Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 212

212. Caught up

Shino went to think. How far would Hibiya’s team members do? As she had heard, according to the phone call, Hibiya said that it was just to annoy Hatano. 

Perhaps, we don’t need to fight these two people…

Well, it’ll be a little easier if that’s the case.

But, I can’t see them, showing any intention to back off.

In addition, Vice-President Hibiya is hostile to Kohaku-kun for some reason. So, they may team up with the girls from Ouza-kun’s team. There is a possibility that they will come to defeat us. If we fight against two teams, we will be at a great disadvantage. It’s not just a simple difference in strength. We’re at our base now.

If Shino and Yuzuka were to fight one team, the other might go to take their jewels. In other words, in order to keep the girls from Hibiya’s team to break into their base, they needed to defeat the girls from Ouza’s team in an instant. 

It’s really annoying that those two from Vice-President Hibiya’s team are here.

“Well, we’ve caught up. Now, I want you to return the jewels quietly.”

“It can’t be returned so easily.”

“You don’t have to act strong. It may have been the case earlier, but now you are being cornered.”

The girl who chased said so and saw the two members of the Hibiya’s team.

“While we are holding you down, they will rob your jewels, you know?”

Shino and Yuzuka thought that was true, but they weren’t stupid enough to express it. On the contrary, it might make the image of great aristocrats bad.

“That’s right, but I think you guys are misunderstanding something…”

Yuzuka tilted her neck and mysteriously looked at the two members of Ouza’s team.


“Yes, I mean, why are you think that we’re going to fight both of you?”


“Does two people are needed to beat both of you? I think one person is enough.”

Yuzuka turned to the girl who chased them, and gave a gentle and beautiful smile. The two girls were amazed at the innocent smile for a moment, but immediately understood that they had been provoked and dyed their faces red in anger. Seeing as the two girls seemed to jump at them right away, Shino and Yuzuka looked at each other with a glance as to resolve themselves.

(Yuzuka! It’s a little too provocative! They’re so angry now)

(Eh~! But! I mean!)

(Well, we can’t help it since they’ve caught up. All we have to do is set the jewels we have on the device)

(Yeah. That’s the best. Ouza-kun’s team will be regarded as defeated in no time …. Maybe if that happens, the other two will also back off…)


Shino and Yuzuka were having communication through eye contact for a moment, which was possible only because they were a childhood friend. In the end, what they would do was, just set the jewels as soon as possible. So, it wasn’t a good thing to waste their time talking like this, since they set traps at the entrances and windows of the cottages and places where anyone could go in and out. It would take a little time to release it, but they couldn’t just ignore the enemies and enter the base.

“What an arrogant attitude! It doesn’t suit that kind-looking Hatano-kun!”

“ “What did you say!!!?” ”

Saying so, they went to attack Shino and Yuzuka in a rage. There was no waste in the movement, and in an instant, they narrowed the distance that was several meters. Perhaps they were also learning some kind of martial arts. 

However, the ones they were facing weren’t real martial artists nor fighters. They were just young ladies of the aristocrat. So…



Something of red color appeared in front of the two girls who tried to attack Shino and Yuzuka. The two, who decided that it was difficult to avoid, decided to deal with it first. It could be said that the judgment itself wasn’t wrong. But as a result, that was the cause of their defeat.

The girl was alert. They closed the distance and punched out the opponent’s key points with high-speed. All left was to retrieve the jewels, and perhaps brought back the jewels of the Hatano’s team as souvenirs. But their opponent threw something red, thinking that it was just a petty trick, they planned to just flick it off and attack again. The problem was, when they touched that something red, it broke in an instant, and the girl received what was inside on her face.

“W-What!? It’s sticky!”

“M-my eyes! I can’t see!”

The other girl was in a similar situation.

“Well, it’s slime.”

“I had a hard time putting it in a balloon, you know.”

In fact, Shino and Yuzuka didn’t think it would work so well. It would have been profitable even if the other party got a little confused, but it was a big success, so they were a little happy, and decided to explain it.

“Well, that’s all for this wasteful talk…”

“Let’s end this.”

They grabbed the girls and pulled them to gain momentum.

“What are you going to do!?”

“That door has a trap set up. But now I don’t have time to unlock it, so I’m sorry, but please open it with your body!”

“I’m really sorry. But, Thank you!”

Shino and Yuzuka apologized, and threw the girls at the cottage door.


At the tea party place…

Those who were grasping the situation through the smartphone, went to quiet, contrary to the battlefield on the other side.

“Hatano… the girls you chose…”

“Please don’t say anything about them”

…… Isn’t this too exciting? I mean, excellent!


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  1. …………….The girls from Hibiya as well the ones from Ouza’s team got splattered with whatever was inside the balloons, right?
    That was a really good move. I think the girls from Hibiya should have attacked together with Ouza’s girls at Kohaku’s girls(?)…..although while they do so the girls from Ouza’s team would have attacked them, Hibiya’s girls were also their enemies……….hmmm a three way fight is very difficult to deal with.
    Seems that Kohaku is going to win this fight.

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