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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 37

I’ve done editing the all of old chs to my best. It should be better now.

37. What kind of ‘gap’ is this? Moe-gap?

“Shirasawa …?”

Involuntarily, Atsushi called her name in a questionable tone.

That should be it. This was the first time she had spoken clearly in front of their classmates.

Of course, Atsushi wasn’t the only one who was surprised at her.

“Ehmmm… Just now, Shirasawa-san, what did…”

“Couldn’t you hear it? I told you not to say bad about my ‘dear friend’, more than this. Not just that you’re dumb, your ears seem to be pretty bad too. I recommend you to go to an otolaryngologist soon.”

The sharp words made Sayama look even more confused.

It wasn’t just Sayama. All of the students in the class were stunned by Yuri’s words and tone.

However, Yuri continued her words without any care about them.

“What? Is it so strange for me to say this? Even though you say something bad about my friend in front of me without thinking of anything? When someone is speaking words that hurt my dear friend, you don’t think that I would get angry? It seems to you that I’m a pretty merciless woman, but unfortunately, I’m not such a person. I get angry when someone said bad about my friend. Just like this. I’m just an ordinary high school girl that you can find everywhere.”

It was a machine-gun talk that Atsushi once saw in the club room.

However, the contents and the thoughts put into it were completely different. The machine-gun talk to Kameshita had ‘Goodwill’ as a respect for his work.

However, what Yuri had in her now was only ‘Anger’.

By insulting her friend, it was as if what had accumulated in the pool had erupted at once.

“It’s a lie… Shirasawa-san, will never, says…”

“I’ll never say that? Don’t make me laugh. What do you know about me? It’s your mere delusion, your mere ideal. Such a thing, Don’t push it on me on your own. I may take this opportunity to say this clearly. I, and Atsushi-san are good friends. It’s not like he’s holding any of my weakness or something like that. We’re just normal classmates, no, we’re friends. Eating together, playing games together, and going to see the movies together. That’s our relationships.”

It wasn’t just to Sayama.

For Atsushi, it seemed as if Yuri said it to everyone in the class.

That they were together at their own will. They became friends at their own will. And so, those ideals and illusions that you envision would be ground into fine dust now.

Atsushi felt that such a thought was put into Yuri’s words.

There, Atsushi noticed.

Yuri’s hands were quivering.

Shirasawa, you…

Atsushi knew. How bad Yuri was at speaking in public. It was also the reason why she had hidden her presence and eliminated any contact with others as much as possible. She wasn’t good at dealing with others so much that she used her supernatural powers to drive people away.

Now, such Yuri, she was gathering the eyes of the class and still speaking her words clearly with a dignified attitude.

Atsushi wasn’t so insensitive that he didn’t know who it was for.

“That’s, I mean, he hit people without hesitation, he is a cold-blooded beast…”

“As I said, on what basis do you say that? Atsushi-san is a cold-blooded beast? Stop joking. If someone else was in trouble, somehow he came to the rescue, he even did a magic trick for a crying girl. Such a kind person is, who he is. “

When that being said, Atsushi felt a little embarrassed.

And reconfirmed one thing at the same time.

That, to have someone who would be so angry for you, was something you should be happy about.

“I don’t say don’t be fooled by rumors. We’re just human beings after all. It’s natural for everyone to be wrong, or anxious. But, there is a limit to that. To hurt others just because of such a bullshit rumor is, not something you should do. So, I’ll say it again. Don’t insult my friends with that dirty mouth anymore.”

Yuri finished her talk.

After that, there was a little silence.

Everyone was stuck in words and couldn’t say anything. 

Sayama? He tried to form some words, but nothing came out and he was in a panic.

On the other hand, Hiiragi smiled as if he was convinced of something and nodded a few times.

And it was the words of the teacher, Saito, who broke the silence.

“Ah, hmm. Shirasawa? It seems everyone understands it enough that you’re friends with Yamanagi, so you can’t stop. That Sayama, he’s so shocked that he has lost his words.”

Then Yuri finally calmed her anger and said, “…I’m sorry.” and sat down on her seat.

Seeing that, Saito smiled a little and asked the whole class a question.

“Well, who’s still wondering what the rumors are about after hearing what she’s saying now?”

No one in the class tried to argue against Saito’s words. No, No one could.

Not even the rumors, nothing could be said to overturn those words which were filled with such passion.

“Well, it seems, that’s all to it. So, if you understand it, Disband.”

With that word, everyone in the class stood up and left the place.

In this way, the situation that was about to light the fire was completely calmed down by Yuri’s words.



‘Someone’, who thought it wasn’t interesting, expressed an annoyance without being noticed by anyone.


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