Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 215

215. Kohaku thinks

“She’s lazy, and even though she looks like that, Saki is a master of Bajiquan (Eight extremities fist). You can’t win against her just because you’re a little trained.”

Vice-President Hibiya explained so to me who was looking at the person who was blown away. The person herself was protesting, “Look like what?”. But You could see that Vice-President Hibiya wanted to show off the strength of a girl named Saki.

But well, unfortunately, there are some who can blow people away in my teams too, Hahahaha.

“Sure, I――”

“It’s not that easy.”

My words were interrupted.

“The women I chose. They didn’t train like normal. Don’t think you can beat her with a little trick like that.”

“Hoo… You called her technique a ‘little trick’? I don’t like it.”

I felt that enthusiast was increasing between the intimidating and arrogant Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya who was sitting in a chair as if he was the superior one. 

…But please wait a moment. Isn’t it the one who is most offended right now is me? I mean, you’ve interrupted my words. 

But well, the tension between these two is not bad for TV, so I will watch over it without saying much. Ah, if possible, please collapse together.

“See, look there.”

Daikuji pointed to the direction in which the big girl was blown away with his chin. 

…..Surely, as Daikuji said, the big girl was standing up. By the way, the girl who was blown away by Minori-san was also safe. 

The members of Daikuji’s team were tough for sure. 

But Vice-President Hibiya laughed when he saw it.

“So? No matter how many times she stands up, there is no way she can beat Saki. She’ll just miserably crawl on the ground many times.”

“Well, I wonder which one will crawl to the ground!”

Both boys were in high spirit, but only girls, who were actually fighting, including me. However, the girls also got more fighting spirit according to the motivation of the man.

“Hmm~, you can stand again huh. If possible, it would have been easier for me if you keep sleeping there.”

“I can’t show him my pitiful face.”

“But it’s better than forcing yourself. I’m sure your legs are shaking now.”

“Hah!? Do you think I’m shacking just because I’ve bitten by a mosquito?”

“Wow, you sure can hold yourself well.”

A girl named Saki, who exhaled annoyingly, took a stance and declared.

“Then. I’ll beat you completely.”

The big girl also declared loudly.

“Victory to Daikuji-kun!”

And the two girls collided. However, it was a girl named Saki, who had the upper hand. She avoided the opponent’s fist, stepped inside, and threw her elbow into the solar plexus.

“Urgh! But, it’s not enough!”

“Sorry, but please get blown away again!”

The big girl endured the attack and tried to fight back, but a pursuit hit attacked her. A blow from the bottom of the palm from a close distance, as had been said, the big girl got blown away again.

I was watching the match casually, and thinking that it was a battle like what I saw in a manga, but then I was poked at my shoulder.

“Kohaku-san, Kohaku-san”

Of course, it was Maizumi-san. She had a very serious look. She didn’t seem amazed by the fight. Maizumi-san approached my ear and whispered.

“Right now, those two are fighting, right?”

…I saw the two people who were fighting nearby, but when I looked a little further away, I saw the others also fighting against each other.

“… Well, they’re all fighting,”

Maizumi-san nodded with satisfaction as if she had expected my words. 

This girl, she sometimes says something that’s not in place, I can’t let my guards down.

“That’s right. So, I want to consult something.”

Maizumi-san threw a gaze at Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya who were watching the battle with burning eyes.

After a pause. Maizumi-san cleared her throat.


And said,

“They are very defenseless, aren’t they? …Why don’t you attack them now?”

Maizumi-san made a villainous proposal with a “tehe”.  [TN: Sticking the tip of a tongue out]

……But this girl, I really can’t underestimate her. She just said something that I’ve never thought would be said by a girl in this world. 

Sure, the other girls are so busy fighting that they are unlikely to be in support of these two boys. To be honest, this is a chance in a million. But, attacking two defenseless people? If this doesn’t show up on the TV, I won’t hesitate, but no matter what, it’ll be broadcasted on TV. If I do that, won’t my impression get worse?

“It’s okay. It’s strange not to attack the gap in this turbulent battle.”

Maizumi-san added further as if she understood my hesitations. 

I went to see Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya. Surprisingly, they seemed to not care about me. 

Then, I saw Maizumi-san. Her eyes seen up close were sky blue, which was so beautiful as if her heart was pure. I was fascinated by the eyes for a while.

『”Should I do it?”』

『”Why not?”』

『”Yeah, there are lots of gaps now.”』

『”That’s right. Isn’t it better to take such a chance?”』

『”That’s true. It’s a battle, I have to do my best, right!?”』

『”Right! That’s right!”』

『”Let’s do it!”』

『”Do it!”』

For a short period of eye contact, I felt that our hearts were in touch with each other.


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  1. …………Kohaku i believe that the impression of people of you won’t change but only the girls will have a more or less good impression of you. The other boys will be split in several factions. Though the number of Hibiya’s will be probably little.

    I was thinking that if Kohaku will attack Hibiya and Daijuki right now he should do a double flying kick, i saw it on a movie it was awesomely. With the trainning he has been doing he should be able to pull it off, physical and self defense trainning.

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