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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 206

206. Visitor

The morning of the third day. 

Now, four teams left, including mine. It could be said that many viewers who would watch the program, would get confused because the masked man who was supposed to be the last boss had been defeated.

…..Damn you. But, with this, the remaining teams are those strong ones. 

When I checked the position of each cottage on the monitor, my team was the only one a little far away. 

I hope they would fight amongst themselves, but as expected, it wouldn’t go that way, right? Anyway, I should enjoy my breakfast now. 

Because a fierce battle could be expected to happen soon, the table was lined with extravagant dishes that you couldn’t think of as breakfast. All the girls were having breakfast in a friendly and enjoyable way. 

If you cut out only this scene, the viewers will feel at ease. I mean they are all looking really healthy. Everyone has already eaten three bowls of rice……. How come they have such a thin waist? Are you all actually a national athlete or something, huh? 

As I was thinking about the wonders of the human body, the cottage doorbell rang.

“Hmm? Who is it? Maybe the TV station person?”

“Well, other than that, it’s only another team…”

“If it’s a raid, no one would bother to ring the bell, right?”

True. If there is an idiot who rings the doorbell before an attack, please stop as we who attacked another team late at night will look very bad.


Yuzuka went to the front door, while still wearing slippers. 

Ahh, she looks like a newlywed wife. Nice. 

While drinking tea, I really wished that these calm days would continue.

“Um… Kohaku-kun”


Yuzuka-san came to call me with a face that was hard to express. Apparently it’s a customer to me.

“Ouza-kun wants to invite you to a tea party…, right now one of his members is outside with an invitation…”

“Leave it alone.”

I replied in no time. 

Why do I need to go and drink tea together with him, while we’re in a sad situation like this? Well, there is a reason to go if it’s because he’s going to team up with me. But, since it’s a tea party, I’m sure the other guys are also invited. I don’t have any reasons to go. Rather, someone with normal brain will want to attack his base while he is casually drinking tea. Well, it’s not going to be me!

… But then, the girls seemed to disagree with my response and began to say that it would be better to go.

“Kohaku-kun, you don’t want go? If you don’t go, he might think you’ve a coward…”

“That’s right! I can’t stand someone else thinking that way of my Hatano-san!”

“I don’t think it’s a trap.”

Well, I don’t think it’s a trap either. Just that, what does he want to talk about? Should I attack him in when I see the gap? Yeah, if I go, let’s do that.

Yuzuka-san gave the invitation to me. However, what was written on there, only the date and time, and also that he wanted to have a talk.

…… Really? Will the other guys go? I guess they will… But really, the only one who will go to this kind of invitation in a friendly manner is probably only General He Jin of the Three Kingdoms…

“Kohaku-kun. What are you going to do? The girl is waiting outside until she hears the reply…”

“Ooh, she hasn’t returned?”

Should I really go and find out that Ouza’s intention…?

“Alright, I guess, I’ll have a talk with her.”

As I said that, I went to the front door.

At the entrance, an elite-looking girl with glasses was waiting in a neat and beautiful posture.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“No, it’s okay. So, what about your reply?”

“Oh, right. About that, I want to hear a little more. So would you mind to go inside and tell me a little bit more?”

“……Yes, I understand.”

The girl seemed to hesitate, but in the end, she accepted my proposal. Perhaps she was worried about being caught. 

Don’t worry, I won’t try to hold you hostage or anything. But well, just a little sexual harassment…

I put my hand around the girl’s waist in a natural way, and guided the girl to the living room with our body casually in close contact.

“E-excuse me!?”


“Ah, hmm… that… nothing…”

“Okay? By the way, we’re having breakfast right now, have you eaten yet?”

“No, I plan to eat after I come back…”

“Then, what a good time! Let’s eat together! It’s okay, it doesn’t contain poison.”

“I-I’m not worried about that… I… I don’t think that Hatano-kun, who is called as an angel, will do such a thing…”

“Thank you.”

I smiled at the girl and enjoyed the reaction of the girl as her cheeks turned red. And I personally welcomed the girl and listened to her, but she didn’t know the intention of the tea party except that Ouza wanted to have a talk. I didn’t like it, but I said that I would participate. 

Anyway, I was able to return the messenger comfortably, so with this, she would have a good impression of me. 

For some reason, Shino-san and others were looking coldly at me.

I did nothing wrong, though?

“Kohaku-kun, did you need to be so close like that?”

“I don’t think you need to do something like ‘that’.”

“Did you need to wipe her mouth? I mean she’s not a kid, you know?”

“Just because the drink is delicious… you shouldn’t give it to her just like that. I mean, shouldn’t you give her a new cup?”

“You were holding her shoulders for noー reason. There’s noー meaning in doing that!”

For some reason, I was accused…

I did nothing wrong!


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  1. …………….Just do the same thing with them….with all of them. Or do something more amazing with them…….with all of them.
    Well, it can be a trap but considering the guy’s actitude so far i think it will be a talk to try to resolve things with a mano-a-mano between kings.
    Fuh, Kohaku still hasn’t dealed with his greatest rival yet, yes the dude from Seimei.
    Oh, man, things are going to become so bothersome from now…..and me without snacks to go along with it………*sigh*……….

    1. Well hes already established that he will reward them with what they ask for when they achieve positive results. Gotta bet all of them are currently trying to figure out just how far they can push their luck after this competition is over. That drama club lass already got a kiss out of him for her hard work! Theyll be lining up after this is done.

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