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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 33

33. Not everything is caused by a supernatural power

At a certain coffee shop.

The two were sitting face-to-face with each other discussing more, about the issue.

Since they were talking about supernatural powers, they were in a state of ‘telepathy meeting’.

『”Let me ask you again, so, you think that this series of rumors involve psychics?”』

『”Yes! Otherwise, it would be strange. Don’t you think so? No one knows the source of the rumors, and even if you ask the suspects, all of them said that they didn’t know who said it first. In addition, the strange atmosphere of our classmates recently. This must be the work of a psychic! Someone with brainwashing power, or hypnotic power!”』

Yuri asserted proudly.

You could say that statement of hers certainly made sense. The current state of the class was, frankly, unusual. Sure, people might have liked rumors, whether good or bad. However, they would usually talk about it in a place where the person of the rumor wasn’t nearby. To be honest, talking about it in front of you like what Atsushi’s classmates were doing, you could say that it was a bit strange.

In addition, there was Hiiragi’s report, and Saito’s impression of the class. Judging from that there were many points that would make you think something was off, and strange.


『”Well, to be honest, I don’t think it’s not true.”』

Atsushi simply denied Yuri’s reasoning.

『”Ehhh!?? Why!!? The culprit must be a psychic! And this should be the beginning of the psychic battle development! Right!?”』

『”OK. For the time being, calm down. But really, how can you jump to that conclusion?”』

Dissatisfied with Atsushi’s answer, Yuri sent weird telepathy.

Atsushi began to explain while giving up on her.

『”Anyway, Shirasawa. Do you remember my ability?”』

『”Eh? Hmm, it’s possible for you to smell psychic, right?”』

『”Yeah. And, with that ability, I have checked in advance how many people with supernatural powers there are in our school. As a result, there are three people. Me, you, and one more from the first year. Well, I don’t know if that person is a transfer student or not, who cares, but I’m sure you and I are the only ones in our class.”』

Psychics, were unusual, who might do something good or bad. Therefore, Atsushi thought it was important to know their existence. Fortunately, his ability was, to smell a supernatural power. And that was why he always knew how many psychics that were around him.

『”Based on Hiiragi’s story, there is no doubt that this case came out of our class. But then, if it’s really caused by someone with supernatural power, it should be in our class.”』

『”I-I see… The only ones with a supernatural power in our class are me and Atsushi-san. So, does that mean, it’s not the work of a psychic?”』

『”Well, it’s unlikely, the possibility for that is too low. I can’t say for sure that it’s definitely not the case. It’s possible that the mastermind is someone not from our school and is colluding or manipulating someone in the class. But if you say that, there will be endless possibilities”』

What if the other person was an accomplice of multiple people? What if the other person knew Atsushi’s abilities and knew how to get rid of their supernatural power’s scent? What if the other person had already hypnotized and brainwashed Atsushi and made him think that no other psychic in his class other than him and Yuri?

It might be easy to throw all of that away, saying it was just delusions. However, if the culprit was someone with supernatural power, even such a delusion, might be true.

『”Psychic exists in this world. However, I don’t want to think that all mysterious things that happen in this world are related to them. ‘Eliminate the possibilities one by one, and what’s left in the end, is the final answer’… The words my dad sometimes says. Well, I wonder if it’s the words he took from somewhere, I mean, it’s so unlike him.”』

However, given the current situation, that might be the fastest way to solve this problem.

Instead of thinking that everything happened because of a psychic, you should first consider the possibility that the culprit wasn’t a psychic.


If that was the case, Atsushi had one idea.

『”And, when I heard the story, I had something in mind. So, I’m going to look into it a bit. Anyway, the next strange rumor may flow again at this rate. No, it’s still good if it’s just ended with rumors. If there is actual harm, it will be irreparable.”』

『”What you mean is… like attacking Atsushi-san? No way, seriously?”』

『”Well, who knows. However, it won’t end with just a rumor, and I’m sure of it.”』

Earlier, when Hiiragi was saying the same thing, Atsushi thought he wouldn’t be in a much worse condition. However, the result said differently. If this kept going on, no one could guess what would happen. At worst, there might be injured people.

If it was just Atsushi, it might be still good.

But, what if…

What if the one who might get hurt in the end, wasn’t him but someone else … maybe the girl in front of him.

Thinking that possibility, of course, he couldn’t just keep silent.

『”But I can’t take any action right now. For the time being, be careful of each other’s surroundings. I’m sure you, who’s hanging out with me, are likely monitored by the so-called mastermind.”』

『”Yeah, right… but it’s okay. Except when talking to Atsushi-san, I’m always activating my special skill “Unnoticeable: Ultra EX”!! I’m sure no one can’t detect my actions!!!”』

『”Hey, I said this so many times already, but is it something you should be proud of? But, wait, hasn’t it reached the level of supernatural power?”』

Atsushi had rarely seen Yuri actually get involved with the other classmates. So what she said wasn’t a lie. Sure the reason might be because she didn’t want to entangle with someone else, but perhaps that feeling was so strong that she decided to research for it, and finally found a special way for it… It might sound amazing but for some reason, Atsushi couldn’t say it.

Atsushi and Yuri decided on their plans, and the discussion was over.

Then, Atsushi went to the cashier and paid not only his, but Yuri’s too.

And they left the coffee shop.

But, right there.

Suddenly, he felt that the edge of his pants was being pulled by something, and so he looked at his feet.


“Hic… Onii-chan?” [TN: Older brother]


Atsushi was called “Onii-chan” by a strange little girl who was crying.


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