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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 32

32. When you are in the principal office

“Excuse me”

“E-excuse me.”

While saying so, Atsushi and Yuri entered the principal’s office.

Inside was a woman sitting in a chair.

Her long dark indigo hair was tied behind her, and her outfit was a tight suit. In addition, her eyes were sharp, perhaps some might find it scary.

The woman… the principal of this school, Aoi Sawashiro.

“Finally, huh? Sit down”

Two people who were told to sit on the sofa, were so nervous more than when Saito called them.

『”Wow, as expected our school’s principal is a beautiful woman no matter how many times I see her… but her eyes are scary.”』

『”I totally agree”』

Aoi Sawashiro. That beautiful appearance of her would never make you think she was in her thirties. Still, you could say that she was a young principal.

However, the atmosphere surrounding her was cold, and just being in front of her, you could feel tremendous pressure. Specifically, like you were being hit by an ice blade.

“Well, I’ve heard of the situation regarding you, no, both of you. That strange rumor about you is spreading in this school. As the principal of this school, it’s something very unfortunate to happen in this school…”

The principal paused for a moment, then continued her words.

“…On the other hand, I would like to give you my personal opinion, Yamagami-kun. I think there was a problem with your response to this matter. In the first place, the brawl case you caused… Sorry, I mean, ‘excessive self-defense’… please be aware that it caused a situation like this.”

“Eh, but, that’s …”

『”That one, it’s not your fault right, Atsushi-san? Atsushi-san is the victim of the atta一…”』

『”Stop it, Shirasawa. it’s alright”』

Atsushi stopped Yuri in telepathy.

He was grateful that she was concerned about him. But he thought that the principal’s statements weren’t wrong. Rather, it could be said that it was the correct theory.

“…If I managed to find a way that wasn’t a fight at that time, something like this wouldn’t have happened. If somehow, I managed to escape and call the police or ask the police at the nearby police station. Well, I should have solved it through discussions. No, I should have considered that woman would come up with something in the first place. And if only I had dealt with it better, no one would be injured.”

At that time, Atsushi had the option of running away. However, the blood got in his head as he was provoked, and ended up attacking the people.

As a result, a nonsense rumor about him was created.

“If you’re aware of that, that’s okay… but I’m not going to tell you what was the right answer to that. I wasn’t there. Maybe the action you took was correct, but try to refrain from using violence as much as possible. It’s for yourself. “

“Yes… I, will do my best.”

In response to Atsushi’s answer, Sawashiro said,

“Good… as for the rumor that is circulating now, the school can’t leave this situation as it is. I’ll leave this matter to Saito-sensei, but as the principal, I’ll also investigate it. I’m not asking you to not worry about it at all, but I hope that this won’t interfere with your school life―――that’s all. “

It was the end of what Sawashiro wanted to say.

After that, Atsushi and Yuri immediately left the principal’s office.


『”Well, what to say huh… it was so nerve-wracking… I was so nervous…” 』

“Me too…”

The two left the principal’s office, left school, and were on their way home.

『”I mean, I know that you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance or atmosphere. As we’re suffering from it too, we fully understand how disgusting it is. But, but… that pressure is a little too much.”』

“For sure she’s a beautiful woman. She’s beautiful, but… honestly I don’t feel like I could get used to that sharp look and tone…”

Ice-like eyes and tone. Perhaps that was something natural, it didn’t look like Sawashiro was faking it, but one thing for sure was that weren’t any people who could tolerate it head-on.

『”But, if the principal will also make a move, it’s going to be a big deal.” 』

“Yeah… but I’m not sure if she can find the one who made the rumor… no, in the first place, what will happen when she found the culprit?”

The person who made the rumor. Atsushi certainly cared about who and why, and he would like to know the answers.

However, there is no clue. Hiiragi said that there must be a mastermind, but even if that is true, that person must be someone good at getting away. After all, all the people spreading the rumor said they couldn’t remember from who they heard it.

As Atsushi was thinking something like that,

『”Ah, Atsushi-san. About this matter, after I’ve heard the story from Saito-sensei and the principal, I’ve learned something.”』

“Hm? What is it?”

Yuri raised her index finger, while acting smugly, saying 『“Fufufu”』

and then.

『”This case ――― the culprit is someone with a supernatural power.”』

Yuri said that.


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