Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 38

38. What usually happens after you get angry

『”Fu,fufufufufu. It’s the end. My school life ends today. Huh? Why? That’s of course. After you use such a poisonous tongue in front of the whole class, everyone will be taken aback. By this time, I’m sure it’s the end of my story… “Eh? Shirasawa-san says that kind of thiーng? I’mー disillusioned, she’s actuallyー scary”… I’m sure it doesn’t end there. The days of being harassed by my classmates who thought I was a good person would start. Perhaps, I’ll start seeing graffiti on the desk and chair, Perhaps, the things on the desk will disappear, thumbtack will be squeezed into the chair, The shoe-box will turn into a trash can, and more and more… Fufu, Fufufu, Fufufufufu…… ”』

“Hmm, why are you so negative? What happened to the momentum just now?”

Atsushi instinctively made a little comment to Yuri who sent telepathy while sitting on the floor holding her knees, in one corner of the club room.

After Homeroom, Yuri had been like this. You might wonder, where did that dignified Yuri go after the big speech at that time?

『”It’s the result of such a temporary fusion of momentum and anger. And that kind of thing, has a reaction. It’s like a side effect of doping. And thus, I’m like this now. Fufu, fufufufu…….”』

“It’s too much of a reaction. I mean, stop that weird laugh. It’s scary.”

Even though Yuri was expressionless, the laughter sent to Atsushi’s brain was just horror.

But seeing Yuri’s condition, Atsushi opened his mouth to her with an apologetic look.

“That, hmm… I’m sorry.”

『”Huh? What are you talking about, Atsushi-san? Why does Atsushi-san apologize?”』

“Well, I mean, you did that for me, so yeah…”

Atsushi wasn’t so stupid as to not know why she did that.

Yuri wasn’t good at speaking in public, or rather she hated it. It was none other than for Atsushi that she got angry in front of all her classmates.

It could be safe to say that she had just lost the peaceful high school life she wanted.

That was why Atsushi apologized to her.

『”Atsushi-san, it’s a no-no. You shouldn’t say “I’m sorry”, instead you should say “thank you”, don’t you think so?”』


Atsushi inadvertently lost his word because Yuri said such a thing so naturally.

But, Yuri continued to speak.

『”To be honest. I regretted it now. However, it’s just that I wasn’t carrying myself well. I have no regrets about what I did there. I’m not smart enough to be silent when someone is insulting my friends over and over. Rather, I think what I did just now, can be put in the top three of the most prideful events that have happened in my life. But the one who made it possible, is none other than you, Atsushi-san.”』


『”Yes. I have Atsushi-san do various things for me to this day. Helping me when those Extroverts invited me, helping me to study for my retake exam, going to the review meeting of the light novel club together, going to a movie together… me before I met you, would never think such a thing would happen.”』

For Yuri who never had a friend before, Atsushi had become her first friend.

They have a common hobby, play together, sometimes study together, and even go to the movies together. 

You could say that it was the first time for her to have such an existence that seemed to be with her everywhere.

『”After I met Atsushi-san, I feel like I’ve changed a little… “Aaah, I made friends.”… Well, of course, that’s the case, but it was the first time for me to think so. You may think that I’ll feel the same even if it’s not you, but I’m sure it’s not the case. Atsushi-san somehow always dealt with me, and it’s what makes me confident that I have friends…”』

『”…I couldn’t forgive such a friend of mine being ridiculed. I couldn’t stand seeing such a friend of mine being hurt. That’s, I was angry at that time”.』

『”Maybe I can’t live the peaceful high school life I want anymore. But more than that, I couldn’t overlook Atsushi-san being ridiculed. No matter how many times you bring me to that same scene again, I think I will do the same thing.”』

There was no lie in that word.

Atsushi didn’t think it was a lie. And because he knew it wasn’t a lie, he involuntary put his hand to cover his face.

Perhaps, it wasn’t so like him, but he knew his face at this moment, wasn’t a face that people should see.

But, one sure thing, he had something to say to Yuri.

After taking a deep breath,

Atsushi looked straight at Yuri.

“I see… Shirasawa. Thank you.”

Atsushi said a heartfelt thank-you.

And, as if to add, Atsushi continued his words.

“Well, that, hmm… If it becomes something that troubles you. Don’t worry. I’ll do something about it.”

『”Atsushi-san… Then, if that happens, please take care of me for the rest of my high school life. Specifically, be sure to play games with me, every day. And sometimes please go with me to see Tokusatsu, the movie adaptation of American Comics, and Anime together. Oh, please help me with club activities too.”』

“Yeah. I think your mental health has gotten worse.”

Atsushi was talking about it seriously until a while ago, but Yuri answered it with a little slip of joke.

But that side of Yuri was so like her.

“For the time being, That’s it. I’m gonna treat you what you like today. What do you want to eat?”

『”Eh? really? Even if I want that great gorgeous deluxe prime size of the crepe from that shop in front of the station?”』

“Yeah. As a man, when I say something, I always mean it.”

『”Yaaayyy, Yahooooー!”』

Yuri frolicked like a child. There was no figure of the beautiful girl who had been depressed until earlier.

Looking at her, Atsushi was astonished but, at the same time, he couldn’t help but smile.


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  1. Atsushi has negative E.Q. and has an average I.Q. a very abnormal person. I think Yuri should just put a leash on him and teach him on how to have emotion so that he can be think properly.

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