Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 40

40. Let’s stop this

“Only you… I will, never forgive you…”

Sayama, trembling with anger, was glaring at Atsushi while spitting out such words.

In the shoebox this morning. What was there was, a memo, for calling Atsushi here.

Of course, Atsushi had a bad feeling. He knew well that it wouldn’t be something good.

But there were various reasons as to why Atsushi decided to come here.

“I will never forgive you, is it huh? … Hey, Sayama. Since it comes to this, tell me. What do you dislike so much about me?”

“Ha? What is it you say? Of course, that’s all decided! All of it! All part of you is bad. You’re a bastard. It’s strange that such a guy is with Shirasawa-san. It’s so wrong…”

Again, Sayama said that line once again.

Perhaps Atsushi had already familiar with this line and it was starting to sound ‘mechanical’.

…… No, what was strange, wasn’t just the lines Sayama said.

Even though Sayama’s eyes were a little bloody, his body seemed to be shaking? Perhaps, it wasn’t just Atsushi’s hallucination.

“But, everyone is crazy. They were convinced after they heard Shirasawa’s words. Thinking that if she says that much, maybe Yamagami isn’t a bad guy… Saying that the rumor is something stupid… But, I’m sure it’s your fault. That, the reason, Shirasawa-san, must have said it. And…”


“And, that’s why I’ll beat you. Here, I’ll beat you and awaken Shirasawa, and everyone’s eyes!”

Sayama clenched his fist while saying so.

… Perhaps, in his mind, there wasn’t such a simple word as “crime”

He must not even understand what would happen if they hit each other here.

But, Atsushi understood that it was useless to say anything to Sayama.

No matter what Atsushi said, he would interpret the word differently, he wouldn’t try to hear it. Rather, every time Atsushi said something, he might only recognize it as “This trash is barking something.”

Then, there was only be one means left.

Was to accept Sayama’s proposal obediently. That would mean, to have a fight here.

To be honest, Atsushi was confident when it came to fighting. Although he might have low self-esteem, he had the pride that he was better than anyone else in that regard. Rather, this might be a favorable condition for Atsushi.

Therefore, he had no intention of losing.

and ―――

” ――― Sayama!! Enough!!!”

Atsushi chose to abandon that lucrative choice.

Hearing someone had screamed his name with an angry voice, Sayama flinched for a moment.

“You, do you think you can do this without any consequences!!?”

“W-what’s that… are you threatening me?”

“Threatening you? That’s not true. I just asked the obvious. Do you think that you can quarrel in such a place, and solve everything, without getting hurt?”

If Atsushi and Sayama had a quarrel, which one would be the winner? Neither of them knew. 

Atsushi was good in a fight and had no intention of losing. However, you could say, Sayama might be the winner for some reason. Therefore, the chance that Atsushi would end up as a winner could be said, not 100%.

However, it all didn’t matter to Atsushi.

It didn’t matter to him who would end up as a winner if they were to have a fight.

“You, you’ve never really hit or kicked a person, right? Let me tell you. Hitting a person will hurt your fist, and kicking will hurt your leg. And so, you’ll end up injured too. If that happened. your return to the soccer club will be delayed, are you okay with that!!?”

When people hit each other in manga or anime, the next day, they went back to normal as if nothing had happened, but that wasn’t the case in real life. Such a thing was a lie.

If you hit or kicked a person, the person who did it would be hurt and feel pain as well. Atsushi, who had experienced many fights, knew that human beings were made that way.

Because he knew, he was now indignant at Sayama’s attempt to have a fight.

“I was told when I met Kishihara-senpai the other day. You are the soccer club’s ace. Do you understand this?”

It wasn’t ‘You was the ace’ but ‘You are the ace’.

After all, Sayama was still regarded as an ace by Kishihara. And he believed that Sayama would one day heal his injuries and come back.

Perhaps it wasn’t only Kishihira who was thinking that way. Everyone in the soccer club should feel the same as him.

“Kishihara-senpai, he told me. Everyone in the soccer club knows that you love soccer. So, they want you to come back soon.”

Sayama was at the top caste in class.

In a sense, you could say that was probably because he was a hard-working person, and was the ace of the soccer club. He must have become popular because of it.

“Sayama. I know you hate me. Yeah. That’s right. I’m a good-for-nothing. I know that there aren’t many people who like me. I know it. And I don’t like myself. I don’t get along with others well, I don’t have good social skills. So, if such a guy has a sullen face in the corner of the class, it makes sense to feel unpleasant.”

Atsushi also understood how the others around him might see him. Even the cause of it.

However, even if he knew it, the fact that he couldn’t improve it, meant that he might be a good-for-nothing.

And that was why he wanted to tell Sayama,

“But, are you okay to delay your return to the soccer club, just to hit such a guy? Do you want to betray the people waiting for you? You love soccer, right? You practice too much and get hurt, because you really like it, right? Is it more important to have a fight with me than to play soccer? “

“That is…..”

“Sayama, wake up!! You’re not like me. You’re being expected by everyone. You’re needed. Be aware, of that already, you damn idiot!!”

Atsushi’s outcry. It was a genuine and heartfelt voice.

It was because of that, that Sayama weakened the power of his fist.

“I, I am …”

“Sayama. Let’s stop this. There’s no point in doing this. There’s no benefit to either of us when I and you have a fight.”

If this must happen, it would be because of the “Mastermind” who set up such a farce.

In the first place. What would happen if Atsushi ended up having a fight with Sayama here? Punching each other, he won, and so? What was it that you wanted from this development? The bad one was Sayama. So, it would be natural for him to be beaten, and it would natural for him to get hurt. ‘Poetic justice’, ‘The good beat the evil’, was it just to prove that?

What a stupid idea then, who exactly decided it must be that? It was all just a ‘template’. Even Atsushi would like to say goodbye to that template.

If there was room for discussion, and if there was a way that wouldn’t hurt anyone, then you should choose it.

“If you still hold your fist, I’ll run away. I’ll continue to run away and persuade you. Rest assured. I’m confident in my endurance.”

‘If it is useless to say anything, you should say it until it isn’t useless.’

‘If the person doesn’t want to hear, you should talk until that person listens.’

It was a solution that Atsushi had in mind other than violence.

A stupid, fool, and improbable way. When most humans heard it, they would laugh as it sounded childish. Atsushi was serious about such a thing. Even if others thought of it as immature.

And Sayama, had finally understood what Atsushi wanted to say.

That was why the fist that had been clenched earlier loosened and both hands were lowered.

At that moment,

“Yo, you there.”

A voice that sounds like ridiculing Atsushi’s outcry.

Suddenly, there were more than 20 men there.

And the leader, made a fearless smile.

“Sorry to interrupt your passionate youth, but… for a moment, will you be our sandbag?”

He made a simple but vile proposal.


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