Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 8 part 2

8-2. Chapter 8 (Part 2)

The battle wasn’t over yet. The enemy who had tasted success in the last attack seemed to have underestimated the Highserk soldiers. Perhaps they were hungry to annihilate the enemy. In addition to Duwei’s squad, two other squads rushed to the rescue and kept the enemy from running away.

The Highserk soldiers intended to end this hide-and-seek in this place, here and now. There were about 30 enemies, a little more than expected. Walm jumped into the center of the enemy platoon. The reaction of the enemy, who suddenly attacked from the side, was a little slow.

“Damn it, it’s reinforcements!!!!”

Shouted one of the enemy soldiers.

Walm swung down the halberd he got from the knight he had defeated the other day. It was a sturdy and appropriate weapon to demonstrate the skill,《Strike》, that he had learned the other day. The enemy soldier thrust his spear as hard as he could into Walm, but as he thrust, the spear was gradually destroyed.

The enemy soldier tried to pull out the short sword by throwing away the completely shortened spear, but he was one step slower. Just before he drew the sword, his neck flew through the air.

As Walm took another step and pulled back his wrist, he used the recoil to slash the nearby soldier.

Since the soldier was only a step back and couldn’t dodge the attack, the blow, which entered the side of the breastplate, cut the torso in two. In addition, the horizontal blow that Walm delivered seriously injured or killed more than 10 enemy soldiers. A group of differently dressed people, mixed with normal soldiers, came into view.

“He’s there! He’s the adventurer leading them!”

Shouted Jose, who had seen through the man’s true identity. Other than the man, there were four other people with him, probably it was the so-called “party”.

Walm walked toward the group while slashing at the confused enemy soldiers, but a blade of wind approached. Normally he would have chosen to dodge or defend himself with a round shield, but Walm swung his halberd downward.

The activated skill 《Strike》was momentary in conflict with the magic. Then, the wind whirled around. When Walm, turned his gaze to the caster, it was the adventurer who had cast the magic. A woman, no, perhaps one could say she was a girl.

The girl was about as tall as Walm’s chest and her brown hair reached her shoulders. Armed with a short sword and a round shield, like a normal soldier. Three Myard soldiers stood in front of Walm as he tried to crush the nasty magic user. Two soldiers approached while simultaneously thrusting a spear.

Walm made a small turn to the right and approached one side of the soldier. He jumped into his lap while parrying the spear that was thrust into his face with the halberd. At that moment, the soldier tried to cover his throat with his hand, as he was wearing a hand guard, but Walm slashed the soldier while activating 《Strike》. The bones were severed, and blood flowed through the gaps in the armor.


One had collapsed, and the number of soldiers had decreased by one. One of the two immediately threw the spear away and drew the longsword as he came to attack Walm. It was a good move, but the horizontally swung sword was blocked by Walm.

Walm then swung the halberd down from diagonally to the left, but it was intercepted before it accelerated. He then drew the longsword with all his might as he leaped back. After that, he thrust the halberd as fast as he could.

The soldier had just regained his broken stance, but he was one step too late to avoid Walm’s attack. The halberd stabbed into the back of the soldier’s knee, scraping the ligaments.


The soldier fought back fiercely with one leg, but unable to stand properly, Walm crushed his throat with the longsword.

The remaining one hesitated to attack. But, it didn’t make Walm hesitate to swing the halberd with both hands.

“N-no, wait, ah, help me.”

A second blow was not necessary. With that one blow, the abdomen was torn in a straight line and the viscera overflowed. The blood gushed out so quickly that the ground around the soldier was dyed red in the blink of an eye.

“Give up. It’s useless now.”

If only he had fled or surrendered before this happened

This thought flared up in Walm’s mind.

This soldier… he’s tied to his country, friends, family, everything in this land. He might want to run, but he couldn’t.

While stabbing the soldier to put him to rest, Walm thought of something like this, and if others knew, they might laugh at him.

As Walm was about to go to his next target, words were thrown at him by the magic user. Even though it came from the enemy, this time, it wasn’t the usual taunts or swears. It was a question. A personal question to Walm.

“Why, why, why are you killing so easily!?”

Walm was asked why he kills others on the battlefield. Such a question could lead to a long answer, and besides, the answer would be different for each person. Then why was Walm asked about such a thing?

Well, anyway, for Walm, the enemy could ask for mercy, but he surrendered after being mortally wounded. Even Walm couldn’t do anything about it. It was too late in many ways after all.

“It’s a battlefield, why are you surprised? You also kill others… what a pointless conversation.”

At the girl’s feet was the body of a Highserk soldier. Although they passed each other once and twice during the march, the soldier was definitely Walm’s compatriot.

That aside, the girl must have realized that the conversation was useless and therefore cast another spell on Walm. It was the spell he had seen once. Moreover, the trajectory was the same.

While keeping his posture low, Walm changed the center of gravity so that he slid in. Thus, he continued to move toward the girl, who had opened her eyes in amazement.


An older adventurer with a shield called out to the girl. But the halberd had already swung to the side and was heading straight for her neck.

The girl reacted at that moment as if the gaps she had shown earlier were a lie. She held the round shield up at an angle while bending her left elbow. With her right hand, she supported the round shield while still holding the short sword.

To be honest, Walm had perhaps underestimated the girl. It was an ideal stance to say that she should do it now. When he saw it, he understood that she had been disciplined and had experience. It made the words that came out from her mouth not long ago sound silly to Walm’s ears. Though he felt a little uncomfortable, he could understand the reason.

It was a silly thing to have on the battlefield, but in some ways an enviable thing for Walm. In short, the girl wasn’t used to killing people. If that were the case, perhaps the problem could be solved by talking. Actually, Walm would like to choose this solution, but he was in a war between nations. The battle was still going on and the enemy hadn’t surrendered yet.

Without loosening the halberd, Walm activated 《Strike》. The blade, shrouded in a faint light, bit into the round shield and finally broke through it.

“Aah, ugh, urrgh”

The round shield fell to the ground as it was split in two. But the girl seemed to have a hand guard on her arm under the shield, and her arm wasn’t severed. Still, she didn’t seem to be able to completely escape the impact. Every time she moved her left arm, she expressed anguish, but continued to hold the short sword with her other hand.

“It’s broken”

When Walm spoke so, the girl lowered her eyebrows and looked terribly confused.

It seemed to be the first time the girl had received a skill attack. While in a confused state, she backed away from Walm and her expression changed to fear, but that was a bad move in a forest with bad footing. She backed away to keep her distance, but stepped on the “soldier” who had fallen to the ground and lost her stance.

“At least, remember the place of the one you killed”

When Walm smiled unintentionally after saying so, the girl widened her eyes and screamed as if she had encountered a monster.

“U, Uaaahhhhhhhh!!”

Walm changed in and used his halberd to knock away the short sword in the girl’s hand.

When Walm struck her shoulder with his body, she expelled her breath and fell to the ground. He then plunged the halberd into the throat of the fallen girl. Since the opponent was a girl, he thought that this would be better than crushing her head or face.

But something flickered at the edge of his vision. At that moment, Walm’s heart leaped. He was wary of the surroundings all the time, but still, it came too quickly.


Walm jumped back as he tilted his head, but his hair and cheeks were slightly cut.

The shadow was still coming toward him. Walm swung his halberd down and his opponent received the attack. It was one of the men of the adventurer’s party.

The weapons rubbed against each other for a while.

As they both took a step back, Walm aimed his halberd at the wrist, but it was blocked by the sword’s brim.

“Are you okay with me?”

The young man was furious when Walm asked deliberately.

“Shut up, you damn invader!!”

There stood a young man with a good-looking face, blue hair that reached his shoulders, and eyes the same color as his hair, and that would be more than enough to be an idol in Walm’s previous world. He carried a bloodied two-handed sword and was well enough equipped. It seemed that the Highserk soldiers had been slashed around him.

There was no doubt that he was the leader of the adventurers. Walm thought he would be the right opponent for Squad Commander Duwei, but Squad Commander Duwei was busy playing with an adventurer holding a large shield.

Perhaps this adventurer was a shield-wielder with a Skill. The impact of,《Strike》 and 《Iron Wall》, colliding with each other could be felt. The allies around were just watching like spectators.

Should I ask them for help?

Walm was thinking about asking the allies nearby for help. But he decided not to.

Huh, how annoying

That was what Walm thought when he felt that he had to deal with the adventurer in front of him, no matter what happened.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 228

228. Having a talk with Minakatain

The lonely face of Minakatain-san made me feel lonely too.

“W-well, I don’t care about that anymore. Kohaku-kun, as I said, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.”

“I understand that …”

I get it that you don’t have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be your boyfriend. In the first place, how many people accept a proposal, at their first meeting?

“Minakatain-san. As expected, I think it’s difficult to accept a proposal from the person you meet for the first time…”

Maki-san raised concerns, perhaps because she thought the same thing as I did.

“Of course, I think so too. I want him to be our family’s son-in-law, but it’s not so soon. It’ll be something in the future. I don’t mind getting to know each other gradually first. No, let’s do that. Don’t worry, I won’t take your freedom.”

After Minakatain-san said that,


She snapped her fingers.

Hearing the sound, a woman with maid clothes who stood quietly behind her moved.

Maki-san and I were watching it silently.

Then, the attendant handed an attaché case to Minakatain-san and stepped back. Minakatain-san, who received the attaché case, put it on the table, opened the case, and…


Neither I nor Maki-san could speak to unexpected action. Minkatain-san had a smile on her face without worrying about us who was speechless.

“For the time being, if you accept my offer, I promise to give you enough pocket money every month.”

…… Apparently, if I agreed to go out with Minakatain-san, she would give me some pocket money. 

I drank the tea for the time being, while looking at the wad of bills placed on the table. 

But, for some reason, Minakatain-san thought of my action differently, she then said.

“Aaaah, I’m sorry. One million is not enough for the “King of Boys”.”

That’s not what I mean…



“Thatー isー”



Perhaps Minakatain-san thought I wanted to ask for more, before I could even finish my words, she increased the wad of bills.

… Was that lonely feeling earlier just a lie? But, that style of hitting the table with a bundle of bills… I don’t hate it.

Most of the guys in this world like luxury, so it’s a good idea to show them money. It’s not wrong as a way to persuade.

But! Do you think I’m the same as them!? Well, I like money for sure. I won’t reject any present either. No, it’s better. Sure, I like luxury, I also love status and honor. But I’m not going to agree to date you, just because you showed me a lot of money.

I mean, the amount you accept will be your value, right? If I agree with the money offered by her, she’ll recognize me as an easy man who could easily be bought away with 5 million. She’ll think that as long as she gives me 5 million a month, and I won’t complain anything.

On the contrary, if I don’t agree, she’ll make various efforts to turn me to her side somehow. This is exactly what you can gain, if I let go of the money. That’s why the action I should take here is to tell her that “Love can’t be bought with money”… Alright!…. Lo-

“Minakatain-san. Perhaps the boys you met up until now could be bought with money, but Hatano-san won’t, he’s not that easy.”

For some reason, Maki-san answered without permission before I could even say anything.


“It’s true that Hatano-san is particular about his own value, I mean, he is always doing his best so he deserves it. Actually, when I recruited him, I was faced with strict conditions, but for sure the reward was great.”

Maki-san spoke to Minakatain-san as if to remind her.

“But what Minakatain-san just said, it was on a different vector than ours…. I’ll say clearly, so listen. Hatano-san’s love couldn’t be bought with money.”

Maki said with a serious face.

 …… That’s true, but why are you the one who says it? Isn’t it supposed to be me? I mean, if it’s a drama, it’s a scene where the protagonist saying something cool! Right?!

“… I see, sorry for my rudeness. I thought of Kohaku-kun the same as the boys I’ve been with. I’m really sorry.”

“Ah, you don’t have to apologize…”

“Fufu… but I’m a little happy. The fact that I wasn’t turned down immediately means that there’s still hope for me.”

Minakatain-san stared at me with a happy smile.

“But, I’ll stop here today, it’ll just be a nuisance if I keep you here too long.”


Minakatain-san snapped her fingers and the attendant took away the money on the table, and put it back in the case.

“Next time I’ll invite you to a meal.”

Minakatain-san said that and kissed my cheek.

“See you.”

Leaving that word, Minakatain-san went home. 

I touched my cheek, and thought…

I’m 100% sure, other than me, they’ll think of this as sexual harassment…

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 72


72. Nianfo, Namu Amida Butsu

And it was the weekend.

As promised, the three, came to a certain amusement park.

“Hey, look at those three.”

“Wow, what the hell? The two on both sides are really beautiful.”

“Maybe it’s what they called “3P Date”? Woaaah, I’m soー jealous.”

“It’s exactly what you call, “Two blessings at once”, Woah.”

The young people lined up behind Atsushi, Yuri, and Kaede, saw them and talked in a low voice. Of course, the three could hear it, since it wasn’t that low enough.

Certainly, from an objective point of view, Atsushi was in the state flanked by two beautiful girls. No matter how good or bad the personality of the girls, No matter what the reasons or circumstances might be, he was in fact, sandwiched by two beautiful girls, Yuri and Kaede, and of course, many would envy him.

Of course, Atsushi was aware of it. he understood that Yuri and Kaede, were beautiful girls, and he knew that from the other’s perspective, he looked like a man having fun with his harem.

But… unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to worry about that now.

“Nianfo, Namu Amida Butsu, Nianfo Nianfo, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Nianfo, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu……”

The young people might have said whatever they wanted, as they please, because they only saw his back from a distant rear, but those in front of them, he looked like someone who might die soon.

After all, his face had stiffened and he had been chanting something, kind of sutra, since a while ago.

“O-oi Yamagami. You, are you okay?”

『”Your face, is several times worse than usual…”』

“Fin, I mean, I-I am faineee. J-ju-just this much, is nothing…”

While saying that, the fact that his body was trembling and his voices too. suggested that he wasn’t okay at all.

『”No way, Atsushi-san is not good at this kind of ride…”』

Currently, the three were about to ride the tallest roller coaster in the amusement park. However, it was an amusement park in a small city. It wasn’t as tall as the one compared to what you could see in the amusement park in a big city.

However. Still, for Atsushi, it didn’t matter… why?

“T-to be honest, I’m, not that good with, high places…”


“Well, that’s a surprising weakness. Then, what about airplanes?”

“No way I’ll sit inside that thing… I mean, why are you all okay, being inside that lump of iron? You’ll definitely die if it crashed, you know? It’ll be a no help situation you know? But everyone is using it like there’s nothing wrong. I think you’re all crazy.”

“That, you’re being too much…”

『”It seems you’ve got a serious illness.”』

However, Atsushi didn’t argue. No, he couldn’t. Why? He was so nervous now, that he couldn’t think much.

“I mean, if it’s really impossible, you don’t have to ride with us, you know?”

『”Well, for me personally, your reaction seems very interesting, so I’d like to see more.”』

Atsushi shook his head awkwardly against Kaede, who was worried about him, and Yuri, who didn’t hide her curiosity.

“I-I’ve come to this point, I-I can’t suddenly back down. And, for, a man to wait on the side, alone, waiting for girls, t-that, will stain my honor…”

Atsushi continued his words,

“A-and doing something like this… with my friends… I’ve never experienced it before… So, I’ve resolved myself, I’m ready.”

When Atsushi was a child, he had visited the amusement park several times with his parents. However, he had never visited with his friends. 

Atsushi had never been teased before riding a roller coaster like this. And, he had never been so nervous too.

But, he was a little happy, as he had the chance to experience something like this.

He felt that way, but…

“――― Why, why the frooooont?!! Whyyyyy!!!!!?”

In the front row of the roller coaster, Atsushi was screaming.

“It can’t be helped. Just happen to be our turn.”

『”That’s right, Atsushi-san. And you said that you’ve resolved yourself, so don’t complain about it anymore.”』

As Yuri and Kaede said,

In the first place, amusement park rides, especially roller coasters, there wasn’t much choice, your seat would be decided in order, and when it was crowded, individuals couldn’t request otherwise.

They didn’t deliberately choose the front seat, it was a complete coincidence. In other words, it might be a God’s trial.

Whatever it might be, Atsushi was still screaming.

“No, wait a minute, waiiiit! I said I was prepared, but still, this is too muuuuuuch!! At least, at least, let me seat in the middle!!”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s why you’re between me and Shirasawa.”

『”Aren’t you happy, Atsushi-san? I mean, you’re seated between two beautiful girls right now.”』

This roller coaster, was three seats in a row. Atsushi said he wanted to sit in the middle (row), that was why, he was being sandwiched between Yuri and Kaede. 

Then, the safety bar was dropped, as if he was sentenced to death, even if he was still resisting, begging, to spare his life from being taken.

Regardless, the roller coaster started to move and was rising steadily.

“Eh, wait, oi, really wait, and listen to meeee!! Listen to what I’ve to say first, let’s have a negotiation. It’s still not too lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….. eeeeeeaaaaaaaAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Atsushi’s words never reached anyone, and as the coaster went down, he was screaming.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 227

227. Meeting the guest

I was taken by Sumita-sensei and came to the guest room. When we reached the door, I was asked by Sumita-sensei if I was feeling well, so I nodded lightly.

As soon as the door knocked, I heard a reply from inside and went inside.

“Sorry to disturb you, I brought Hatano-kun here.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you, Sumita-sensei. I’m sorry for coming so early even before the class, Hatano-san.”

“It’s okay…”

A woman was sitting in front of Maki-san. She had sharp and smart-looking eyes, her hair was short, and her clothes were pants instead of skirts. Overall, she had a neutral beauty. She must have been talking about something by the time I came. After all, the amount of tea served was reduced to some extent.

The woman… Miyabi Minakatain-san, when she saw me coming in, stood up and gave a soft and gentle smile to me.

“Then, I’ll leave here…”

After finishing the task of bringing me, Sumita-san bowed down and left the room.

“Hatano-san, please come here”

When Maki-san saw Sumita-sensei leave the room, she called me and introduced us to each other.

“Minakatain-san, he is, the top-class boy, the pride of our school, Kohaku Hatano-san. Hatano-san, she is, the next head of the Minakatain Househould, one of the four great aristocrats, Miyabi Minakatain-san”

“I’m sorry to come so suddenly. I’m Miyabi Minakatain.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I’m Kohaku Hatano.”

I held the outstretched hand and replied with a smile.

“Then, Minakatain-san. Let’s stop the business talk here.”

“Yeah, I’ll talk in detail about the donations for the next term later…”

“Yes, thank you very much. All right, then may I ask, why did you come to school today?”

Maki-san started talking, putting a little pressure into the words.

“I watched the King of Boys… I was surprised at that program, because all the boys who participated were attractive. Really, I’ve never seen variety shows, but for sure, it’s not something to be made fun of. “

However, contrary to Maki-san, Minakatain-san seemed to be very relaxed and replied to the questions with a little joke. Maki-san heard the words and thought she was being teased, so she hit the desk with both hands and stood up vigorously.

“Yeah! That’s right! Really, I recorded it and watched it many times! I was worried at first when I heard that Hatano-san would appear on such a suspicious program. I mean, there is a saying that, “if you want to be famous on TV you must be ready to get laid”, right? Hatano-san is pure, innocent. So, I was worried that the perverted girls of the TV station would do naughty things to him! But… as Minakatain-san said, it was a good program rarely seen in recent years where boys compete in sweaty figures and teary eyes. while putting pride on the line! Moreover, our school’s pride, Hatano-san won the championship! The suspense is just… Absolutely Love It! And, thanks to that, our school is flooded with inquiries about admission next year! Hahahaha, I’m so happy that I wanted to scream!! Well, but this is all because I succeeded in recruiting Hatano-san! Hahaha! “

Minakatain-san had a troubled face. 

Even me, I was taken aback.

Alright, can’t you calm down a little, please? 

“O-ooooh… As expected of Maki-san. The one who was able to pull Hatano-san into here, You’re really wonderful…”

Minakatain-san said so without seeing Maki-san, who was leaning forward.

“Oops, I’m sorry. I was too excited.”

After Maki-san had a sip of tea and fixed her posture, she then asked Minakatain-san again about the purpose of visiting the school.

“I see… In other words, watching that program made you interested in Hatano-san… Is that it?”

“Yeah, that’s roughly the case.”

“… Roughly?”

Without answering Maki-san’s question, Minakatain-san smiled at me with her pretty face.

“I came here to get Kohaku-kun, to be our family’s son-in-law.”

…Hooo, son-in-law, huh…

“Of course, not right now. I’d like to welcome you as a fiancé for the time being… To be honest, I really want to marry him as soon as possible, but unfortunately, there is a law.”

I see, I finally understand why she came here. But do you think I will accept it? This me, who is rising in value, my stock is sky-rocketing right now, you know? You’re the one being selected, not me, you know? If you look at me too cheaply, it’s not good you know?… Well, let’s ask a slightly mean question…

“… I happened to hear that Minakatain-san have a man you are dating right now, is that wrong? What happened to that person?”

“Hahaha… you got me… Yeah, I had a boyfriend, but I broke up with him.”

Mmm… Is she, a person who easily abandons her man…? Minus for you, it’s not very good.

“…Is that mean, that you’re going to throw me away if you find a man better than me later? Is that what you mean?”

“That’s not to what I mean. In the first place, he didn’t like me, he just liked my money. So, once I gave him enough money, he just agreed to break up with me.”

With that said, Minakata-san sadly gave a small smile.

… What should I do… I mean, isn’t that just too sad? If I was in her position, I would probably cry.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 71

71. Lately, special training is being hated

A few days later, at the lunch break.

『”Atsushi-san. Do you know about this? That, there is a tendency to dislike special training times in light novels and manga? You know the reason? It’s very simple. It feels like the story doesn’t go on, it feels stuck. Modern readers especially, are always looking forward, to seeing how interesting the story goes. So, the special training arcs that were found in old anime and manga, nowadays, there are always people who will find it boring. Of course, special training certainly depicts the process of strengthening the main protagonists, but to be honest, the reader wants to see the protagonist defeats the enemy in a flashy and cool way.”』

Yuri continued her words

『”But I think. I think it is important to show the protagonist’s efforts, steadily gaining new powers Of course, if it is shown in detail, I think it’s boring, and I don’t think it’s necessary. But, even so, the dialogue of the protagonists with their inner self, that shown in the special training in the old anime and manga, I think this is a very important point. It shows that the protagonist, not just fighting strong enemies, but facing their inner self too. By doing so, the protagonist can overcome past traumas and the barriers that limit their growth. I think such development, is not bad by any means.”』

In conclusion,

『”That’s why Atsushi-san. Let’s do special training”』

“Too long. I mean, why so suddenly?”

Atsushi unintentionally lightly put in a joke as he felt Yuri’s explanation was too long.

Moreover, Yuri said she had something important to say during the lunch break, so Atsushi came to listen, but in the end, what Atsushi heard was Yuri’s strange talk.


After sighing, Atsushi asked her.

“So, what kind of special training?”

『”Of course, you know it. It’s special training for my telepathy ability. Until now, I have sent telepathy only to Atsushi at school, but recently there have been more opportunities to talk with Kaede-san. However, I reconfirmed that it was inconvenient to send telepathy to only one person when three of us were together. That’s why! I’ll do special training, so that I can send telepathy to multiple people at the same time!!!”』

Yuri sent telepathy with high tension. But as usual, on the outside, she was expressionless on her face.

To be honest, lately, Atsushi thought about the same thing. For some reason, it was often for three people to be together, so he thought many times that it would be nice if Yuri’s telepathy could be used by multiple people each time.


“Wait, rather than doing that, why don’t you just speak with your mouth from now on? Really, how much you don’t like that idea.”

『”Of course, until the day I die”』

“Oi, you, stop it, idiot. Don’t say the famous lines of Wolf of Mibu. No one would understand.” [TN: Wolf of Mibu (Saitou Hajime) Rurouni Kenshin ref, based on my research it’s on ch 114 of manga, ep 49 anime]

Hearing Yuri, who uttered an out-of-line line again, Atsushi held his head with one hand.

But. If Yuri’s telepathy could be sent to multiple people, it would definitely be convenient. In addition, as Yuri said, she might need to talk to more people at the same time from now on. If so, it might be necessary to improve Yuri’s telepathic ability.

Well, it could be solved if only Yuri was okay with speaking normally…


“―――That’s why. Would you mind helping her?”

After school.

Atsushi called Kaede to the club room of the Light Novel Research Club and explained the circumstances.

“Well, okay. But… special training? What exactly will she do?”

『”It’s simple. I will send telepathy to you and Atsushi-san from now on. All you have to do is tell me if you can hear it or if it’s transmitted to you in the first place.”』

“If that’s the case, all right…”

All Atsushi and Kaede had to do were to check if telepathy got transmitted or not.

And with their consent, Yuri’s special training began.

『”Huft. Then, ready now――― A ―― C ―― Y ―― He ―― M ――? “』


Atsushi and Kaede understood that telepathy was sent to them. However, the words were cutting out and Atsushi couldn’t understand what Yuri was saying at all.

“Hirose, did you hear it properly?”

“No, it keeps breaking up, and I didn’t know what I was saying.”

Yuri was shocked when she heard their words.

『”Urgh…This, really, will be quite a chore… it’s harder than I expected …”』

From there, Yuri continued to send them telepathy.

At first, Atsushi and Kaede didn’t know what Yuri was saying at all, but gradually the words were sent one by one, and gradually, Yuri was somewhat able to send telepathy to both of them, at the same time.

“Huff…. huff… huff… hufff…”

“Hooo. As expected, even Shirasawa, breathes out loud when she’s so tired. But I feel like I’ve come to understand what she’s saying.”

“Well, it’s still not clear, but I guess it’ll change based on how hard she trains. Then, next is, putting into practice “


“I mean, it’s still on the better result when there are only three people like this, but when it comes to talking outside, when there are other people as well, I wonder how? If she can’t send the telepathy properly at such place, it’s not practical then.”

If telepathy could only be used in certain places, you could say that it was just the same as before. Yuri must be able to send telepathy anytime, anywhere, in any situation. If she couldn’t reach that level, it wouldn’t be useful.

『”A place full of people… I see.”』

Then Yuri clapped her hands as if she had come up with something.

『”Then everyone. This weekend, Let’s go to the amusement park together.”』

Yuri made such a proposal.

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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 50

50. East and West

Gathering devoted followers. In order to achieve that, using those who stand out as an advertisement to expand your followers isn’t a bad move. I can understand why she would go for Natsukawa───

“───But, that’s a bad move.”

“…What did you say?”

I subconsciously blurted out what I was thinking.

I said it in a low voice, it should look as if I was talking to myself, Yeah, it should be okay, I can still take it back…. or not, I guess she won’t let it pass by.

“Somehow, I heard some unpleasant words… May I ask what’s the reason?”

“Natsukawa is standing out too much. If you were to have her become your advertisement, the others will just think “Eh? Natsukawa-san isn’t the candidate, but that girl?”, you know?”

“W-What did you say…!?”

“As your average male student, I can guarantee that. If you take in Natsukawa, you’ll just get overshadowed. And just be a side character.”

She looked at me in disbelief. Her eyes saying, “What the hell do you mean?”. But, even without me explaining it further, she should understand it herself already.

It’s true that she has a good mix between a foreigner and a Japanese face, so she looks good with that blonde hair. And between cute and not, she’s cute for sure, so she must be stand out too. I’m sure Claumaty could do it herself with these looks. But, if there’s someone even cuter next to her, she’ll lose all her effort until now and back to the starting point.

“Natsukawa is cuter than you.”


Claumaty’s mouth opened and closed, as if she couldn’t believe what I just said. Perhaps in her mind, she was screaming “Seriously!?”.

The other two girls behind her were equally giving “Aren’t you being too much?!” looks, but after they looked carefully at Natsukawa, from bottom to top, I could see their temples were throbbing.

How is my Natsukawa, hmm? She’ll overshadow her, don’t’ you think so?

“M-Marika-san… ! She──Natsukawa-san is from the ‘east’! You shouldn’t meddle too much with her!”

“T-That’s right…! We from the ‘west’ should use the “west” way, we should elegantly gather your followers!”


Claumaty’s legs were shaking, and she looked angry.

She must have lost her words because of my unexpected response.

You’re too shallow-minded, if it’s just this much, you won’t be able to use Natsukawa to your advantage. Well, I’m sure you just want to use her to run away from troublesome things, right?

“─── Fu, fufufu…”


Claumaty who trembled a lot, showed a forced smile, and the “small fry” atmosphere I felt since earlier had gone, her eyes changed to a curious one. She immediately directed her “You’ve got my attention now” looks over at Natsukawa, from the bottom to the top.

“─── Hiii…!?”

──But, Claumaty realized that Natsukawa had suddenly frozen on the spot. I was getting ready for the worst but, I got curious, so I looked at the end of Natsukawa’s line of sight, and finally understood the reason.

The entire class, or at least almost all students of class c, had gathered at the doors to the classroom, inspecting what we were doing outside. There were those who looked at Claumaty like she was a bother.

Yeah, this is bad, she can’t win over them now… I mean, she totally seems like the bad guy here. Well, her request was unreasonable from the very beginning.

“M-Marika-san… we should…”

“R-Retreat for now…”


The three were panicking. Especially the two behind Claumaty were desperately trying to convince her to leave. They probably didn’t want her to stand out in a bad way.

Seriously, I wonder what’s the story of those two, to be okay with being her henchmen…

“…..Then, we’ll be taking our leave here.”

It couldn’t be helped that someone like me participated in this matter. After all, you chose the wrong person, Claumaty. You tried to pick a fight with Natsukawa, who won against you in both looks and personality, not even counting her grades which were close to yours.

Well, this is the expected result. You just get what you deserve.

“Sajo-chi, Sajo-chi.”

“Hmm…? E…”

Ashida, who had been a spectator, slightly showed me a wry smile, pointing in a certain direction. When I turned in that direction, there, I saw Natsukawa, covering her face with both her hands, quivering. Somehow, it looked like she was blushing all the way up to her ears…

“Eh, what? Wha’ happen?”

“Well, this is your fault, Sajo-chi. Cause, you said something crazy like that without batting an eye.”

“Something crazy…?”

“You just called her ‘cute’.”

“Huh? Natsukawa heard enough of that, right?”

“T-That might be true, but… Being told this openly in front of everyone without any hesitation… I’m sure she doesn’t know how to react…”

“Cute”, I’ve said that word countless times, and everybody around us should be aware that I feel that way. There’s no reason for me to be embarrassed if just saying that to her now. I mean, Natsukawa’s gotta be used to that too by now, right?

“… Can you consider the time, location, and situation? Oh my gosh!”

“But, I’ve said it almost everywhere and every time, so should be okay, right?”

“Sajo-chi. It’s because you’re like this… aahh, seriously!”

Eeehh… Don’t be suddenly angry with me. it’s scary, you know…

Right as I felt terrified of Ashida’s attitude, I felt someone pull on the sleeve of my shirt. Turning around, I saw Natsukawa with a flushed expression.

“…….D-Don’t you say something embarrassing like that…”


Natsukawa being embarrassed near Sajou Illustration

“!!…D-Don’t look.”

“This is, same as always.”

I don’t need that analysis. Also, what’s the difference… ah, is that whether I have an ulterior motive or not? Does she feel happier if I say it with a straight face? Leave it to me, If I can make her happy with this, I’ll say it again and again, with a cool pose.


Cu─── Don’t glare at me like that, Ashida…

“─── W-Wait a second, Amano!”


“I-I told you to wait, did you not hear me!?”

“Eh, ah, me? eh? Amano…?”

Right as I wanted to go back to the classroom, Claumaty called out to someone.

Amano, you better respond quickly

…But when I turned around, she was actually looking directly at me.

Eh, me? Amano…? It happened so naturally that, I didn’t catch the wind of it, But, it seems I’ve become Amano? I wonder why do you think that I’m, Amano… Wataru Amano… That isn’t half bad…

“Are you sure about this!? Even if you’re more elegant than me, the ones to win in the end are those who act!”

“Yes? Eh?”

“I will definitely become the next student council president! For that, even if it’s against the “oh-so-cute” Natsukawa Aika-san there, I won’t lose!”

Claumaty left these words behind, and walked away with the other two girls. Leaving aside the case of her aiming to become the student council president, trying to win against Natsukawa’s cuteness would be futile, rather I felt bad for her and started to worry about her.


“Claumaty? Who?”


After overcoming the troublesome time called end-of-term exams, what immediately came was a disturbance.

I wonder what exactly she means by that ‘west’ and ‘east’? I thought that maybe she was talking about the separation of classes, since class A to C were in the east building, and D to F were in the west building… but is there some tradition in this school that I don’t know…? I thought they did the class separation randomly.

But, this clearly is some kind of discrimination. I thought that this was Claumaty’s identity to say that sort of thing, but the two with her were strangely so prideful of it. Maybe, something happened at the time they enrolled, maybe there was this special circumstance when separating the class?

“There was.”

“There was huh… Really…?”

Iihoshi-san told me like it was nothing. I mean, she somewhat looked like someone who knew a lot of things regarding this school, so I asked her, but to think that she really knew something.

…I underestimated her. Please do your best as the class prez, in the future as well.

“You know, there’s a lot of famous companies around here, right? After making it through the residential district, across the train station, There’s the business district.”

“Aaah, now that you mention it.”

“Also, this is a High-level private high school… For a high-class family, a child’s academic background is to determine the family’s social standing. And, you know that this school is pretty old, right?”

“Yeah, I heard about that.”

Now think about it, at the back of this school, there is an old traffic circle that connects to nowhere…. Right when I enrolled here, I had my hopes up thinking that this might be connected to the train station.

“Then, you can say this as the nature of people from Showa era… Before, the three classes were split into east and west, I mean, you would want to separate those from investors’ families and those who aren’t, right?”

“ ‘Right?’, you say… Ah, that’s why they keep talking about “east” and “west” .”

Isn’t that proper discrimination? Those people’s parents probably have the thought of ‘Plebeian families are snoots’ or something like that to some extent, right? Well, again, it seems like the teachers were treating the students with…out any discrimination. Yeah, just normal.

“But, Class D to F are still three classes. Do we have that many children from rich families here?”

“Hmm~… It seems like, it’s mostly only class E. The others are just those with affiliated relationships I think…”

“Huh? I don’t really get it…”



“The “E” in “Elegant”, is probably the connotation behind this. Though, it’s only a rumor.”


What are you trying to tell me here, I don’t get it… That’s, the reason? I can’t feel any “High-class” from that reason, it’s so dumb. That’s gotta be some investor getting carried away and just randomly spouting that, right? Don’t say it comes from the school itself, no way right…

“Well, speaking in terms of era, such a thing has been fading for sure, especially this last one or two years.”

“Huh? But, we have some rich students here, perhaps the country put their eye on this school?”

“No, just because the ‘east’ has always been stronger recently, that’s all. In terms of natural virtues, unity, appearances, and grades.”

“Isn’t that an overall victory?”

“When I saw the discipline committee president and the student council vice president, I was certain. They’re both ‘east’.”

“Right, I can definitely see the discipline committee president belong there.”

“Eh…? Hmm, both the discipline committee president and the student council ───”

“Yup, the discipline committee president.”

So that kind of history went down at this school, huh. I thought such a story only existed in a drama or manga. The staff office and the social studies prep room, were in the southern building. The music room and the home-economics room, were in the northern building. Since I never had anything to do in the western building, I didn’t even conscious about it.

“It’s a story that rarely been brought up, so maybe some students from the “East” and ”West” are on the same club? Then again, those rich boys and girls who have been going to school Door-to-Door (By car) since a child, such a pampered kid who has been living their lives mostly indoors, I can’t imagine them joining the sports club.”

“I-I see…”

When I was in elementary school, I went to school by car. Should I hide this from her? I mean, I’m not in a club either, somehow it hit me on the mark… Yeah, it’s me, one of the pampered kids.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 70

70. Not all people can understand a plot of a villainess novel

” ―――Hmm? But wait. I thought for a moment… Then, why did Kaede-chan’s ex-fiancé run away from home?”

Makoto said so.

The Ninomiya family chose that because the conditions with the other house were better than those with Kaede’s house.

But as Makoto said, why did Kaede’s ex-fiancé have to leave the house?

“Ah… Actually, there is still a continuation of the story.”


“Actually, after our engagement was broken, it seems that the big company of his new fiancé fell into terrible financial difficulties and the company collapsed. So, it seems that their engagement was broken.”

『”Eh, what’s that fast development?』

Well, even Atsushi agreed with Yuri’s words. Just right when the engagement with Kaede was broken and the bright future for the new fiancé was about to come, the company collapsed due to financial difficulties… even if was just bad luck, still it was too much.

Rather than that.

“I mean, is it okay for your ex-fiancé’s house to break engagement many times?”

“That wouldn’t be okay, I guess it’s better than marrying the daughter of the collapsed family. Well, anyway, it was broken because of the circumstances of the house, it seems the person themselves, like each other, so the mess escalated I guess?”

Regardless of the house, they liked each other and became fiancés. However, if the engagement was suddenly broken, of course, it might not end well.

“That’s why your ex-fiancé left home, is that it?”

“Maybe, that’s the case.”

“I see… but from what you told us, it’s hard to imagine that your ex-fiancée would come to you.”

“Right? That’s why, even though I’m sorry for Haruna-chan, but, I really don’t know where that man is.”

Kaede’s word was true.

Or rather. Kaede couldn’t think of any reason why her ex-fiancée would come to her in the first place. Even if the ex-fiancée came, what the hell could exactly she do? What the hell of help would the ex-fiancée ask from her?

There, Atsushi asked a question.

“Well, Hirose. As far as I can tell, I feel like in your case, it’s more like the engagement was canceled rather than broken, am I wrong?”

No, from the story, although the engagement was one-sidedly called off, it wasn’t exactly wrong if Kaede said it was broken. But, to be honest, she didn’t particularly have any problem with it.

If so, you could say that it was broken because of the problem between parents. And if that was the case, you could also say that the engagement was canceled.

“Ah, well, that’s true. Even between parents, it was resolved through discussions, and in fact, it was definitely in a form of engagement cancellation… I mean, when I lost my engagement, that man said, “The engagement between us, I’ll break it.”. ”

『”Eh… it’s not “Let’s cancel it” but “I’ll break it.”, her ex-fiancé is a little selfish huh…”』

『”I agree with that.”』

Atsushi didn’t really understand the upper-class society.

However, he understood that the act of canceling an engagement was an act that causes trouble in many ways.  Moreover, it was because of a personal reason like “I’ve found someone I like”. Normally, it should be natural to feel sorry for Kaede, and at the very least gave an apology to her.

Even so, the engagement was one-sidedly broken while looking down on her.

From that fact alone, you could say that such an ex-fiancée was not the kind of partner that even Atsushi would want to have.


“Well, but, hmm… I felt pitiful when I heard that the engagement between the two was broken.”

Kaede said such words to the person who abandoned her.

“Eh, wait a minute, Kaede-chan. Why do you feel pity for him? Shouldn’t you be more like,” Hah, it’s because he chose a woman other than me, so serves him rights!” or something like that?”

Hearing Makoto’s words, Yuri was nodding.

“Maybe, I should be like that. To be honest, I didn’t want to marry him. More than that, he hated me because I was the partner that was decided by his parents on their own.”

“If so …”


After one deep breath,

“But I knew that they really thought about each other. And for someone who really likes each other being torn apart… I couldn’t help but feel pity.”

Atsushi and the others couldn’t say anything because Kaede’s face looked somewhat sad from the side.

Kaede didn’t like her ex-fiancé. She didn’t love him either. She just thought of him as an acquaintance.


Still, the fact that someone who really loved each other was torn apart clouded Kaede’s face.

『”…But, I’ve never thought that the plot of a villainess novel that is hot on the internet right now, is actually happening in reality. Well, the reality is stranger than the novels, isn’t it? What’s more, after the engagement was one-sidedly broken. Not long after, the ex-fiancé and his new partner, their engagement didn’t last long either. Really what a development.”』

『”Well, stop saying in a roundabout way and don’t give a parable that only some humans can understand. It’s just bad luck one after another, you know?”』

Yes. This must be the result of bad luck one after another.

It just happened that Kaede’s fiancé fell in love with another woman, and that person happened to be from a better house than Kaede’s house, and that her company just happened to be out of business not long after Kaede’s engagement was broken.

This was merely a coincidence.

It must be just some sort of a miracle…..

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 226

Just for some info, so the four great aristocrats, the start of their name use the direction in Kanji, which is :
東華院 -> Toukain ( 東 -> East)
南方院 -> Minakatain (南 -> South)
西華宮 -> Seikagu ( 西 -> West)
北方宮 -> Kitakatagu (北 ->North)

226. A guest

When I finished thanking Fukushima and took a seat, my teacher, Sumita-sensei, came into the classroom. When I was wondering because there was still time before the homeroom, Sumita-sensei called me as if he had something to do with me.

“I’m sorry to call you early in the morning.”

“It’s okay, Sensei. But, is there something you want with me?”

“Yes, a guest came to see you and asked me to tell you that.”

“A guest? Me?”

“Yes, the other person is the next head of the Minakatain household of the four great aristocrats. Of course, if you say you don’t want to meet, I’ll tell it to her.”

“Well, I don’t know anyone from Minakatain Household. I wonder what is it…”

“Regarding the matter, she wanted to talk to Hatano-kun directly, so she didn’t tell me, but it’s mostly related to Hatano-kun’s victory in the King of Boys….”

Hoo, the title of the number one high school boy, seems to have a great influence huh. I’ve never expected that the next head of a large conglomerate will come to see me in person. After all, most people make a fool of a variety show on the TV… No, in this case, should I praise the TV, which still has tremendous influence even in this era of SNS development? 

When I was thinking about the information society these days, the teacher who thought I was worried called out.

“I understand why Hatano-kun is worried. The other party is one of the four great aristocrats, and I’m worried about what kind of disadvantages you will suffer if you refuse. But rest assured. We, Kenran High, will definitely protect the boys studying here. If you don’t like it, you can decline it.”

Sumita-sensei smiled to give me a sense of security while looking at me in the eyes. But, I wasn’t worried about it. After all, two of four great aristocrats were in this class. And I was close with both. 

In case of emergency, I could cry at those two from Toukain and Seikagu! And now that I somewhat have my own title? I have some value, perhaps I could use that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want their help…

Anyway, no matter how great is this person’s family among the four great aristocrats, I’m sure she doesn’t want to turn two families into enemies, right?… Hahaha!…… Wait, why I’m like the villain here? Well, who cares, I’m interested to see what kind of person she is, so let’s meet her once.

“It’s okay. Should I go to see her now?”

“That’s right. I heard from the other party that she leaves the time to Hatano-kun…”

Come on, you make me troubled now…  Let me decide the time? Well, if I make it to after school, she will have to wait until then or have to come back again later. Then the impression of me will inevitably go down. No matter how much freedom is given to me, she is from a family with good power. I want to avoid worsening my impression if I can.

…But there is also an advantage if I met her later. I can ask Shino-san and Yuzuka-san for information about her first. On the contrary, the merit of meeting now will only be a good impression.

… If you want to build a good relationship with the intention of making connections, you want to make a good first impression, right? Yeah, the first impression is important.

After thinking a little, I told Sumita-sensei that I would like to meet now.

“I understand. Minakatain-sama is waiting in the guest room. Maki-san is dealing with her now.”

“… Maki-san?”

Who is it again?

“Well, ehm, pink hair woman… have you forgotten?”

Sumita-sensei saw me looked confused and so he gave me a supplementary explanation.

“Of course, I remember! I haven’t forgotten!”

“I-Is that so?… Then, it’s good. She kept saying, “I was the one who enrolled Hatano-kun”, with a proud face, so if she hears that you have forgotten her, she would take a leave and go on a trip for a while.”

…..No no, don’t worry, I remember I remember the passion pink hair. But, what kind of person is that person in the first place? Well, even if I ask, I’ll forget it again, so I won’t ask.

“But, does the teacher know what kind of person the next head of Minakata household is?”

“Hmm… The Minakatain family also donated a lot to this Kenran High School, and since I’m from this school, I heard rumors about her, but I only know a little.”

With such preface, Sumita-sensei started talking about the next head of the Minakatain household.

“The name is Miyabi Minakatain, her age is… I think she’s twenty-one years old. She’s a college student attending Touto University now. When she was in high school… she was a popular girl with a lot of stories. She achieved excellent results in both academics and sports.”

……Damn it, she’s an elite huh? But……

“Popular and there are a lot of stories that come to mind regarding her… In other words, did she have that much romantic relationship with a man?”

“Who knows? Whether it was just a rumor or it actually happened. At that time, the school didn’t pursue that matter much.”

…..Is it, because this school is tolerant of romance? No, rather than just this school, should I say, this world? Well, just that in this world the boys are more alert than wild herbivores, so romance is hard to develop.

“If she hasn’t changed, I think she would have made a lot of nicknames in college by this time.”

…… So, she is an experienced older girl, huh? Well, I’m fine with that, I guess? No, I’m sure fine! Come!

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 69

69. Not everyone who came from a rich family likes to live in luxury

“Well, to put it simply, my engagement was broken, that’s it.”

“Even if it that’s true, aren’t you shortening too much? Oi!”

The first word was somewhat predictable, but it was so straight to the point that Atsushi’s sensor for commenting responded.

『”As expected of Atsushi-san. Nice comment.”』

But, to Yuri’s telepathy, Atsushi didn’t reply.

“I’m the so-called nouveau riche. My dad started his own company. So, he is the first generation, and still the current leader of the company, and when I was small, he made it into a big company.”

“In other words, Kaede-chan, is a real lady from a rich family?”

“Even if I’m a young lady, you could say I’ve a very different blood color than the other guys. After all, my family was originally at the same level as a normal household. No, even now I still feel that’s the case. Sure, I have some money, but even so, compared to the guys at my previous school, I think our differences are like heaven and earth. I mean, as you could guess, they are really the so-called child of a Millionaire and well-known family, so they went to school by car, also they have maids and butlers.”

『”Eh, what is that? Is there such a school in here? Is it some sort of Shu〇〇〇in Academy?”』[TN: Kaguya-sama ref]

『”Stop it, Shirasawa. No one will understand that.”』

Atsushi thought that Yuri’s train of thought was starting to go in a strange direction

To be honest, Atsushi agreed with Yuri, but he didn’t want to talk about it further.

“And I, had a fiancée, but he was the eldest son of a really big company. Well, I’ve been with him for a long time, and often meet each other. But, apparently, it seems that he has found someone else that he likes. So, and so the engagement with me was broken.”

Atsushi unintentionally asked a question to Kaede’s ridiculous remarks.

“Wait, wait a minute. I can’t say for sure because I don’t know the upper class or the rich society, but is there such a thing there? Just because he likes someone else, he will straight away break the engagement?”

“I don’t think it’s normal… But, the girl was the daughter of a company that was richer and more powerful than I was. Well, that’s not the only factor, there’s a lot more, but anyway, as a result, the engagement with me was broken.”

In other words, not only because the child was in love with each other, but also because their parents wanted it, and so the engagement was broken.

“Maybe, that’s why, you came to our school?”

“Well, someone broke an engagement with me, I’m abandoned. A wounded person. I can’t stand being around those upper-class guys.”

You could say, Kaede didn’t do anything wrong. Of course, it was the same with Kaede’s parents.

It was something that happened, because other favorable conditions were found. The other parties chose that. And, Kaede and her family weren’t chosen.

That was it. But that was all that mattered, and was more important to Millionaires, well-known families, and someone from a big company.

“… Honestly, it wasn’t that shocking that the engagement was broken, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to get along with someone from such background. But…”


“…Everyone’s attitude after the engagement was broken, more than I expected. Some of them started to avoid talking to me, and some of them started to be nasty and mischievous to me. At that moment, I realized those people were approaching and befriending me with the purpose of getting near to “The fiancée of big family’s son”. I finally understood that I had no value after losing that title… No, they made me understand it.”

You could say Kaede was forced to understand it.

Perhaps, that was the reason why Kaede had a change of heart.

Humans often changed their attitudes when their position in others’ eyes changed. That was why those who were called the “upper-class” were sensitive to such things. Therefore, they could protect and sometimes even improved their position.

And also sometimes, it was easy for them to change sides.

Within such people, it might be natural to change their attitude toward Kaede who had lost her strong title.

Of course, from Atsushi’s point of view, such a thing sounded like nothing more than shit.

“Well, that happened, and it made me a little androphobia.”

“That’s… not impossible, I guess?”

Friends who talked normally until yesterday suddenly refused to hang out, or even to just talk. More than that, they started to harass you. It wasn’t impossible that you would develop trust issues or even fear of people if you were suddenly dropped into such an environment.

And that was why Atsushi came up with one answer.

“Was that the reason, why you said that you didn’t want to go to school?”

“That’s right. Well, over time, my heart started to heal and has room to spare, you can say that I’m okay now.”

『”A room in her heart… I see. In other words, when she was so hurt, she met the maid and fell into the rabbit hole.”』

『”It’s a fact, but now, you should refrain from saying it to her.”』

However, the fact that Yuri’s words couldn’t be completely denied was quite worrisome.

“And now, that, umm… Thanks to both of you, I’ve come to think that there is a lot of fun in life. Also, working at this shop makes me feel rewarded…”

“Ara, I’m happy to hear that.”

There was no lie in Kaede’s words. That was why Makoto smiled at her when she said that.

“So, that… I’m, a little embarrassed to say this… but I’m really grateful. Thank you.”

And therefore,

Atsushi and Yuri smiled a little because they knew that the words were not false.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 8 part 1

This ch is long enough to be split into 2 part, so yeah…

8-1. Chapter 8 (Part 1)

The Myard soldiers, unable to defend the border, gathered in the capital, Aidenberg. The envisioned scorched earth tactics hadn’t been implemented, and on the other hand, the Highserk Empire had gained an intact breadbasket. 

The problem was the Sarria Battalion, composed of the former citizens of the Kanoa Kingdom. Although they contributed significantly to the capture of the mountain castle, which was a crucial point, plunders and insults continued to be rampant even after the battles, regardless of whether the opponents were citizens or soldiers. There was no doubt that they were compatriots of traitors, depending on the point of view, but still what they did was too much, so much so that a guard was dispatched to supervise the battalion.

Such a Sarria battalion had the task of wielding the whip and was useful in the conquest of villages and towns. After all the Highserk Empire, which would be the next to govern the place, didn’t want to look like a villain after the annexation, so the Sarria Battalion was deployed to pull the chestnuts out of the fire.

After the siege, Duwei Squad searched through the woods in a line. This was because a report came in about a guerrilla force made up of the enemies who had escaped the siege. While they didn’t seem to have strategized properly beforehand, the attacks, which seemed to be constantly targeting supplies, suggested that they had to be gathering information and food from the surrounding villages in the shadows. About one platoon of soldiers had been killed, and non-combatants in the caravan who were in responsible for transportation were also been killed.

“There must be a magic user.”

“Yeah, this is a wind attribute… and a fire attribute.”

Squad Commander Duwei and Jose crouched over the lined-up corpses and recognized the magic attributes used from the scars.

“…There are two or more magic users.”

Willart, a magic user looking from a little further away, added this information.

The wounds carved into the body were from rips caused by wind magic and explosions caused by fire magic. Walm also suspected the possibility of someone using magic with two attributes, but given the amount of magic used in a short period of time, it was more natural that there were multiple people.

“Uhh… this created by magic too?”

“What’s, this? The face has been crushed.”

Rookie Noor and Barito distorted their face as they looked at the other corpses. Among the corpses with stab or slash wounds to the vital parts, they found, some had their faces crushed and some were missing their heads. In any case, it was as if they had been blown away by something.

“This isn’t from a halberd. And too wide for a war hammer.”

Walm was accustomed to seeing the corpse beaten with the war hammer. He had also used the halberd that he had gotten from the enemy’s commander in the previous battle, and so, was somewhat familiar with what kind of wounds it could cause. 

When Walm was thinking about the true cause, the answer came from behind him.

“It’s from a shield.”

The answer came from Squad Commander Duwei, who had been accustomed to corpses on the battlefield for many years.

“Shield? Really…..?”

Finding it unbelievable, Noor muttered so. 

Walm agreed. He also thought that it was too powerful for something caused by a shield attack. He had no idea what kind of big man could cause that much damage just by swinging a shield around.

“Perhaps, it’s someone with “Skill”?”

Jose, thinking, asked Squad Commander Duwei.

“Yeah, guess so. I’ve seen a similar corpse before. At that time, I saw a person’s head disappear with just a shield bash. Same with skill 《Strike》, it’s something that has a lot of users too… I’m sure it’s the skill《Iron Wall》. Even a wooden shield will feel like a heavy iron.”

Now that Walm could use the skill 《Strike》, he understood how powerful a skill could be. Even if the opponent was wearing iron armor, it could be torn unilaterally just by using the skill. The advantage of having a skill was immeasurable.

“Aaah, they’re just a bunch of defeated soldiers. But, what a troublesome opponent.”

Jose muttered disgustingly.

“The opponent this time is mixed with a small number of adventurers. The captive soldiers said so. Even if it’s a losing battle, really, what a bunch of weirdos. Anyway, be careful. Experienced adventurers are better than regular soldiers in a battle. They’re usually well equipped and have good ability.”

“It seems that you’ll get something good if you can defeat them.”

Barito, the rookie, laughed after saying so. But his expression said otherwise. It was clear to Walm that he was trying to look strong.

“Oi oi, Barito, our enemies are someone with skills and magic users, you know? Imagine fighting Commander Duwei, Walm, and Willart at the same time, do you think you can win?”

“Well, no, it’s impossible even if there are 20 me.”

“Good that you understand.”

Seeing that Barito admitted the mistake, Jose nodded with satisfaction. It was great that Jose, the educator, was doing his job properly. Still, Walm couldn’t believe that even he was included in the non-human group.

“By the way, what is “that”…?”

Noor pointed in horror at the body of a man hanging from a tree. The whole body was pierced here and there, and apart from the head, one couldn’t tell that it was the corpse of a human being.

“Hmm? Oh, that. That’s the villager who sold our information and provided food to the defeated soldiers.”

Jose said this as if it were the norm. 

At the same time, Walm remembered himself when he was a rookie and asked a similar question.

“A, aaa… Is that so? I see…”

In truth, Noor wanted to say, “You will do so much?”. This was something that would leave a very bad taste after all, but she understood sometimes this was necessary in a war.

Thirty soldiers and six citizens (labor workers and merchants) wouldn’t have died if the villagers hadn’t provided information and food. But the resistance of the people in the enemy bases had plagued the armed forces of all times. And the soldier, faced with a choice between annihilating the people in the villages themselves or executing a small number on a stage to make an example for other villagers, would make a different choice from time to time. This time, the surviving Highserk soldiers attempted to suppress them with a small number of executions.

“Get ready. It’s about time…”

With the call from Squad Commander Duwei, the squad members stepped into the depths of the forest. Since it was extremely difficult to search with only a few people, a company of soldiers was immediately sent out, and the squads searched in a line every 20 meters. Even if the enemies were skillful, it could be soon over. Walm was optimistic about seeing the end of this soon and strode into the woods like any other soldier.

On the second day after the search, a squad was ambushed and 12 people died. Seven soldiers were injured by traps and bows during the search, and four sentries were missing. Fortunately, there was no damage to Duwei’s squad, but the entire company became enraged, plus the hard-to-walk forest and the hatred toward unseen enemies could be felt growing within them. The search dragged on, so the soldiers were gathered. Now, the members of Duwei’s Squad were leaning against a large tree for a short break.

“This is bad”

The one who opened his mouth was Jose.

“It’s true that we’ve searched around on a company scale, but there’s no result at all.”

250 soldiers had searched around for three days and found nothing. The time for the advance to the capital, which would be the decisive battle, was approaching, but the threat to the transport route couldn’t be left unattended either.

“Although they’re locals, they’re too skillful in hiding their traces. Seems like they’ve really gotten used to the forest.”

Squad Commander Duwei looked cautiously at the ground, turning his gaze forward.

“Is the scout that skillful?”

Noor, standing next to Walm, asked a question.

“Even if it’s a skillful scout, it can’t be just one. There must be two or more skillful guys who are watching us as we approach the main forces.”

Walm didn’t believe that the opponent was mainly the defeated soldiers, because if it were only them, they wouldn’t dare to wage a guerrilla war.

“Rather than scouts from the soldier side, it’s more likely Myard’s adventurers.”

Squad Commander Duwei answered everyone’s questions with such a conclusion.


Barito, the rookie, said the word. 

Speaking of adventurers, they were active in the demon territory that covered half of the continent. Subjugating and dismantling monsters, capturing labyrinths and ruins, escorting transportation units. Basically, it was a general term for people who were active in a wide range of activities. The guild that organized the adventurers had stated that they had a base in every country on the continent and that the organization wouldn’t interfere in war.

In reality, local adventurers were often hired as mercenaries in the name of free will. The armor, made from relics and rare demon materials, could give enormous power to the one who wore it. Even a single person wearing it could change the battle situation. Such a monstrous adventurer could surely be found out there.

In addition, there were rumors that the guild’s private army was involved in conflicts that were considered detrimental to the guild.

The Highserk Empire, Walm’s homeland, placed a great emphasis on strengthening armaments, and with surplus troops taking the place of adventurers, there were few opportunities for adventurers to play an active role, but they were a normal presence to be seen in other countries.

“It’s true that adventurers are more accustomed to surveillance and search than soldiers.”

Born as the third son of a small merchant, Jose, who had hired an adventurer before, nodded as if he were convinced. 

During the break, Walm was amused by the talking about the enemy’s identity, but most of the squad members were busy eating rations and smoking. Walm also inhaled the cigarette he had bought from Jose and exhaled it slowly. The purple smoke that rose from his mouth slowly spread into the sky. While tasting the smoke, he asked a question that suddenly came to his mind.

“Will the smell of cigarettes be noticed?”

“Are you stupid? Our body odor is smellier than cigarettes. Bring me a wolf. I’m sure it’ll hate our smell and won’t come near.”

Even if Jose laughed and denied it, Walm didn’t stop enjoying the cigarette.

“Should we put on some perfume?”

Barito said something that was hard to tell whether he was serious or not.

“That’s, a good idea. Should we all wear a skirt as well?”

Laughing, Squad Commander Duwei replied with a joke. 

Walm also loosened his mouth and smiled a little. There wasn’t much time left to enjoy silly jokes. In five minutes, Walm would have to continue the hide-and-seek with the enemies in the woods, which seemed to last endlessly.

Should I make preparations now?

As Walm vaguely thought of preparing for the search and was about to move away from the tree, he heard a scream and, following it, several explosions. As the soldiers lying on the ground jumped up, they all drew their weapons at once.

“3, no, 400 meters away. They were caught in the search network.”

Everyone agreed with Jose’s words.

“We’ll go around from the right side. We’re going to enclose them. Don’t miss the enemy. Moveeeee!”

Squad Commander Duwei jumped out as he shouted, and the three idiots started moving behind him. At the end were the rookies, Noor and Barito. 

Walm squeezed through the branches that clung to his body and continued trudging through the weeds. Unkempt forests were full of natural obstacles. The sap from the tall weeds stuck to his body as it forcefully penetrated. The smell of the weeds was so bad.

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JOSE (Character Design 3)

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