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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 41

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41. Sometimes, word is more powerful than violence

They were surrounded.

Atsushi was grasping the situation while looking around.

When you looked at the appearance, they might look like a bad group you could find somewhere in the back street. They were holding a metal bat or an iron pipe in their hand and gave the impression of someone who liked to fight.

Everyone was in a state of complete siege so as not to let them escape. If Atsushi wanted to escape from here alone, he might be able to do it. But if he must bring Sayama with him, it would be a different story.

Therefore, Atsushi, who understood that escape was impossible, opened his mouth.

“Who? Who are you?”

A simple question.

The leader man answered.

“Well, why do you care who we are? I don’t know who you are, and I’m not interested in it. But… if I beat you up, I’ll get money. That’s all I know. So, well, let us lynch you.”

A straightforward answer. As a result, Atsushi somehow understood the situation.

Is this also a measure prepared by the “Mastermind”? Perhaps that guy didn’t trust Sayama that much, so that guy thought about the time when he failed in advance? …No, perhaps, this is actually the plan from the beginning?

As you could tell from the rumors, the “Mastermind” had a bad personality.

Sayama might be being used by the “Mastermind” this time. However, perhaps the “Mastermind” didn’t leave everything to Sayama alone. Perhaps Sayama was used only as a decoy. Just to call Atsushi.

And Sayama, who knew nothing, was struck by the appearance of strange men.

“What the hell are these guys …”

“I don’t know. But, rest assured. I’ll do something about it. You should stay there.”

With that said, Atsushi went forward himself.

The leader laughed at Atsushi, who was defenselessly approaching him unarmed.

“I’ll do something about it? Hah, is it ‘that’? You want to sacrifice yourself?”

“No? For someone like you all, I’m alone, is enough.”

With that word, the man’s facial expression changed at once.

The face that looked down on Atsushi earlier became red in anger at the provocation.


“… Don’t underestimate me! You piece of shit!”

The man’s fist hit Atsushi’s face directly.

It was supposed to end like that, but…

“―――What? Did you, just hit me?”


The man unintentionally made a panicked voice.

Of course, he would. He hit Atsushi seriously just now. Really, it was with the momentum that could kill people. But, Atsushi, on the other hand, didn’t take any measures, not even try to avoid it either.

Indeed, the man’s fist hit directly with 100 percent power.

Even so,

Atsushi stood there as if nothing had happened.

“Well, anyway, we got the proof with this――― Right, chairman!!?”

At the same time, out of nowhere, the chairman of Atsushi’s class, Yukito Hiiragi, appeared.

“Did you properly get the shoot?”

“Of course. There is no omission at all.”

While saying, Hiiragi showed his smartphone.

The screen was in recording mode, and the situation up to that point seemed to be captured properly.

“B-bastard, where did you bastard come from?!”

“Hmm. You don’t need to care about that. Instead, why don’t you worry about yourself? ‘Taiga Hayasaka’.”

It was a double surprise.

The leader ――― Hayasaka, had never mentioned his name. 

In this situation, anyone would be surprised if someone suddenly called you by full name.

“Why, why is my name…”

“I’m a member of the disciplinary committee. That’s why I’m keeping an eye out for those who are trying to give trouble to the students of our school. Of course, it’s not just the name. From your date of birth, to the address and the school you used to go to, I’ve checked all of it.”

Hiiragi pointed his smartphone forward so that everyone could understand.

“Just now, I contacted the police. They’ll be here soon. Do you understand what will happen?”

At such a troublesome time, ‘call the police.’…That was the most common sense of self-defense action.

However, Hayasaka didn’t seem to trust Hiiragi’s words at all.

“Hah, it’s just a bluff.”

“It’s up to you to decide if I’m bluffing or not. But one way or another, you’re done. I’ve recorded when you hit him earlier, and I’ve already sent it to my acquaintances. If you do something, I’ll ask that person to put it online.”

That was another means of self-defense prepared by Hiiragi.

‘If someone wants to hurt you, disclose that person’s personal information.‘

This was the reality of internet society. If even a little personal information came to light, it would spread to the world in an instant.

“Heh, hahaha… So what? You think we’re scared of rumors spreading on the internet…?”

“What an idiot. I won’t just give the recorded video as it is. I’ll do it, after writing your personal information…  What? You think it’s impossible? Still don’t believe me? Well, I’ll give you one proof… Hey, Hayasaka… You, where did you go last Saturday?”

The strange question made everyone on the spot frown.

However, only one person, Hayasaka, opened his mouth while sweating.

“W-why are you asking me that now…”

“You don’t need to hide it so much, you know? Or you actually, don’t want it to be known? The fact that you went to a maid caf…”


The delinquent’s leader tried to block Hiiragi’s words with a loud voice.

Yes. Hayasaka was indeed a leader of the delinquents.

And based on Hiiragi’s words, such a person had visited a maid cafe…

“B-bastard!! Why do you know that!!!”

“Didn’t I just say? That I was paying attention to you. So, it’s only natural that I got the information of your weak point.”

Hiiragi answered with a serious face as if it was a matter of course.

“L-leader, you, in such a place…”

“Oi, oi, Sasaki. It’s not good to make a fool of people’s hobbies. You, too, dressed up in anime character clothes last month, moreover, it was the clothes of a girl character, and as it was you went to see an anime movie in thea…”


Delinquent A ――― Sasaki, tried to block Hiiragi’s words with a loud voice.

“Both of you, calm down!! Don’t get dragged at the other person’s pace!! What that guy says is all bull…”

“Don’t believe it? Well, what a shame huh, Kaido. Let me tell you something to make you believe me. The person you tried to flirt three days ago, was actually a ma…”


Delinquent B ――― Kaido, tried to block Hiiragi’s words with a loud voice.

Three of three was correct, there was no doubt anymore now.

The fact that, Hiiragi knew the personal information of all the delinquents here. Moreover, he knew it so much to the point he could embarrass all of them.

“L-leader, this guy is dangerous!! He’s researching about us…!!”

“P-perhaps, even about me…”

“Of course, I have the information about all of you. I know, you’re all obsessed with ‘honor’, and I have all the information to ruin that ‘honor’. You may think it’s a lie. Think as you like. And perhaps, tomorrow, that “embarrassing information” will be on the internet.”

Hiiragi probably understood. The delinquents might not feel any shame when other people were informed of their violence.

That was why he knew well that the most shameful thing for those kinds of people, was actually the non-violence thing. That was their weakest point.

“If you don’t want to get it on the internet, don’t lay your land on us, ever again. In the future, if I find out that you’ve done something to our school’s students, this information will be on the internet immediately. Do you understand?!!”

It sounded like angry words. 

As soon as the delinquents heard it, they turned their backs, with the face of someone who just had bitten something so sour.

“Damn Youuu!”


“I’ll remember this!!”

With such petty words, the delinquents left in an instant.


“Hey Sayama… I don’t want to turn the chairman into an enemy.”

“Me too …”

Atsushi and Sayama muttered such a thing while looking at their class chairman who made the delinquents run away with just his mouth.


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