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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 43

43. You want to say something cool, at least once, right?

After all of that, Atsushi was spending the next day as usual.

Sayama was told to keep silent about the abandoned factory. He knew that the “Mastermind” had also failed at using him, so he should be safe.

But that didn’t mean there would be no problem.

It only meant, Sayama would no longer be used, and it would be another measure. For example, the delinquents were being used. Obviously, if this matter was being left unattended any longer, there would be more radical things.

Therefore, Atsushi had to take some measures before that.

Well… what should I do now…

Atushi had somehow guessed the identity of the “Mastermind”.

All that was left, would be the motive.

There was no definite proof of the trick used by the “Mastermind”, but he had some idea about it.

However, the problem was, once he understood all of them, what could he do?

There was currently no evidence of the trick. No, if the method was like what Atsushi expected in the first place, it would almost impossible to judge the “Mastermind” by law.

It’s ‘Impossible’. Most of the teachers of polices, won’t believe it even if I am to tell them.

Then, what should I do to resolve this case?

When Atsushi was thinking so,

『”Atsushi-san. Are you, in trouble of something right now?”』

Atsushi, who was suddenly asked such a thing, made his eyes round.

“…Why? Why do you think so?”

『”Well well well. I mean, Atsushi-san has been strange since the morning, it’s like your soul is somewhere else, it’s to the point when I’m almost going to win against you in the game… Well, in the end, I lose. No, regarding the game, it’s surely proof that my ability has gotten better.”』

“Nah. No way.”

『”Immediate rejection!??”』

Both of them were talking lightly as usual.

However, then, Yuri sent telepathy with a serious look.

『”Well, let’s put that aside for now… Atsushi-san. If you have any problems, please tell me. I, am basically useless, and maybe no help to any problem at all, but I still want to help my friends.”』

“Shirasawa …”

『”I’m not the only one who thinks so. The chairman, Saito-sensei, and the club president and vice-president, they’ll surely lend their hands. Just as Atsushi-san is kind to someone, they are the same.”』

Being told so, Atsushi finally understood,

That, he wasn’t alone now.

The same was true with what happened with Sayama. He relied on the power of others to avoid violence. It was proof that he couldn’t solve the problem himself, but at the same time, it was proof that he had someone to help him.

One thing for sure, this case was none other but, Atsushi’s problem.

But now, Atsushi alone couldn’t solve this problem. After all, he was just a man who wasn’t much different from a normal human, except that he had a nose that could sniff out supernatural power and was strong in fights. And those two weren’t very useful in solving this case.

What should I do?

Well, it seems there is only one answer.

Atsushi who thought so.

“Shirasawa… I’m sorry, but can you help me?”

He threw such words at the girl in front of him.


『”Yes. of course!”』

Yuri also responded vigorously to Atsushi’s words as usual.

After that, Atsushi and Yuri asked for the cooperation of other people.

To be exact, Hiiragi and Saito. Without these two people, Atsushi thought he wouldn’t be able to hunt down the “Mastermind”.

Only one thing that he asked from them. He wanted them to act, to do a “play”.

Inviting the “Mastermind” to the old school building, to be exact, the club room of the light novel research club. The one to ask for it would be the trusted person in school, a teacher and a chairman, there was no other choice.

He was ready. All he had to do was to wait for the “Mastermind” to come.


“Yo. You’re late.”

As soon as the door was opened, Atsushi talked to the person who came.

The “Mastermind” seemed to be surprised at his voice. Perhaps, from her point of view, it was strange that Atsushi was inside.

With that, the first stage of Atsushi’s strategy, should be seen as a success.

And not even an introduction, Atsushi just straightforwardly said the point,

“You were the one behind the rumor, the “Mastermind”… No, Kirishima.”

Sumi Kirishima.

A beautiful girl who was the Vice-Chairman of Atsushi’s class and was said the number one or two in this school, competing for that position with Yuri.

She stood on the spot with a confused expression on her face.

It was like a face and attitude that were saying, she couldn’t understand the situation, that it all didn’t make sense to her.

However, Atsushi already knew. That it was just an “acting”.

That was why he gave crushing-like words.

“No, in this case, perhaps it’ll be better to say this? The religious group that was formerly being paid attention to, “Father’s Lake”, You’re the daughter of the founder of that religious group, Sumi Kadokuro.”

Sumi’s face stiffened to that word.

The religious group that was formerly being paid attention to, “Father’s Lake”.

It was one of the religious groups crushed by Atsushi’s parents.


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  1. Yeah, it was the only possibility. It would have been a better ruse if she had served some kind of purpose in the story up until now, but it’s like the author just wanted to mention her existence before the reveal. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb in murder mysteries that the least important/likely suspect is the killer.

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