Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 45

45. Smart people usually will be in a panic at sudden event

Yuri became friends with Atsushi.

That was the beginning of a miscalculation for Sumi.

“I was really surprised when you and Shirasawa-san went to go home together. You suddenly started to act together one day when you shouldn’t have had any contact with her. And the relationship hasn’t changed since then, right? Thanks to that, there was no space for me to enter. Well, if that’s the case, it would be a waste if I left it alone, right?”

“That’s why, you made a rumor that I forced her to be with me.”

“Well, every human being believes in ‘what their logic tells them’, rather than true. In fact, everyone believed in that rumor.”

As Sumi said, in fact, their classmates believed without a doubt in the rumors. That was because their logic somehow told them that “If it’s Yamagami, he would do that much.”


“Still, that situation was unusual. Did you use something like hypnosis or brainwashing to our classmates?”

“Buh-hoo. Wrong…. or maybe not? Well, I mean, I took advantage of the negative feeling in their heart to change their mind about something. So, you can say it as a kind of “Mind control”. Especially for high school students who have a lot of troubles, it’s really effective. Besides, I didn’t say it personally, I let someone around me say “Yamagami-kun is a bad guy”, for me. No one knows that I led them to say it. This mind control is something I directly get from my dad. It’s a different level than the ones used by other normal scammers.”

After being told, Atsushi remembered the documents he had at home.

The founder of “Father’s Lake” was devoted to manipulating others. With just one word, he could lead the other person to do something voluntarily for him. He said that those people did it of their own will, even though it was him who actually made them think so.

That technique was inherited by her daughter.

“But only for a few people, I’ve to use a little trick.”

“… Is it ‘drugs’?”

“Correct. So, you knew it too huh.”

“Until I came here, I read the documents about ‘Father’s Lake’ at home… You were living a self-sufficient life drinking the water of a certain lake. And your father, the founder, put the drugs in the water to manipulate the other person as he wanted. Everyone lived happily? Don’t joke with me. the drugs were used on them, so they misunderstood that they were happy. You guys even injured someone as your fear of being discovered. That’s why my dad and mom couldn’t stand it and crushed your religious group, “Father’s Lake”.”

Atsushi’s parents had certainly investigated various religious groups and crushed several of them.

However, because it was a religious group, it wasn’t exactly being crushed.  Where the believers really wanted help, and the leader was desperate to save them. Atsushi’s parents did nothing during such a “rare case.”

Other than that,

They were crushed for a good reason.

“That’s a bad way to say it, it’ll lead to misunderstanding. It’s not like my dad was using drugs or something like that. What we used was just something to make people a little straightforward to their own feelings. There was no addiction at all, they won’t get dependent on it. Even Sayama and the others should have had no change in their bodies, you know?”

“Still, you forced them to do all of it, right?”

“Can you prove it?”

Atsushi didn’t answer immediately. No, he couldn’t.

“As with this rumor, there’s no evidence that I’ve done it all, so you can’t prove it. It’s true that I’m the daughter of the founder of “Father’s Lake”, but that’s all there is to it. You can’t use it as evidence in this situation. No evidence that it’s all my doing, so what can you do to me?”

With a fearless smile, Sumi said so.

That was the reason she was so relaxed even in this situation.

It might be true that Sumi was the daughter of the founder of “Father’s Lake”. But that didn’t mean she was mind-controlling her classmates, letting them spread the rumors. Even more, something like using drugs on them.

In the first place. As for “mind-control”, the people who were doing it shouldn’t be aware of it, so Atsushi couldn’t prove it, and he couldn’t prove it was because Sumi used ‘drugs’ on them. 

Sumi could fluently talk it all, probably because she decided that it was meaningless if Atsushi couldn’t prove it, even if it was known to him.

“Oh, perhaps, this conversation, it’s being recorded? And you’ll use that as evidence? Is it that kind of development? Well, I’m sorry. But, I’m also taking measures against that. I became the Vice-Chairman, to win everyone’s credibility. And everyone in the class trusts me, but doesn’t trust you. Even if you record the conversation, I just need to say that it’s forged, and I’m sure everyone will believe in me. Don’t you think so?”

“… I’m sure they’re not stupid enough to trust it if I do that much.”

“Well, I mean, they’re the ones who believe in the rumors even though they should know it’s all just lie. Well, I’ve controlled their mind, but that’s just at the beginning. Everyone, at the bottom of their heart, thinks of you like that. They hate you. I just amplified that feeling. Now it’s calming down, but it’s not gone. If you do something suspicious again, everyone will start to doubt you again. Don’t you understand, if you say that the pretty vice-chairman is the daughter of a scammer, everyone will hate you?”

In addition, Sumi said.

“So, I’m sure you won’t make this public. I mean, breaking the rumor means you’ll have to automatically explain the situation with your cousin to everyone. That’s a problem, isn’t it? It’ll be a big scandal. And, that’s why you didn’t even talk to anyone about the rumor.”

“… Did you calculate that much?”

Sumi replied with a smile to Atsushi’s words.

No matter how much Atsushi got the information, he couldn’t do anything right now because of his position in the class and also, Sumi’s position in the class. Because he understands that, Sumi still had a relaxed attitude.

Therefore, her superiority in this matter didn’t change.

That was why she had no remorse, but rather would take advantage of her superiority and hunt down Atsushi even more.

Cornering him, and would continue to take revenge until she finally satisfi―――

『”Seriously, I’ve been listening since a while ago, but you trash, no, piece of shit, it seems you’re getting carried away.”』

Suddenly, words came to Sumi’s head.


Unintentionally, Sumi uttered such words while looking around.

Only Atsushi and her were there. But now, she could clearly hear the voice of someone else.

…… No, Sumi recognized the voice. The owner of the voice. Because she just heard this came out from someone’s sharp-tongue the other day.

And so, she understood what she would hear soon…

『”Stop that suspicious behavior. I don’t want this to be noticed by Atsushi-san. Do more, and I kill the shit out of you.”』


It didn’t take long for Sumi to realize that the owner of the voice of such a venomous tongue was Yuri Shirasawa.

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