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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 6 part 1

I’ve just finished reading the LN, and in short, the Illustrator for this LN is a “thigh” lover, so juicy. That’s my conclusion.

As long as it’s been shared in public I’ll put it, the one that has not been shared, I’m not gonna put it, since this is still a new LN, I hope that the one, curious and want to see more of the Illustrations, buy the LN

The manga, it’ll start in 9 days.

Also, this ch is too long for me, it’s only about halfway, so I decided to split it into 2 part.

6-1. Chapter 6 (Part 1)

The Highserk army set out from Sarria City and was divided into three large groups. The reason was that Sarria City, which was an important point on the border line, couldn’t accommodate all the armies. So all three routes leading into Myard territory were targeted. And the unit to which Walm belonged was to capture one of the forts blocking the main road.

Myard seemed to be waiting for reinforcements from the Ferrius Kingdom. On the other hand, the unit had the task of reducing the number of Myard troops before the arrival of Ferrius reinforcements by dropping branch castles around the territory.

The fort that stood on the border was a mountain castle. The mountain pass was blocked by a castle gate and walls, and fortresses had been built on the left and right mountains. From what could be seen from a distance, 3000 soldiers seemed to be guarding it. Even from the position beyond the reach of arrow and magic, one could see how solid and reliable was the towering walls. It was perhaps 3 meters high and 6 or 7 meters wide.

Generally, a siege battle was roughly divided into two types. No one knew whether it would be a short-term or a long-term battle, but Walm felt that this time it had to be a short-term battle with a forced march that would move the soldiers’ feet quickly. The gate would be attacked by the Sarria Battalion, and the Liguria Battalion, to which Duwei’s squad belonged, would take the left rampart.

“Walm, Jose, you guys bring the standing shield. I’ll lend you the new recruits, Noor and Barito, use them well. Willart, shoot fire magic at the walls. As for the others, do as usual.”

With these words, the commander of the Duwei’s squad vigorously struck a shield that could hide two people. Walm was also saved by the shield when they attacked a fortress in the past. In a world where individual firepower varied greatly due to magic and skill, it could be called indispensable equipment for reducing damage. Since people had a limited amount of mana and used magic like ammunition, it should be an effective tactic to consolidate defenses and make them wastefully shoot magic from afar.

On the cart were items made to the same standards. There was also a bundle of tied bamboo canes prepared there.

When Walm test-lifted it, it was a heavy weight for both hands. Heavier than he had imagined. If you could look at the bamboo from above, you might know why. The nodes were hollowed out and it was filled with soil. The bamboo shield was widely used in Walm’s previous world, and its defensive power was enough to stop even matchlock gun bullets that could penetrate the armor.

“A’right, come.”

The recruits who were called by Jose, rushed nearby. 

Walm was accustomed to pairing with Jose, but it was the first time to move in 4, including recruits.

Although they weren’t trembling, the faces of both the male and female recruits were pale, especially that of the young man with comb-like hair, whose face looked as if he might vomit at any moment. The girl’s face was tense, but she managed to suppress her expression.

Jose, who was laughing, suddenly grabbed the young man’s crotch.

“Uhiii, W-what are you doing?”

Barito raised a voice of protest, but Jose had no mercy. Walm smiled bitterly, as if amazed.

“Oi, oi, it’s shrinking.”

Apparently, Jose checked the condition of Barito’s Junior and confirmed that he was extremely nervous

Then Jose turned his gaze to Noor.

“I-I’m fine. In the first place, I don’t have one.”

Jose, who had been rebuffed, looked a little lonely. In the first place, touching that area was completely sexual harassment. As might be expected, even Walm would prevent such an act.

“This is also the first time for me, to have a full-scale siege battle. But this time we’re preparing carefully. I know that we’re on the front lines, but still, we have to be smart. The Squad Commander ordered us to fill the empty moat. He said that the height of the castle wall should be reduced. Rest assured, it’s not gonna be a melee battle suddenly.”

Hearing Jose’s words, the two looked at each other. The complexion seemed to have improved a little. 

The plan this time was to fill the empty moat, reduce the height of the castle wall with soil, and use it as a ladder to take over the mountain castle all at once. It would be a time-consuming task if everything was done with human power, but unlike the previous world of Walm, there was a convenient thing called “Magic” in this world, so they could attack the castle quickly.

“If enemies come, Walm will smash them. He may look like a random person you may find in a village, but he’s a hand-to-hand combat professional who has killed dozens of people. The equipment he’s wearing now is mostly what he picked from the soldier he has killed.”

Saying so, Jose hit Walm’s shoulder. 

The two recruits looked at Walm again, and their facial expressions tightened and they immediately backed away. After all, the one they had believed was harmless was actually a serial killer, a psychopath.

“Don’t say it as if I’m a battle maniac. It can’t be helped. There wasn’t any good equipment provided for us who joined in as military service. And anyway, none of the owners protested.”

Ironically, Walm was better dressed and had more money after he enlisted in the war. He finally understood why the third and fourth sons of someone who lived in an impoverished rural area and dreamed of becoming rich would prefer to go to the battlefield.

However, the reality wasn’t so beautiful. It was dashing at first, but when the battle began, many bared their guts while shouting their mother’s name, and many were stabbed to death without even being able to land a proper hit on the enemy.

It was ironic that Walm, who had lived a cultural life and learned human rights in his previous life, good or bad, managed to go through a rite of passage and finally adapt to this new world.

“Have you finished your elegant introduction? It’s time. Let’s go…”

A light trumpet could be heard before Squad Commander Duwei finished his words.

“It’s time to start. Good luck.”

After the trumpet, a drum sounded from behind. This was the signal to advance

Walm raised the shield with both hands and moved forward. Behind him were soldiers carrying the straw mat, no, the straw bag, which was used for grains and salt, but this time the content was only soil.

The stubbornly reinforced shield was terribly heavy and was rejected by the whole body, but couldn’t and shouldn’t be separated. Walm’s experience had been that gratitude for bringing the shield would be demonstrated if he walked 200 meters further.

The first shot was an arrow and not magic. 

One by one arrows shot out of the mountains to extend the flight distance. Impact was sparse due to individual differences in strength and skill, but accuracy increased the closer the Highserk soldiers got.

“Uuh ―― “

An arrow with a faint light that clearly distinguished it from the others flew in a straight line. Shortly after, a soldier of some squad gave a short groan and collapsed.

“Don’t expose the key points! Be wary! They’ve got someone with《Hard Shoot》!!!”

Shouted the experienced Squad Commander. It was a 《Skill》, innate talent or the result of hard training. 

Turns out, there are people like Squad Commander Duwei.

Walm reluctantly resolved himself, as he decided some people had powers beyond humans, other than the ones with Magic.

Another arrow bit into the shoulder and upper arm of a nearby soldier, and he spat a curse. 

Walm gritted his teeth. In his experience, it was still too slow, just a welcome party, soon the other types of troops would arrive. Sure enough, within a few minutes, one magic after another was shot. Fireball, Ice Lance, Earth Bullet, and more.


A few seconds after Jose uttered a word of warning, a waterball hit the shield directly. The impact hit the supporting hand. Walm scolded recruit Noor for involuntarily dropping the shield.

“Don’t drop the shield!! Even if your arm is torn! It’s better than dying.”

The cold water sprinkled around, washing off the sweaty armor. In truth, it felt refreshing.

“They’re so kind. It seems that they want to play with water as a welcome sign.”

Walm’s words seemed to be moderately received and laughter leaked from the three idiots and soldiers around him through the gaps in their clenched teeth. The recruits, Noor and Barito also laughed lightly.

The noise that came from the shield was loud and it didn’t stop since the battle started. Not only arrows and stones, but also magic and even excrements were thrown.

What a dirty fellow.

Walm was annoyed.

The distance grew shorter and shorter until Walm could see the faces of the enemies. Soon it would be time for Highserk’s soldiers to attack them.

Arrows and magic were shot through the gaps in the shield. Walm was delighted to see the soldiers swallowed up by the fireball that danced down from the top of the wall.

“Good!! Willart, good!!!”

When Walm praised the magic user, Willart, who fired the fireball, smiled back without saying a word. 

Probably to crush powerful manpower, the attacks were concentrated near Willart.

“Oh, you’re on it now huh?”

A fist-sized rock thrown by the enraged Squad Commander Duwei hit the stone thrower’s face, bringing him down.

“Wait there, dumb ass!! I’ll twist all of your guts and mix them with filth!!!”

As Squad Commander Duwei roared, the effect was outstanding. Firepower focused on him as if he were a fated enemy.

“Now. Fill it up quickly!”

Despite the barrage of attacks, the Squad Commander gave an order. Normally he was a rough man, a muscle brain, but when it came to fighting, his brain moved like crazy.

The empty moat would be filled up with earth attribute magic and the soil carried by the soldiers, about half of the wall. That was the plan.

The foot soldiers put their shields on the ground and poured the straw sack into the empty moat like a bucket relay.

Nearby was a squad that had an earth attribute magic user. This person scooped the earth from under the wall and filled the empty moat.

The enemy was desperate not to break through the defensive network. But a fireball that jumped through the gap in the shield swallowed two soldiers who were trying to disrupt the work. Blood and flesh were swirled around by the explosion, the flesh touched the surrounding soldiers, their bodies were engulfed in flames, and finally the soldiers rolled to the ground.

A friendly soldier covered the fire with earth and put out the fire, but arrows and stones focused on the hole where the defense was open. “Taking the initiative to annoy the people,” you could say, was one of the truths on the battlefield. Walm remembered that his previous world history teacher had often told him this word.

Then Walm saw a soldier preparing to throw something through the gap in the shield. The target was certainly Noor, who was working smeared with dirt and sweat. Without much hesitation, the stone that was thrown headed straight for Noor.

“Eck, ah!?”

There, Walm grabbed Noor’s neck and pulled it back, the rock passed through the place where the head had been a moment ago.

“T-thank you very much”

Noor, opening her eyes, thanked Walm.

Walm gave her some advice.

“Don’t worry. More than that, Don’t just focus there. Remember, the enemy is on top.”

Noor nodded back many times. 

In this battle, Walm took care of Noor, and Jose, who always traveled with him in pairs, took care of Barito. Barito was left to Jose, who could handle everything smoothly, so he should be safe. Walm, in turn, was careful not to kill his first junior.

The work continued, and two hours into the war, the empty moat was filled to one-third of the wall. The members of Duwei’s squad were exhausted. Only Squad Commander Duwei was fine. Seeing this, Walm suspected that he actually had other skills.

“They’ve come. It’s the raid unit.”

As Squad Commander Duwei muttered this, Walm turned to the edge of his field of vision, a new battalion approaching from behind. Unlike the other battalions, this was a perserved unit.

“It’s an infantry battalion of Sarria City.”

The squinting Jose determined which battalion it was.

“Sending former compatriots as a raid unit, seems Commander Berger has a bad hobby.”

The surrounding soldiers agreed.

“It hasn’t reached the wall yet, are we going to set up a ladder?”

Noor raised a question. 

The answer was immediately demonstrated before Walm answered the question. 

A group of people wrapped in armor jumped into the base of the wall.

“They’re here!!”

The soldiers on the ramparts shouted loudly to warn the others of the danger, but it was already too late. For the soil had been piled up to the height of the wall by the earth attribute magic, and the Sarria infantry battalion charged, using this as a foothold. In addition, the adjacent castle wall collapsed over several dozen meters due to the underground space created by the earth attribute magic. It was a sapping operation, only this time with the help of earth attribute magic.

Walm roared in his heart. This performance was indeed something praiseworthy after all.

TN: Here, an image of the character design of the new recruits, Barito and Noor

Barito (Character Design 1)
Noor (Character Design 1)

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