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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 44

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44. Sometimes, your plan goes in the wrong way

“Father’s Lake”…

It was a religious group that Atsushi’s parents investigated and crushed at the same time about ten years ago.

On the surface, it was a religious group where the believers were living in nature and searching for a way to liberation… but in reality, it was a dangerous religious group where the founder manipulated the believers to move at his will.

Then, Atsushi’s parents revealed the scam and crushed the group.

And, Sumi, was the daughter of the founder.

“―――huft, so you found it out, huh?”

Sumi accepted the fact, perhaps too easily.

“… You show who you really are so easily huh.”

“Because it wouldn’t be possible to lie if it was investigated so far. That information, I kept hiding it to my best… I mean, from who you found it out? Tell me, it’s for reference… Perhaps, the chairman? “

“I hate to say this, but this time it’s from another people.”

“I see. I thought that the chairman was the one who found it out. I guess, I’m still not that good.”

Sumi still had a calm attitude, even though her true identity had just been exposed to her.

Perhaps she just wanted to open herself?

No, it might be something different. Even Atsushi could tell it.

“… is it for, revenge?”

“Of course. Did you think, I wouldn’t resent those who destroyed the happiness of our family?”

Sumi asked the question while squinting.

Atsushi finally realized that what was behind her eyes was for sure, anger.

“We just lived happily in that place. Everyone else was happy. They worshiped us, had full faith in us, and were happy with it… but, ten years ago. Your parents suddenly came and messed up everything. Thanks to that, my dad was caught and I was left with my relatives, called as the daughter of a crazy person.”


“Every day, every single day, ‘she’s the daughter of a scammer’, ‘the child of a trash’, ‘she has the blood of a crazy person’. Every day, those who knew nothing swearing at my dad and me. I had no choice but to cry. It was the only thing I can do. That’s why I learn how to flatter someone, to make them happy, and to win their favor. I study it thoroughly.”

That was the only way of life, that Sumi had.

Just because your parents were sinners, the line of sight and pressure from those around you would be considerable. That was why, to those who took Sumi, they thought of her as a plague god. Of course, for Sumi, she thought they were only low-ranking species. But still, as a child, she had to be in a good mood, even for those guys, to survive.

“While spending such days, I researched your family, and I arrived at this school. Deep in my chest, I thought that I finally could relieve my resentment.”

That would have been the biggest goal for her.

Therefore, using all her power, Sumi had been pulling the wires from behind.

“Even as a revenge, it’s a pretty elaborate way.”

“Because I thought you would suffer more in that way. I mean, that’s true, right? I’ve been suffering all the time. And to give you that much suffering, this way of doing things is much more effective.”

Certainly, it made sense.

Rather than injuring Atsushi physically, bringing his credibility to the ground was Sumi’s plan. It was synonymous with ‘social death’, and in a sense, you could even say that it was the same suffering as true death.

“That stalker incident of Tsubasa. That’s your doing too, right?”

“Ding-dong… is what I wanted to say, but the truth is, that’s a bit of an accident. Or, should I say it as an exception? That woman seems to have already noticed you before I wanted to do something. So, what I did… It was all about telling where you were, you can say it’s something like a “collaborator”.”

Collaborator, that was the bad guys that were seeking revenge at Atsushi.

Certainly, it was strange that bad guys cooperated with just a stalker. One of Atsushi’s failures was that he didn’t think there was something wrong with it.

“Well, I’m still grateful to her. After all, I was able to disperse the rumors that would drive you out from the others and succeeded in isolating you. And when you’re at a low point, I’ll slowly get in touch with you, little by little.”

“I see. Then after I trust in you, it’ll be the start of my real despair. That’s your plan.”

A beautiful girl suddenly talking gently to you in a situation where everyone was leaving your side. If there was such a development, even Atsushi might have been trapped in Sumi’s plan.

“That’s right!… or at least that was my plan. But, because of that woman, everything was wasted.”

“That woman? You mean…”

Based on Atsushi’s relationships recently, Sumi probably pointed to only one person.


“Yes. Yuri Shirasawa. My plan started to go wrong as she started hanging out with you.”

Atsushi’s expected answer came from Sumi’s mouth.


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