Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 209

209. Gracious Tea Party

“Well, aren’t you all being too harsh? I’m very sad.”

Even so, Ouza didn’t look sad at all while saying such things. On the contrary, he gracefully carried the cup of tea to his mouth. 

Seeing such an attitude, Daikuji spoke as if to provoke,

“But Ouza. For the one who said such an idea, aren’t you actually dumb too? I mean, what kind of head-to-head game do you want in the first place? Is it to have a match between the women in each group? Letting them fight one by one in turn, isn’t it such an uninteresting game?”

“Well, isn’t it a very easy-to-understand game method? I think there is room for consideration that, as it would be good to see by the viewers?”

“Not at all. In the first place, if we do that, then it’s better to say that this is the King of Girls rather than the King of Boys. Why don’t you think a little longer before you open your mouth?”

In addition, Vice-President Hibiya denied Ouza’s proposal. 

Ouza was ridiculed by both Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya, but it didn’t seem he was embarrassed or anything.  

Even so, it would be a problem to fight with no strategy at the end of the game. And for that reason,

“I agree with them. Well, Ouza, just because you have no brain and can’t think of any tactics or anything, you think that this would be a good idea and so suggested it. But, you can rest assured. It’s okay to not use your brain at all. It’s okay! The girls chosen by you, look excellent! You just need to leave it to them!!”

For some reason, Ouza who was okay with the words of Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya, started to get embarrassed at my words. Moreover, the girls who were watching behind him looked at me with scary faces.

If you want to show off your confidence, please keep it till the end. I mean, why do you react differently only to my words!? It seems like I’m crazy, you know?!

…..But now the question is… is Ouza really want to have a head-to-head match? In the first place, if the girls are to fight in a head-to-head game, wouldn’t it be the Daikuji, who has the most advantage? He seems to have chosen girls with an emphasis on athletic ability. Then, the other groups, including mine, would be defeated. But, that means, he shouldn’t bother to make such a proposal. Then, it can be considered that this proposal was made to be denied.

…… Denied. A proposal of a head-to-head match, if such is denied, in a way, he’ll have an excuse to ridicule us, coward… is that his purpose?

“S-such a harsh word… l-let’s say that this proposal is not good… But what is it, Hatano, you didn’t hesitate to say such an opinion at all. I was a little surprised.”

Ouza easily disagreed, but I didn’t feel regret at all. To be honest, I had never thought that he, who seemed to have high pride, was okay with his proposal being denied, without considering it much.

“Is that so? I apologize if I hurt you. I’m always being careful with my words, but it’s said that my words tend to provoke people without me knowing it.”

I gave a natural smile at the end of my words to Ouza.

The cowardly tactic, that may be used here is, to get rid of us who gathered at this friendly tea party all at once. Girls cannot bring in weapons and if turmoil happens, they’ll be forced to fight while protecting their king at the opponent’s home. At that time, all the remaining groups will be turned into enemies. Well, we’re all enemies from the beginning. Ouza might think that we three couldn’t work together to fight him…… He’s probably not wrong.

……But still, there was a miscalculation being made here. 

That is that Daikuji brought all the girls. I would have expected that he would divide his force like me and the Vice-President Hibiya. However, Daikuji brought everyone, and in this case, the numerical advantage will not be on his side when turmoil happens. But, the result depends on how much Ouza can beat us in the early turmoil. 

…….And based on the flow, Ouza will do it soon.

“But it’s a shame. After all, I thought that the climax would be a head-to-head game. However, as all of you say, you need to prepare well on a battlefield, anywhere, anytime. I mean, it wouldn’t be strange if a battle suddenly occurs here.”

“…..What are you saying, huh?”


Everyone on the spot felt that the air had changed, and the girls who were sitting and enjoying tea tried to come near their king, but…

“What!? Wire!?”

“If only I didn’t sit down!”

“Young master!”


The girls of Ouza’s team were tying them to a chair, really well, with a wire. It wouldn’t have been so easy to see, but it probably happened because the sitting girls let their guard down as the time passed, while the girls of Ouza’s team kept preparing for the attack.

“It’s a sad thing. There seems to be no place for friendship here. But, this is what you all said… So, you wouldn’t say I’m being a coward, right?”

Ouza said to us with a gracious smile.


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  1. ……….Well, i wasn’t expecting that one. I actually thought he will propose for the kings to fight head on.
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