart without being noticed by nearby enemies.

As Walm reached the rampart, he momentarily thrust a longsword into the nape of the soldier in front of him. The soldier was rigid at that moment, for the hole in his neck was fatal.

The surrounding soldiers hadn’t yet reacted. Walm swung the longsword to the side and cut the head along with the armor. Since the sword cut the neck easily without damaging the sword, he got into high spirits.

Walm, who killed the soldier without chipping his blades, confronted a soldier who finally noticed the invasion.

“They’re climbing!!”

The soldier approached Walm and alerted the other comrades.

Walm understood that this kind of soldier had a lot of skill. The soldier slashed first with the longsword, but then continued to thrust the sword. And with the fourth blow, Walm closed the gap.

Walm parried the thrust with the round shield, and then swiped the soldier’s wrist with a shield bash. 

The soldier was excellent, for he didn’t let go of the sword, but Walm’s right arm, covered by the round shield, was already in motion. The longsword, thrust from a short distance from the lower stance, broke the skull and smashed the brain as it entered through the eyeball.

Immediately Walm looked away, searching for the next enemy.

At the same time, some allies climbed up the ladder. One of them was Noor. She fought with a soldier who rushed to her as soon as she climbed up, but due to her inexperience and the gaps in her armor, she bled from one of her arms.

“Senpaiー!!” [TN: Senpai = Seinor, or you can change to Sir Walm]

Noor’s crying voice reached Walm’s ears. The other enemy who targeted her this time was a bad one. It was a soldier who wore armor all over his body… he was a knight. Two Highserk soldiers had already been killed by him on the ramparts, and Noor would join them in a few seconds.

“Can’t fight other than a new recruit? You damn small fry.”

Walm hastily turned around and threw his round shield at the knight. The knight parried it with his halberd.

“Savage as always huh, you Highserk soldier bastard!! I won’t let you step on Myard.”

The knight stepped in at once while pushing a round shield. For they were on the rampart, a passage with little space. So, although it was to save Noor, it was painful for Walm to put down his round shield.

Gritting his teeth, Walm resolved himself. Not startled, he caught the blow of the shield with his back and shoulders and stopped it with his feet on the spot.

Walm’s face was unconsciously contorted, for he received an impact harder than he had expected. His left arm throbbed with pain, but it didn’t affect his movements. The halberd approached from the side. As he fended it off with his longsword, the high-pitched sound of metal rubbing against metal rang out.

Unfortunately, Walm had no time to rest. The next attack came shortly after this blow.

The knight charged at Walm with his round shield.

Walm swapped his pivot foot and tilted his body’s weight to the left, to avoid the round shield. 

The knight followed by swinging down the halberd. 

Walm had no round shield with him anymore, so he held the longsword with both hands and blocked the attack. But he couldn’t quite withstand the pressure.

While pushing the halberd, the soldier landed a hit as he drew it back, but it only ended with a brand new cut on the armor of Walm’s shoulder.

The enemy soldiers had gathered and were attacking the Highserk soldiers on the ramparts, including Noor. In such a situation, Walm unconsciously looked for Squad Commander Duwei. But as expected, he stood out so much at the beginning that he might have been disturbed when he tried to climb the ladder. Originally, this kind of strong enemy was supposed to be his dance partner.

Walm then lamented his bad luck, but he couldn’t abandon Noor, his kouhai. [TN: Kouhai = junior]

Another clash occurred. The enemy’s armor was scratched, but at the same time Walm’s armor was also scratched. He was at a disadvantage because the defense at his joints was weaker than that of the knight.

Next, Walm tried to attack the torso, but he couldn’t damage the body because he was stopped by the thick armor. On the other hand, the halberd scratched his cheek.

Walm’s eyelids and forehead had been damaged too, his vision was disturbed. And his lips were very dry. 

Even if Walm forgot to blink and tried to anticipate the enemy’s movements, still, his armor was scratched again and again. And finally, the halberd struck his shoulder and part of it was scooped out.

“It’s useless. You’re just a small fry!!”

Shouted the knight.

Walm attacked the torso again, but this time, it went deeper than before. 

The situation wasn’t to his advantage and he was forced into it.

With his bloody arm, he swung his sword lightly and prepared for another attack. But for some reason, he had a feeling that something might happen.

Somehow, it feels different from usual. 

Walm suddenly felt like something useless in his movement suddenly got scraped off and flowed efficiently. 

He hit the knight’s shin guard and the longsword went to the side as he pulled back. Part of the armor was broken. Perhaps the knight sensed this, because he shouted again at Walm as if he were angry.

“Just, go to hell already!!”

The sword and the halberd clashed with each other.

Walm bounced back, using the recoil of the collision.

Walm’s attack in the rampart Illustration

Now he had the longsword over his shoulder, but he sensed that wasn’t enough. Immediately he took a familiar stance that he had never done in combat or military training. The position where his arms were above his head. One could say that this posture wasn’t suitable for close combat.

“Don’t underestimate me. You think such a false threat will work?”

The knight stepped in while pushing the round shield again. Although the battle pattern of the knight was reflected in his field of vision, Walm saw what he was supposed to see and stepped in as needed. Having been sent to the battlefield and swung his sword every day, it felt unfamiliar and yet familiar at the same time. This time he prepared to swing it in a familiar trajectory, as he always did when he was a farmer.

The sword glowed faintly and mana was sent to the sword from the hand that held the handle. 

If this blow ended in failure, if the enemy countered it, Walm would be mortally wounded. Such a risk didn’t even come to Walm’s mind. He just wanted to surrender to this feeling.

A smile appeared on his face. Perhaps it was the first time he smiled from the bottom of his heart on the battlefield.

The sword swung downward, slashing the round shield and cutting from the shoulder to the chest

Time had stopped. To be precise, it seemed to flow slowly. At least from Walm’s point of view, or maybe it was just because he had moved faster than expected.

The knight dropped the halberd and muttered in a quivering voice.

“W-was it, a skill, 《Strike》? Why, small fry, like you, can, us―― “

The knight fell into a blood clot in the rampart without finishing his words.

“N-no way, Commander!?”

“Hermel-sama has been killed…”

Perhaps the knight who had just been killed by Walm was a knight who controlled the surrounding ramparts. The commotion of the surrounding soldiers was unusual.

As if to make it worse, Squad Commander Duwei finally climbed up to the rampart and slaughtered the enemies on sight. Every time he swung his sword, the enemy’s limbs were torn apart.

“I’ve climbed! Hear me! Don’t let up for a single second! Destroy all the soldiers on the rampart!!!”

Even other Squad Commanders replied to Squad Commander Duwei’s words. From a place away from the ramparts, Platoon Commander Kozul stood a little away from the ramparts and was happy that he secured an attack. When Walm saw this, he wondered why Squad Commander Duwei couldn’t become a Platoon Commander, but now cleaning the ramparts was more important than such a trivial matter.

Walm approached Noor while picking up the round shield and checked the condition of the injury.

Noor had a wound on her flank and arm, but it wasn’t deep.

“Watch out for bleeding. It’s still a crucial moment.”

“Y-Yes, Walm-san!!”

The battle situation was leaning towards the Highserk Empire, but there were still many soldiers trying to recapture the ramparts. 

Walm swung his sword at the enemy soldiers he saw before the sense that he was feeling faded. As before, he managed to slash the torso of the enemy together with the armor while dodging the enemy’s sword. Little did he know that he was only one step away from the realm of power beyond human knowledge.

Walm didn’t like killing, but he couldn’t help it, he wanted to find out how much power he had just gained.

Neither the round shield nor the armor of the enemy could resist the skill,《Strike》. It was as if an ordinary longsword’s blow turned into a blow that came from a giant battle-ax.

As Walm killed more enemies, he had completely made the skill 《Strike》his own.

By the time Walm realized it, he had reached the stairs of the fortress wall. This wasn’t due to his strength alone. He also had Jose to thank, who was behind him before he knew it, skillfully holding back the enemies with a spear.

Jose came to his side. And at the same time, Walm found that his concentration, which had been pushed to the limit, was finally cut off. His physical fatigue was also terrible, perhaps he had run out of mana due to the heavy use of 《Strike》 that he wasn’t accustomed to.

Fortunately, the enemy soldiers defending the stairs didn’t try to close the gap, but only looked at him menacingly, trying to divert his attention. According to Walm’s eyes, there were only about 10 people left.

When Walm resolved himself and tried to step in, a reliable voice echoed from behind him.

“Walm!! Seems like you’ve acquired the skill 《Strike》. Good. Take a break first. I’ll do the rest.”

It was Squad Commander Duwei, who was bathed in blood without leaving even a small clean area in his body. 

Seeing something that even an amateur could understand the meaning of it, Walm relaxed his nerves. Definitely, Squad Commander Duwei was definitely the kind of person he didn’t want to meet on the battlefield.

As Squad Commander Duwei roared in a threatening voice that resembled a scream, the enemy soldiers were easily slashed by him. Two soldiers disappeared from the rampart with a single blow. It was a force that no one would believe came from the same skill Walm had used not too long ago.

Enemy soldiers, hiding in shields and trying to stop the onslaught, were flung away, and as they fell from the rampart to the ground, blood poured from their entire bodies like a flower in bloom.

“Ah!? a, AAAArrgh, aaaa——”

“Shit!! Why this kind of guy is here!!”

“Don’t be frightened. Don’t be frightened!”

The stairs were littered with corpses. But that wasn’t the end of it.

Squad Commander Duwei struck an enemy soldier with a pale face with a helm splitter attack, splitting the soldier’s head in a strange way. The remaining enemy soldiers who saw this showed their backs, and ran away.

“I’m not done yet!!!”

“F*ck, even fighting an Ogre is better.”

The allies flooded in the middle and left walls one by one. No one could see when the momentum would stop. When Walm saw this, he was convinced that the outcome of the battle was decided.

“Collect the soldiers. It’s the climax. Before it ends, Go and grab your share!!!”

The shout was like the words of the head of a bandit. 

Not long after, the building in the rampart fell under the control of the commander of the Duwei’s squad. There was little resistance. The remaining enemy soldiers either locked themselves in the left and right forts or ran away.

The castle gate was opened from the inside and the battle was decided when more than double the number of soldiers flooded the area.

Some of the enemy soldiers who failed to escape from the fort and were cornered, showed a fighting posture, but they were all killed in a short time. 

In the end, the besieged fort capitulated in a short period of time. As for the enemy soldiers who tried to run away, they were chased by the cavalry unit. And in this chase, many enemy soldiers were killed.

And so the battle, which had begun in the morning, ended before sunset. Still, it was only a border outpost. Walm’s works still remained.

TN: Here, an image of the whole Duwei’s squad without helmet

Duwei’s Squad (Character Design)

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