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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 35

I’m updating the old chs, since I tl-ed them without editing it much, not that I’ll change the content or anything, just some word check and some minor edits.

35. Not everyone has the same opinion regarding someone


At that time, Atsushi was almost out of magic tricks.

Luckily, there was a voice getting closer to him.

As he turned around, he saw a tall young man with brown hair was coming toward him.

The mad was in the same school uniform as Atsushi.


“Huft, seriously, as soon as I take my eyes off, you always go somewhere …”


“If you’re sorry, that’s fine. Just be careful next time… What about these people?”

“They were playing with Hina. And, and, hear me, this Onii-chan is amazing!! He’s a magician, a magician!! He can put out a lot of candies and cards from everywhere!!” [TN:”Onii-chan”, or “Onee-chan”, is also used by kids to call young adult]

In Hina’s words, the young man mutters, “Is that so?” and turned his gaze toward Atsushi and Yuri.

“That uniform, are you perhaps, second-year students? Thank you for looking out for my little sister. I’m Haruya Kishihara, a third-year student.”

“I’m Atsushi Yamagami.”

“I’m, Yuri, Shirasawa.”

Hearing the names of the two, Kishihara opened his eyes wide.

No, to be exact, it was only to Atsushi’s name.

“I see. So, you’re that Yamagami? I heard from Kameshita, but this, yeah, you really look formidable.”

Atsushi was surprised at the unexpected name that came out from Kishihara’s mouth.

“Kameshita… do you mean that Kameshita-senpai?”

“Yeah. When I talked about your rumors in class, he told me, “Young Yamagami isn’t like the rumor. Sure he has a scary face, but he’s a very good guy.”. Since it that Kameshita’s words, the guys in our class somehow believed it.”


Atsushi thought the rumors would have spread to other classes, but he didn’t know, that Kameshita had said good about him.

『”Well, it’s so like him.”』


And at the same time, Kameshita’s classmates who listened to his words believed it. Even Atsushi and Yuri who just heard it could imagine how much trust they had in him.

“Ah, that, well… It’s not something you may like to hear, but hasn’t Sayama done anything to you lately?”


Atsushi got a little confused by the unexpected name.

“Well… Sure I’ve been entangled with him a few times…”

“Is that so? Huft… I heard the story, but really, that idiot.”

“Sorry, but what kind of relationship do you have with Sayama?”

“Oh, you see, I’m the captain of the soccer club. There were no club activities today, so I came to pick up my little sister.”

『”This time too… it’s another coincidence.”』

Atsushi agreed with Yuri.

He knew Sayama belonged to the soccer club and was a regular. But as expected, he thought that meeting the captain in such a place was too much to be called as just a mere ‘unexpected development’.

“You may think it’s a bit late to say this, but I’m sorry that the member of our club has caused trouble.”

“I-it’s okay, senpai. You don’t have to apologize…”

“No. It’s also our fault that he becomes like now.”

『”? What does he mean? Aaaa, perhaps, Sayama-kun’s injury was caused by bullying from the other members of the soccer club, which started from a love affair with a female manager…!??”』

『”Oi, stop thinking about something so dangerous. Really, sometimes you have a dangerous delusion. Please keep it moderate, can’t you?”』

From the point of view of normal people, sure Yuri’s delusional habit could be said as something dangerous.

Kishihara, who didn’t know what the two were talking about in telepathy, continued his talk.

“I’m not boasting or anything, but our team is quite strong. We’re always fighting for the number one in the prefecture. But, most of the regulars now, are third-year students, and the only second-year is Sayama. That would have been a pressure for him. “I can never fail, I can’t lose”. That feeling must’ve made him practice too much. And we, we couldn’t notice it at all.”

As a captain, it would be only natural to notice something wrong with your teammates. And, as Kishihara said, he was disappointed in himself that he couldn’t notice it.

“Maybe that’s why, our relationship with him has gone a little too bad right now. Well, I’m the one who told him to keep a distance from the club.”


“I know he loves soccer. I’m sure it’s painful for him to watch other guys practicing all the time. Maybe he’ll try to force him into the practice. So, I told him to heal his injuries and recover first… well, that’s why he’s in a tough situation. After all, it’s what he really likes. It may be unavoidable that he becomes like now.”

‘It’s the only thing I have.’ Or ‘I want to do this, no matter what.’

How many people ever had this this kind of thought?

For Sayama, it was football, and he lost that important thing. Of course, too much practice was his responsibility.

But you couldn’t say it was all bad, after all, it came from the desire to become stronger and better.

“That guy, he really loves soccer and he’s trying harder than anyone else. It’s not just me, but everyone in the soccer club knows it. And everyone wants him to come back soon. After all, he’s our team’s ace. “

Kishihara said such a thing with a smile.

Atsushi intuitively felt that there was no lie in the words.

And he understood one thing.

That, Sayama was expected not only by the man in front of him now, but also by all of the soccer club’s members. Perhaps that was one of the reasons Sayama could be in the top caste of the class.

“Still, there’s no reason for him to bother other people. If that idiot does something again, go to me. As his senpai, I’ll give him some lessons… Anyway, it’s starting to get late. So, well then. See you two again. Hina, say goodbye.”

“Okay. Bye Byーe!”

With that said, Kishihara and Hina left the place.

Seeing the little girl waving her hand, Atsushi and Yuri couldn’t help but felt awkward, but in the end, they waved back and kept looking at her until they couldn’t see her back.

『”Well~, I was so surprised. I’ve never thought that Sayama was really the ace of the soccer club. To be honest, I can’t think of anything like this from him. It’s really an earth-shattering fact.”』

『”Ehmm, isn’t that too much…?”』

『”No, Atsushi-san. What are you saying? If you look at his behavior and actions so far, I’m sure most people agree with me. I really want to hit his face once. “』

Atsushi didn’t think that it was an overstatement.

After all, it was him who suffered the most from Sayama’s words and actions. Therefore, he had some thoughts about him, and to be honest, he had been frustrated.

But now, after he heard Kishihara’s words, he thought about it again.

Why did Sayama always angry only at me?


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