Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 205

205. The end of the second day

“So, after that, you coーuld guess already. The reinforcements were useless, Kaizuka-kun’s team was defeated and the jeーwel was robbed. After that, Daikuji-kun robbed the other team’s jewel and triumphantly returned to his base. Thaーat’s it.”

Yachigusa-san talked right to the point. Then she drank the tea left in the cup and proceeded to take a break. 

As for me, after I heard the story, I went to think about it a little. 

The biggest problem is not that Daikuji won the battle, but that the masked man who supposedly the last boss, was easily defeated. Really, that Kaizuka, why he couldn’t act better as the Last Boss…  What a shame! So lame!

Also, that Daikuji, what’s with that act he did!? Hugging girls? Such a shameless behavior! Do you happy to win because of that? Even I, I only pushed one girl down to bed in a dark room!… Compared to that, hugging girls openly in the daytime like that… Doesn’t he know that, this program will be broadcast in the ‘golden time’! What if the viewers who are watching in living room suddenly becomes awkward due to the appearance of such a scene! Seriously, this is exactly why muscle-brain idiot is troublesome.

“Well then, I’ll give you information about other groups as well.”

As Yachigusa’s story was over, Maizumi-san said so enthusiastically as if she had been waiting for her turn to come.

It’s a shame that there is a winner from that battle. Oops, I need to listen to Maizumi-san’s story.

And so, I listened to Maizumi-san’s story to refresh my mind.

“…Well, the battle of the groups I was watching, was won by Ouza’s team. But, really! The battle ended so quick! There was no the turmoil! Not even a battle of tactics! Well, maybe you can say that ‘high pride’, is Ouza’s team tactics?…. I mean, sure their ability was also as high as that pride. But, rather than, “amazing”, I guess, it’s better to say that in overall their team is well organized… and then…”

Maizumi-san suddenly stopped.

“After that, they met Vice-President Hibiya, who I was watching….”

However, before Maizumi-san continued her words, it was suddenly intercepted by Shino-san.

“E-even though, I tried to say itー! Whyー?!!”

“Well, because Serina-chan suddenly stopped?”

“Still! I did that, so that… all of you could feel the tension!”

Ah, so those two dangerous teams bumped into each other? Did both of them fight?

“But nothing happened.”

“Aaah, why you said that tooooー!”

Well, it seems, that wasn’t the case. I know that Vice-President Hibaya seems to hate me, but still, why does he treat other than me so good like that?…. Really, this world is unreasonable to me.

“So, nothing happened at all?”

“Yeahー. Thaーat’s right.”

After thinking for a moment, Maizumi-san talked about the encounter between Hibiya and Ouza in a dramatic way, perhaps it was because the influence she got from the Drama Club she belonged to.


Ouza and Hibiya met with each other. There was a slight surprise in the facial expressions of the two boys who led the group, as it was an encounter that never had been imagined by each other.

Mazsumi Serina who was watching over Ouza’s team would never overlook it.

“Serina-chan, hey.”


But, then Serina was greeted by Shino, who was watching over Hibiya’s team.

“…So, how was it?”

“Hmm, what to say… the other team was easily defeated by his team.”

“It’s the same then.”

….But, both smiled thinly. The reason was, two leaders with high abilities were glaring at each other, creating a tense air. 

If both fought, they could get more information about those teams, and if it went well, perhaps both teams would waste all of their energy, and it would be a good chance to take the jewel.

Even though they were told by Kohaku that he would want to fight them openly. But, if they could increase his winning percentage, they would like to raise it. After all, they wanted to show Kohaku their cool side. Perhaps, Kohaku would praise them. But on the contrary, they might become a disgrace for Kohaku’s team. Even though Kohaku might give them a gentle word, but he might still be disappointed.

…As for them, the final destination would be for them being seen as a potential partner by Kohaku. After all there was a saying, “Men is always fickle, their heart is easy to change.”, so they thought they should always do their best.

“Well well well, I’ve never thought that I would meet you here.”


Saying so, Ouza smiled.

But, Hibiya didn’t answer it.

“… So, what do you want to do? Should we fight here…?”

The air became tense with Ouza’s words.

“Hmmph, I don’t mind if you want to fight now… but you don’t want to give them any information, right?”

“Oooo! So, you did notice it too, huh? Well, we can just defeat those who are peeking here but… it’s not fun, right?… Let’s leave them alone for now…”

The words made Serina stiffen at the spot. As in the worst case, either Serina or Shino must become a decoy and stop them.


“It’s okay, they shouldn’t know our exact posistion…”

However, the tension was relieved by the following words of Ouza.

“Well, I guess, this is it for today, I should go back now. I don’t think you’re that motivated too. Let’s hold it for tomorrow.”


And the two groups went back to each other’s bases.


“Urgh, I was soー nervous at that time.”

Maizumi was groaning while crossing her arms, perhaps because she remembered the event.

Seeing that, I gently wrapped Maizumi-san’s hand.


“I’m glad that nothing happened to Maizumi-san. When, I thought that those two vile people might attack Maizumi-san, I… I couldn’t seem to suppress my anger…. Please don’t overdo yourself.”

“Y-Yea… Please marry mー It hurts!”

Maizumi-san’s face turned red, as she was trying to propose to me? But, Shino-san was immediately slapped her from behind. 

Then, Shino-san, puffed out her cheeks and said, “Even though, I was in danger too…”

Seeing her getting sulky, I could only respond it with a bitter smile.

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