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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 36

36. When you’ve had enough

A few days later….

『”That bags under your eyes…What happened, Atsushi-san?”』

For some reason, Yuri asked a similar question as before.

“Well, I’ve been doing some research lately. Yesterday it took me almost the whole night and so, I’m a little short of sleep.”

『”What are you looking for? Ah, is it about what you said before?”』

“Yeah, that’s why I was searching all over the ‘documents’ in my house.”

How to break through the current situation.

With that in mind, Atsushi had been reading his father’s research document.

Why not ask his father, Taro Yamagami, directly? Things weren’t so easy.

I should’ve asked him directly… But, I said that before… No, I can’t ask him now…

As with the other day, Atsushi’s parents were still investigating another case. And so, Atsushi, wouldn’t want to worry them with just this much.

Therefore, Atsushi was reading his father’s materials by himself.

『”Ugh… I can’t even beat Atsushi-san in a game, even though he’s in a state of lack of sleep…!!!”』

“Well, that, hmm… don’t be discouraged. Anyway, I’m going to sleep a little.”

『”No!!! I refuse!!! Noooo!!! Another match, just another match!!!!! If Atsushi wins again, I’ll let you sleep on my lap!!! If you want, I’ll even stroke your head!!!”』

“Why do you put your body as a bet as soon as you’re driven to the corner? Really, please don’t you do it elsewhere, okay?”

『”Don’t worry!!! Atsushi-san is the only one I could talk this to!!!”』

“Should I be happy? or sad?”

Regardless, Atsushi continued to answer Yuri’s words.

And as if she suddenly remembered something, Yuri sent another telepathy.

『”Oh, by the way, Saito-sensei secretly told me that she will give some warning to the other students about Atsushi-san’s rumors later at HR.”』 [TN: Homeroom]

“Yeah, I know. At first, she said she was going to do it during the morning assembly, but recently she’s been busy with errands. And finally, she’s going to do it today. I was told earlier. Also, that, she’s sorry for it.”

Atsushi didn’t think the rumors would stop even if Saito was to do that. However, it might be able to suppress it to some extent.


For some reason, Atsushi had a premonition that it wasn’t going to end well.


In the evening.

After all the lessons were over, Saito gave some announcements.


“―――That’s all. Then, I have one thing to say to all of you.”

It seemed that all of Atsushi’s classmates noticed the change in Saito’s appearance, which created a different atmosphere than before, everyone’s eyes were gathered at one point.

“It seems that weird rumors are spreading in our class these days. It’s about what one of the boys in our class is doing with one of the girls. Well, you guys are young people, talking rumors, having delusions, it’s something unavoidable.”

Saito took a breath and continued,

“But, someone of your age should know better. You should’ve understood that there is a limit to it. And, let’s be clear, everything that is rumored in this class, and or even in this school, is unfounded. It’s nonsense. Lie. Don’t let such a dumb thing hurt an individual… Well, that’s about it. Dismissed!”

Simple words.

However, Atsushi thought it was more than enough as a light warning. It was obvious that it would only get worse if Saito were to prolong it poorly or give a harsh sermon.

Atsushi didn’t want to have Saito solve everything.

It would be nice if this could reduce the effects of rumors a little.

Atsushi thought so, but―――

“Sensei, wait a minute!!”

Someone raised a voice as if Atsushi’s bad premonition had hit the mark.

And it went without saying who that person was.

“…Sayama, what is it? I said ‘class is dismissed’, you didn’t hear it?”

“It’s not that! I mean, what was that!!? It’s like we’re wrong!! Sensei, you know it too. What Yamagami is doing to Shirasawa-san!”

“As I said, It’s totally nonsense…”

“But, you know that ‘there’s no smoke where there’s no fire’. If nothing really suspicious, that kind of rumor wouldn’t have flowed in the first place. Still, everyone is talking about it, doesn’t that mean there’s something wrong?! In fact, he’s the one who got in a fight and was hospitalized. A good-for-nothing guy like him shouldn’t be with Shirasawa-san. It’s strange!! It’s wrong!!!”

Once again, it was the same reason.

‘Atsushi is a bad guy. Therefore, it is strange that beautiful lovely Shirasawa is together with him. That should never happen.’

None of his classmates denied the word, which could only be called an outrage rather than just a complaint with reasonable reason. 

In other words, they were thinking about the same.

But not all…

Yukito Hiiragi, who had been silent until earlier, stood up on the spot.

“Hey Sayama, can’t yo――― “

Hiiragi tried to speak out.

“Can’t you ‘stop it already’?”


At that moment, everyone in the class didn’t know who was speaking.

For them, they heard that voice for the first time. Of course, it was natural for them to be confused.

But Atsushi knew. That voice, and the owner of the voice.

Atsushi knew. But, because he knew it, he was astonished more than anyone else.


“Deciding someone’s important friend based on your values like that, can’t you ‘stop it already’? Really, it’s totally unpleasant. Say it once more, and I’ll kill the shit out of you.”

The one who said such words, it wasn’t just some nobody, it was a friend of Atsushi, Yuri Shirasawa.


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