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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 213

213. Second round

There was no video. However, the sound heard from the smartphone was enough to calm the tea party. Especially the loud noise we heard earlier was a shock. It was a collision sound like a human hit against a locked door. 

Well, I don’t need to worry. Shino-san and Yuzuka-san are just high school girls. And the sound just now so powerful, there’s no way they can throw a person who weighs four or fifty kilometers against the door…

『”Alright, Yuzuka, the door has opened!”』

『”Thank you for your hard work, I’ll go first then!”』

『”I thought you would do that! I can’t let you go!”』


…… Well, I don’t know the reason, but it seems that the door has opened. 

Judging from the voices I heard, it seems that the girls from Vice-President Hibiya’s team tried to block them, but it seemed they managed to pass them. Anyway, I could still hear noise from my smartphone…

Is our cottage safe?

『”Yaaaay! Set, complete!!”』

『”Kohaku-kun, we won!”』

And after a while, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san declared victory. 

Hearing that voice, Ouza stood up quietly and headed for the living room. Perhaps he went to check with his own eyes whether the previous report was true.

“Alright, both of you, go back to the cottage.”

Vice-Chairman Hibiya was giving instructions over the phone. Apparently, it seemed to draw the two who were heading for the attack. The attack failed, but he didn’t seem to be disappointed. Then, he noticed that I was observing him, but started talking as if nothing had happened.

“I didn’t expect you could get away from this situation. As I said earlier, it’s just to annoy you Well, I thought it would be profitable… Anyway, your impatient face just now was fun to watch. I’m sure, it’ll look good on the TV too”

Vice-President Hibiya ended it with a laugh. It seemed he wanted to provoke me by saying so. 

Unfortunately, I’m an adult such a provocation is not a big deal.

“Well, but if it keeps going like this, I’ll win… where is the pride of someone from the prestigious school?”

“Don’t worry. I will win in the end.”

“By the way, the boy who fought with me in the dodgeball seemed to be like you at first. ‘At first’…”


Oops, his complexion became a little cloudy. 

After chatting for a while, Ouza came back.

“It seems that it was true. Let me praise you Hatano, it’s your win.”

“Thank you. It was a good match.”




When I returned with a smile to the praise, a bitter face came back from the boys, including Ouza.

….. I thought, praising each other’s saying that it was good fights, is normal…?

“Well then…”, Ouza gave a signal and released the girls who had been detained until now.

“Unfortunately, I was defeated … Who will be defeated next?”

Ouza’s words herald the beginning of a new battle. After all, there might be a fight here, since Daikuji brought all the members of his team here. Even though his team was out from the battle that just happened, in this place, there was no doubt, his team had the most strength.

However, Daikuji remained silent and didn’t move. Three of us look suspiciously at that situation. Perhaps, Daikuji noticed our gazes, he started talking with a bitter smile.

“No, I’ve never been left out like this in my life, nor did I’ve been seen as nothing much either. Well, it sure felt a little fresh.”

…… I see, you have never been treated so roughly in this world. Well, I mean, as a man in this world, of course, you’re being pampered.

“Because you made me taste such a fresh thing…  Yeah, That’s right!”

Daikuji then gave us a bright smile that was different from the previous one.

“I’ll crush you guys thoroughly here!!!! Basssstaarrd! I’m gonna make you taste this humiliation!!!! I’ll crush you all!!”

…… Unexpectedly, Daikuji was angry. 

The reason why Daikuji felt humiliated was Ouza. So, I didn’t want that anger to be directed at me and Vice-President Hibiya. However, Ouza, the cause of this situation, was enjoying the angry Daikuji with a face saying, ‘What an interesting animal’.

Yep, he’s the worst!!

I glanced at Vice-President Hibiya.

“Do you want to cooperate?”

“Cooperation is something that can be achieved even with a minimum of trust.”

“Then, it’s an okay, right?”

“… I’m sorry. I know it’s on me, but I have zero trust in a piece of shit like you.”

…… This bastard.

“Let’s settle it here! I’ll beat everyone!”

As soon as that word was said, the members of Daikuji started to move. However, a girl was moving as if to take control of the situation. 


The table fluttered in the air. The girl kicked up the table that was set for the girl. For sure, the table wasn’t a light one, but it flew lightly in the air, and everyone who was there stopped moving. And the girl threw a kick at one of the girls who stopped moving, specifically, a member of Daikuji’s team, and blew her away.

“Yes, I agree with that opinion. I also have a lot of stress.”

Minori-san, who smiled and agreed with Daikuji’s words, was standing there calmly.


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  1. …………..OOOOHHH it’s on this time!!!!!……i’m talking about Minori………………
    Seems that is not over yet since Daikuji is rampaging, well, it’s justified.
    Kohaku and Hibiya’s match will probably the last one.
    Now that Sadako…no, i mean, Kohaku’s amazon…..K-Kohaku’s strongest(?) retainer is her is time for everyone(girls) to get a beating.

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