Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 211

211. The two runaways

The jewels of Ouza’s team were stolen, and so, Ouza immediately gave instructions to the two members behind him.

“Both of you, chase them.”


The girls who received the order glanced at the three boys. Perhaps they feared that if they went, there would be no one to protect Ouza.

“Go. Either way, unless you get the jewels back, we’ll lose.”

Perhaps they decided to take the word, they nodded and went out vigorously. 

While seeing it, Ouza sat in a chair nervously.

“Hmm, I’m hungry. Well, I can’t help it. My fate was in the hands of those two. If they could get the jewels back, the battle between you three, and me, would start. If I let it go, I would lose as it is… Hatano, is the call connected? It’s better to use a speaker so that we can hear it. “

I went to think a little. 

If they can escape as it is, there is no problem even if I let them hear. Shino-san should be aware of this situation, so she wouldn’t say anything unnecessary. But, in the unlikely event that the jewel is recovered, the situation will be known to him too……. Well, at that time, these two will start slamming him… 

In the end, I agreed. So, I turned up the volume of the smartphone and set it to the speaker.


“Can we escape successfully?”

“As far as I can tell, it seems that some followed us immediately…. But, I think we can run away successfully if there is no other trouble.”

Yuzuka answered the question from Shino. They had no intention of losing the advantage of one or two minutes in terms of time and so they kept running. In addition, many traps had been set up around their bases in preparation for an attack. Even if someone chased after them in a hurry, they might get caught in the trap and wasted their time. Therefore, their victory was almost confirmed since they took the jewels. 


“… Yuzuka”

“Yeah. I know.”

But that would be the case, only if there was no other trouble. 

They were running in the woods with all their might while paying attention to the surroundings. They kept being wary of surprise attacks and tried to not be stupid as to get into their own traps. 

However, what came in front of their eyes was the sight that all the traps had been released.

“Shino, this is not good, isn’t it?”

“It’s really bad! I mean, now, no one is there!!”

“That’s right. I’ve set up a lot of traps just in case, but, it seems all of them have been released …”

“…Only a handful of high school girls who has the skills to clear the trap, right?”

“Who knows… Anyway, let’s hurry anyway!”


When they arrived at the base, they saw two girls were trying to release the traps they had set on the door. Upon seeing it, Shino picked up the fallen branch and threw it at the girls. However, the girls reacted immediately, avoided the branches, and jumped away.

“W-what a close call…”

If it was a little later, the jewels would have been taken. Shino exhaled a long sigh when she managed to prevent it.

“Shino, don’t let your guard down”

“I know”

Yuzuka looked at the girls. 

For some reason, one was wearing a maid outfit, and the other was a girl wearing a suit. Shino and Yuzuka wondered why they looked like that in this kind of environment, but now they didn’t care.

“Who are you?”

Yuzuka quietly asked. The girl in a suit sighed at the question.

“Huft… It doesn’t work.”

“Hana-sama, and even Shinichi-sama too, didn’t both of you say, that it’ll go well and it’ll be our profit?”

“That’s right… This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance… Oops, who are we? I think, you don’t need an answer?”

If you used your brain for just a moment, you could understand the situation immediately. All the members of the remaining three teams were gathered at Ouza’s base. There was only one other team who left some of the members.

“You’re, Vice-President Hibiya…”

“That’s right. Shinichi had read through Hatano’s thoughts. Shinichi said, ‘He would definitely do what Ouza hates the most’, so we got the chance, but…”

But, the result didn’t go well. 

The girl called Hana dropped her shoulders.

“Generally, the amount of that trap is too much. And dangerous at the same time. Foothold trap, even something like a birdlime with abnormal adhesive strength. Where did you buy it, I wonder…”

“From the internet…”

“Is the internet that amazing!!?”

Both of them have a conversation as if they were having fun, but at this point, time wasn’t on the side of Shino and Yuzuka.

“W-we’ve caught up!”

“We haven’t lost yet …!”

The members of Ouza’s team who desperately run finally caught up with Shino and others.


I glanced at Ouza. 

Ouza was a little frustrated until a while ago, but it seemed he had gained his composure back, probably because the girls of his team had caught up. 

…..The problem is not that now. 

I smiled and looked at Vice-President Hibiya.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Where is that smug face of yours?”

“To attack when we’re being away from the base, You’ve almost got me good.”

“You don’t have to say thank you. Well, I just wanted to annoy you a little. It’s nothing much. So, don’t worry too much.”

Don’t say it with a smug face then!

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