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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 46

46. Even simple harassment can make you stressed out

“Eh, what do you mean …”

Sumi asked a question.

On the other hand, Yuri’s astonished words came into her head.

『”Didn’t I just say it earlier? Do not behave suspiciously. Atsushi-san will get suspicious, you know? If you want to have a conversation, mutter in your heart.”

Sumi felt more and more uncomfortable when she was given instructions that didn’t make sense.

However, as Yuri said, Atsushi was suspicious of her behavior and asked questions.

“What happened to you Kirishima? Since a while ago, you’re strange.”

『”See. Like I said. Atsushi-san is suspicious, isn’t he? Come on, please make an excuse now.”』

Even though Sumi was frustrated by the one-sided words, she spoke to Atsushi, as what Yuri had just said

“No… nothing. It’s nothing.”

But in Sumi’s heart, she was full of doubts.

Therefore, she asked Yuri a question.

『”You … what does this mean?”』

『”Thank you. I’m just sending you telepathy.”』

『”Telepathy? What? Are you stup…”』

『”Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I’m familiar with the fact that people don’t believe in such a thing as supernatural powers. I mean, I have no intention of getting you to believe me. However, as you can see, this is not a magic trick.”』

Being told so, Sumi couldn’t argue.

She had been good at drug-based brainwashing and hypnosis, and also mind control others with words. That was why, magic tricks and gimmicks could be easily detected by her.

And that was why she understood. She understood it well.

That the voice she heard in her head wasn’t a magic trick or a hallucination.

『”… What is your purpose?”』

『”Purpose? Isn’t that decided? You have been hurting my dear friend Atsushi-san, so I was wondering how to cook you.”』

The tone was as if she was being looked down on by Yuri.

However, Sumi still had no choice, but listened to Yuri’s words. After all, a truly mysterious event was happening in her mind.

『”I mean, I’ve been hearing the conversation since a while ago… But, perhaps, you’re really crazy, aren’t you? People will believe in you even if they are given such evidence? Well, yes, it may be. Especially, those in our class. But what if it wasn’t only them? Of course, if it’s exposed to those in other classes and teachers, and even to the internet, your life will be over. Brainwashing? Hypnosis? Mind control? Aren’t you stupid? Do you really think, everything will go well as long as such a thing works?”』

The next thing that came out was pointing out the deficiencies in Sumi’s strategy.

No, in fact, the countermeasure that Sumi had prepared against Atsushi is a substitute that can be said to be a selection.

And because it is true, Sumi cannot argue either.

『”In the first place, what do you mean by winning the trust of others just because you’re a vice-chairman? Is it a joke? Certainly, you have a good reputation in the class. Yes, I admit it. But if that’s the whole school, it’s a different story. All the students are captivated by you? No no, aren’t you too overconfident? Please say that after you become the student council president. Well, you couldn’t even become the chairman, so I wonder if you could reach there. In the first place, I can’t imagine that you could beat the chairman, it’s impossible.”

Even from Yuri’s point of view, she couldn’t think anyone would be able to win over others’ trust more than the chairman, even if that person was to use a trick.

『”But, well, after all, you’re the daughter of a fraudster. No matter how much you try to patch it up, your roots are still rotten. That’s why you’re doing something like this. You talked about how unhappy you were earlier, but let me be honest. You’re not qualified to brag about such a thing.”』


Yuri’s sharp-tongue was too much, to the point where it made Sumi angry.

However, this conversation was only in telepathy.

Therefore, from the perspective of a third party, it looked like Sumi had begun to get angry suddenly.

“Hey… what’s gotten into you?”

“mhrm, it’s nothing…”

In response to Atsushi frowning, Sumi replied with a slightly angry voice.

And so did the other person.

『”Did you get frustrated? Did you get angry? Couldn’t stand listening? If so, let me tell you. That’s what I wanted to do now, more than anything else. That is the feeling I have for you now. Anger at you who has cornered my important friend so far. I wanted to make you understand it even a little.”』


『”Now, you can understand it, right? I am good at offending others. And if I use telepathy, I can create a situation where ‘you get angry by yourself’. What would happen if the people around you saw this?”』


『”Did you think what I’m doing is too simple? But this is pretty effective. After all, humans, are creatures that inevitably react when suddenly spoken. And if you are always vigilant about it, stress can easily build up. Eh? Why do I know this? Well, of course, in the old days I’ve done it before, an ‘actual experience‘, so I know it well.”』

After all, it was nothing but harassment.

Moreover, it was quite a simple one.

However, even if it might be simple harassment, by exercising the strange power of telepathy, the mental burden on the other party would be considerably large than usual.

In fact, Sumi had gotten quite upset during this short period of time.

『”You… In the end, what do you want?”』

『”Still don’t understand? In other words, if you plan to do anything more to Atsushi-san… I will use all I have, body and soul, to hunt you down. Down to the ground. Understand?”』

Yuri telepathically sent a voice as if she had a fearless smile now.


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