Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 42

42. Sometimes, the clue comes up suddenly

“―――So, did you really call the police?”

Hiiragi answered Atsushi’s question with a bitter smile.

“No. That was a bluff. If you call the police, it’ll become a big problem. If so, isn’t it just as if you go right into the “Mastermind’s” trap?”

If the police came, things would become bigger than now. It might be the same even if you called the teachers. And when it became big, it would naturally become a rumor. And if it became a rumor, the “Mastermind” might spin the content once again.

That was why Atsushi didn’t say anything to Saito and turned to Hiiragi.

“So? How was it?”

“Oh, it’s like what you expected.”

While saying so, Hiiragi pointed to the back with his thumb.

There, a man fainted as he leaned against the wall.

“W-who is that guy …?”

“He was taking a sneak shot of you. Perhaps he was trying to take evidence of Yamagami doing violence, so that it could be spread as a rumor about you again.”

And that was probably the purpose of the “Mastermind”.

It didn’t matter whether Atsushi fought with Sayama or the delinquents. The fact that Atsushi was violent would be good news for the mastermind. However, evidence was needed for that, and Atsushi, who somehow expected that there would be a person to take such evidence, asked Hiiragi’s cooperation.

“Sorry for that. But, you really helped me this time.”

“I don’t care. You bowed to me, just because you wanted to use other means than violence. There, I saw your growth. So, I cooperated. That’s it.”

Yes. If it was the previous Atsushi, he would have solved things with violence this time as well. Whether it was Sayama or the bad guys, he would take them down with his strength. Sure it was possible. But that would end no good. No one could be saved by such a method, and above all, it could be used by the “Mastermind”.

Therefore, this time he relied on others.

… Well, there was one miscalculation, that the person Atsushi relied on was 100 times better than he expected. So, it was a nice miscalculation.

“But, you won’t be able to hear anything from him. I confirmed it before he fainted, but it seems that he was just hired. Moreover, he only contacted the employer online, so he didn’t meet the employer even once. Maybe that’s true. I mean, that employer has been trying to not be caught by others. I don’t think he’s going to mess up here.”

Atsushi thinks that would be the case.

Hiiragi’s ability to collect information, was genuine. To be honest, it could be called, a monster-level skill. Scary.

And if such a person couldn’t even grasp the true identity of the “Mastermind” yet, it would be hard to believe the “Mastermind” would make a mistake here.

“By the way, Sayama. You, why did you try to fight with Yamagami? Maybe someone egged you on?”

“Eh, no, such a thing… no, I was told… But, by who? No, wait, in the first place, why was I so angry with Yamagami …?”

“I see… well, that’s what I expected.”

Apparently, they couldn’t get much information from Sayama.

Obviously, he was just being used. And he couldn’t tell them any information regarding the “Mastermind”.

Still, there was something Atsushi learned about this case.

It’s clear with this… The case with Tsubasa, is also connected to this “Mastermind”

A delinquent group that suddenly appeared. It was the same development as last time. Atsushi wasn’t that stupid to be optimistic that this was a coincidence.

However, the result was as you could see at the moment.

He thought he could get some more clues, so he accepted the invitation of the other party this time, but the harvest was about this level.

“Well, then I’ll give this to you.”

Hiiragi took out a large envelope from the bag.

“This is?”

“Before I came here, it was given to me by the principal. I was asked to give it to you.”

Being told so, Atsushi remembered something.

Oh right, the principal said she would investigate various things. In other words, this is the result of it.

Thinking so, Atsushi opened the envelope and looked at the documents inside.


“―――Oi, oi. No way… was that the case …?”

Atsushi was stunned by the written result of the investigation.

“Yamagami, What’s wrong? “


Atsushi still didn’t know what kind of method Sawashiro used. He couldn’t even think of one. There was a possibility that Sawashiro’s investigation might be wrong in the first place.

However, if the contents of the investigation were correct, Atsushi might know the reason why the “Mastermind” hated him and tried to bring him into despair.

And that was why,

“Maybe――― I know who is the culprit.”

He declared so.


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