Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 208

208. Relaxing Tea Party

All the remaining boys gathered together and the tea party finally started. 

The sweets they brought were spread out on the table, making them very gorgeous.

“Um, thank you for gathering according to what I said. Although the number of days left is short, Let’s deepen our friendship as the excellent man who has remained so far.”

“Well, that’s right. I don’t have any male friends in my daily life, so I’m looking forward to this rare opportunity for men to get together.”

“Right, like seriously.”

There were quite a few guys I had contact with up until now, but I read the air and agreed.

“… There are many excellent men in Seimei.”

Ah, yeah, as I thought. There’s a boy who doesn’t read the air. 

Vice-President Hibiya, who had a high pride in the high school he was attending, said with a stern look. However, Ouza nodded and agreed with him without getting angry.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right. If Seimei was near, I would probably have applied there.”


“By the way, Hibiya. Seimei’s student council president, he didn’t participate in this?”

“… No. He’s undergoing medical treatment.”

“Oh? Presdient Shirogane is sick? Is he okay?”

That person is a rare person who has common sense in the eccentric Seimei High. If he collapses, Seimei will be overwhelmed by this vice-president. I really want you to heal quickly.

“Stress finally pierced his stomach. It’s all after you came, bastard…”

“As expected, perhaps, I should’ve gone there with fewer girls…?”


I should’ve given the correct opinion, but Vice-President Hibiya answered with an annoyance by clicking his tongue. 

This’s why, I can’t trust this guy.

“I see, there seems to be something between you guys, but let’s put it aside and enjoy the tea. The tea leaves are the ones that I found around here, but don’t worry, I made them with a proper technique, so it’s good. Also, all the sweets you all have brought as souvenirs seem to be good. “

“Yeah, they all look good. The pies that my group made are a little burnt. I don’t have anyone familiar with making sweets.”

“No no, it looks delicious, so thank you.”

“Thank you for your concern”

Daikuji answered Ouza’s kind words.

Each returned a word of gratitude……. Sure they did so, but no one had touched the tea or sweets on the table. 

No way, even though he’s grateful… don’t say that he actually doesn’t trust the other guys at all!!? I mean, you should’ve thought that no one would put in poison, since it’ll be in front of cameras! It’s almost certainly! But, did he perhaps, really can’t believe these remaining people even in this situation!? What a guy! Have you never heard a saying, “It’s better to be deceived than to deceive”!!? 

Perhaps the reason why the host, Ouza, didn’t touch the sweets was that he was afraid that something was mixed in when they were made. But, as the guests of the party, we should only eat the one that had passed Ouza’s hands, as that meant the sweets could be said as safe.



Silence dominated the surroundings. 

Have you all ever had a tea party that wasn’t as exciting as this? Ah, it can’t be helped, I’ll do something.

“Ouza, eat the cookie I brought. I helped to make it, and the result was pretty good. As I said earlier, there’s nothing strange in it. Or, is it mean that you don’t want the cookie that I brought? Didn’t you say you want to be friends? Is it all a lie? Really? If not, show me! “

Ouza had a relaxed smile, but I didn’t miss the moment when his face got cramped for a moment. For some reason, as if worried for him, both Daikuji and Vice-President Hibiya were looking at Ouza with a pitiful face …

“T-then, I’ll gladly have it…”

Ouza picked up a cookie, glanced at me to observe, and then confirmed to me.

“Oi, Hatano. Just in case, I’ll ask you again now, but there’s really nothing strange in it, right?”

“Of course. Please believe me!”

“… It’s the most unbelievable word in the world.”

Vice-President Hibiya, can’t you keep silent for a little? Even I, won’t commit the foolishness of doing things in a place full of such cameras. If I do it, I’ll do it in silence. 

Ouza never tried to bring a cookie to his mouth. Apparently, he didn’t trust my words. 

Oi, just eat it already.

Munch, munch, munch…. everyone, It’s okay. It looks like nothing is in it.”

It’s the wrong way to give a review of sweets! 

However, after that, the tea party was proceeding peacefully.

And then, a question came out from Daikuji’s mouth.

“But Ouza. Why did you suddenly hold a tea party? It wouldn’t have been strange if the final was settled today.”

“… Well, I’m thinking of making another suggestion besides making friends.”


“Um, the number has decreased. Why don’t we settle this battle, head-to-head here?”

At Ouza’s proposal, we …

“Are you stupid?”

“Did you get crazy?”


Returned it with a similar answer. However, Ouza didn’t break his composures, and just smiled at our reply.


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