Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 207

207. Tea Party

Since the time stated in the invitation was approaching, I went to Ouza’s base. 

As I was getting nearby, I saw the girl I met in the morning

The girl greeted me. Apparently, the person in charge for welcoming the guests had been decided.

“Welcome, and thank you for coming. I’m sorry, but I’ve to check whether you’ve a knife or something like that, so I need to give you a body check just in case.”

“Body check?”

“Yes. Just in case. I need to make sure that no one have brought in dangerous things. Of course, I don’t think you’ve such things with you, but as the host of this gathering, there’s a need for this. So, I need to confirm it.”

“I see… In other words, you’re gonna check my body? Do I need to go naked, so you could check every corner of my body?”

I put my arms around my body as if to protect myself.

“Damn Ouza… what the hell do you want… if I don’t come, you’ll laugh saying I’m just a coward, and when I come, you want to humiliate me…”

For the time being, in front of the camera, I need to say bad of that damn Ouza who organized a troublesome event like this. 

The girl got panic, and made an excuse as she turned red.

“N-no! Of course, man is allowed to go through without a body check! Please rest assured!”

Well. I thought so. I was just saying so…

Then the girl guided me to the place of the tea party.

But, before we reached the place,

There, Ouza opened his arms and greeted me.

“Oh, Hatano, let me welcome you. I believed you would come.”

“Of course. Well, it’s in the middle of a scary battle, but I thought it would be better to have an event to deepen friendship like this.”

“Yeah yeah, as expected of Hatano, even though the battle will enter the final stage, you still look relaxed. I’m impressed.”

“Huh, relaxed? Me? No way, it’s you who’re relaxed. If you make a mistake, this place will be the battlefield.”

The remaining boys would gather soon. If anyone is pissed at him, perhaps this will be the final battlefield. If there is no damage to me, I really want it to happen. 

Ouza returned a fearless smile to my word.

“If that happens, I just need to show off my strength. No problem, right?”

The cameraman was giving me a sign “Please give a nice response!!” with the eyes.

Huft… it can’t be helped then.

I returned Ouza’s words with a nice shining smile and said,

“There’s a problem, you know? When you crawl on the ground, it will be broadcast nationwide, you’re okay with it? For me, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

Hearing my words, Ouza gave me a forced smile. Then I made a proud face to the cameraman saying, “Did I do a good job?”, while feeling good as I did it well.

But, not only Ouza but also the cameraman had a wry face for some reason. 

Why? I did what you requested though…


I cleared my throat as I wanted to change the awkward air. And then said,

“Are the other guys already here?”

“Y-yeah. Daikuji has already come. He seems to be a punctual person. Well, the men who come late, won’t leave a good impression, right?”

“Yeah, right. Ah, by the way, I brought a souvenir for you. Baked cookies, Well, it’s handmade since there’s no shop.”

“Ooh, aren’t you being too nice? Thanks, I’ll share it with the other guys later.”

Maizumi, who listened to my words, handed the souvenir to the girl who guided us, and the girl received it and stepped back. For some reason Ouza was staring at it.

“Do you have something to say about the cookies? I properly tasted it beforehand, so it should be fine.”

“Oh, yeah. Let me ask you, you didn’t put anything weird, right?”

Ahh. I can understand your worries. But that’s too much. You see, I don’t do such a ‘simple’ thing.

“Of course. Trust me.”

“Y-yeah, right…”

No matter how much I want to do it, there is a distinction between ‘what I want to do’ and ‘what I can do’. If I do such a thing, my rating in the viewer eyes will drop sharp. I believe that anywhere, even in the old times, a fair and square battle is what people like.

…..Hm? Wait a minute, I’ve been doing only surprised attack since this battle started…

“Ooo! Did Hatano finally come? Long time no see!”

After I was guided and entered the room for tea party, Daikuji, who was sitting at the table, immediately spoke to me.

“Huh? Did you leave some of your team’s members? It’s a special invitation, so it would be polite to bring them all.”

As Daikuji said, he brought all of his team members and they were sitting at another table. On the contrary, I only brought three girls to this place. Minori-san, Maizumi-san, and Yachigusa-san. 

If a fight happens here, I’ll be at a disadvantage. Perhaps Daikuji will do an all-out attack from start?

“Ouza-sama, Hibiya-sama has arrived.”

“Got it. Let him pass.”

Apparently, the Vice-President Hibiya had finally came. 

I wonder how many people does he brought here? 

And so, the beginning of a fun and enjoyable tea party would soon begin.


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