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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 210

210. Victory Declaration

Ouza was drinking tea with a graceful smile. In contrast, Daikuji’s face was bitterly distorted. Vice-President Hibiya was the same as usual. 

Looking around, there were girls struggling to get out of restraint and four members of Ouza’s team were restraining them with wires, and the other two were waiting next to Ouza. Perhaps both were the personnel to manage us depending on the development.

“Well, I think it’s checkmate, why are you all still struggling? …Hm, Daikuji. Will you fight alone like you did the other day? Well, my team is different from the ones you fought before. The girls in my team will attack a man if they need to.”


“Fufufu, no comment?… You haven’t given up? Well well…”

Looking at Ouza’s attitude, it seemed that he had no doubt about his victory. 

But what kind of win does he want? I mean, this battle is a battle for territories, the jewels. No matter how much we are restrained, it doesn’t mean he’s won.

“Ouza, may I ask you one thing?”

“What is huh, Hatano?”

“What would you do if we didn’t admit our lose?”

“O, right. Aside from Daikuji, You and Hibiya were keeping some members at the bases…. It takes a lot of work, but well, I’ve caught you, the leader. I just need to talk to them a little, and the jewels will be in my hands. I know the rule is that the one who collects the most jewels win, but after all, the main character of this King of Boys is us, it’s the battle between men. Why so many people can’t even understand that.”

You’ve a point there. Using the boys as a negotiating card, I’m sure the girls will be willing to hand over the jewels. In fact, I did it twice. As you say, even if there are those who are guarding the jewels, as long as the leader has been caught, it’ll be meaningless.

“Hmmph, you’ve done something cunning. Don’t think you’ve won just by this.”

“Oh, Daikuji! To hear the regret of losing from your mouth, What a good day!”

Ouza’s words made Daikuji even more frustrated.

“Daikuji, I understand why you brought all of your team members.”


“You wanted to rampage against everyone here, didn’t you? Well, you’re one step late.”


Oh, he actually intended to do that. 

Daikuji bitterly clicked his tongue. On the other hand, Ouza looked happy, and then he spoke to Vice-President Hibiya.

“Hibiya, you probably didn’t trust me, but it seems there is someone that you’re being cautious of even more than me. That’s why you were restraining your actions. Even though you’re an elite, if you thought you could win against me while thinking about other things, you’ve made a grave mistake.”

Vice-President Hibiya was called out and so turned his gaze to Ouza.

“… It seems you’re having a lot of fun talking, but isn’t it too early to think you’ve won?”

“Yeah, yeah, that spirit of yours is good, an elite’s struggle, it’s not something you rarely see.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing how long, you can keep like that.”


The words of Vice-President Hibiya offended Ouza. 

Maybe he had some means? Vice-President Hibiya has a very bad personality and is twisted, even if something happens, it seems that he will be saved. 

……Well, from the flow, it seems I’m the next one

… So, what the hell will you say to me?

“Hatano, you are good at plotting something, but it seems you’ve never thought that you would be deceived. I thought you were rotten to the core, but were you actually innocent on the inside too?”


Why does it sound as if you’re bad-mouthing me? …Oi, Stop that happy face! 

Not only what Ouza had said to me, was a bad joke, but it was also all wrong. So, I pointed out that.

“Let’s put that rumor saying my personality is bad aside… But, do you really think, I didn’t think about the possibility of being in a situation like this? Really?”


Ouza made a confused voice to my words. 


Suddenly, smoke came up from the living room.

“What’s happened!?”

Ouza raised a panicked voice as if his attitude earlier was all lie. 

Well, of course, he would, now we were on the terrace. It was far from the living room where the jewels were. And now there was no one in the living room. In other words, the jewels were defenseless. For a mysterious smoke suddenly appeared there. It wasn’t strange that Ouza got panic.

“Wellー, actually, I brought all of the members. But I thought it would be a nuisance for you all, so I kept them waiting a little away. Ara, it seems, I forgot to hang up my smartphone call. Such a blunder, I was careless.”

I said so while trying to look cute and funny at the same time.

On the other side, Ouza looked at me with a stunned face.

“Oh my, it seems that the members who knew this situation took the jewels a while ago. They’re moving to my base with those jewels now.”


“What are you going to do? Send both of them? But then, there will be no one to watch over us three. Or send one? But then, she’ll lose. Or let us go and sent all of your members? But then, you’ll be the target of our revenge. Or will you negotiate with me as a hostage? But then, they got the jewels already, they just need to wait a little longer, and your fate will be decided. Oh my, oh my, maybe it’s all over? My win?”

“B-bastard, you’ve been planning to do this from the beginning…”

Ouza asked me with a quivering voice, so I replied sincerely.

“Nah, no way! If this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t do anything!”


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  1. Kohaku that was damn smart, and just like you have said if the party had ended peacefully his women…….w-w-wouldn’t have resorted to do that.
    Nevertheless, i’m sure you are going to get burned for this, Hibiya’s fault mainly.

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